God’s Will and the Ocean: Episode 06

God’s Will and the Ocean
True Father Speaks on: The Way of Tuna, Pg 12-15
July 13, 1980, Belvedere

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For seven years I have been going to the ocean and praying out there, early in the morning and late at night. As Unification Church members you cannot help but pay attention to the ocean. Did you think about the ocean before you joined the Unification Church? When you think of the ocean you think about the movie, Jaws, don't you? Now, instead of thinking a shark will use you as his food, you can think you will use the shark to feed the world. Not only men, but women will do it also. That is a long-standing goal of mine. 

If there are any people who don't want to do this, raise your hands. From next year on, we will have ocean workshops lasting six months, and once you pass, you will go on a tuna tour around the world. You will even sail to Korea. We have radios, so I can command our worldwide fleet from one flagship, directing each ship around the world.

In the future when the Communist threat is ended, there will be no more war. Instead of being scrapped, all the government naval vessels can be utilized by us as mother ships for peaceful purposes. They can supply the fleets that are harvesting the resources of the ocean. An aircraft carrier is like a floating island and can travel thousands of miles with no problem. I will get one aircraft carrier for each ocean, or two for the big oceans. Then we can get airplanes, and they can use the carriers as airports. Would you want to join that fleet and become captains?

Usually Americans don't like the smell of fish, and when you talk about fish, you shake your heads. Now, you will be different. I am not just thinking about all these things, but have already started them. You sisters, show me your muscles! Oh, not very much. I have the ambition to train many women captains. You will still have your charming woman's smile, but will act strongly like a man. That will be very poetic. Our sisters will create literary masterpieces based on their experiences at sea. That is my thinking.

If your husband had this kind of dream, would you be a happy woman? To reach that goal, you will have to go through a great deal of misery because it is a tough process. You have to taste bitterness in order to appreciate sweetness. I would like to mobilize the spirited young men and women of the world and bring them to the horizon of this goal. I knew that governments and religions would persecute us, but I always had an alternate plan for building the kingdom of heaven on earth. I always thought that if people don't like me, I would build the kingdom on the ocean first and then bring it to land.

In the last ten days, I have become deeply tanned and my goal is to become darker than any black man in America. Then I want to see what white women will say. I am watching how Mother will react to having a black husband. I know that Mother will say, "Father, you are so handsome in your dark skin; I love you even more." She will have a black husband in the summer and a white husband in the winter.

My topic was supposed to have been the "Way of Abel," but instead it became the "Way of Tuna." Well then, when the way of tuna is followed properly, you will surely end up in Abel's role. I started with only my bare hands when I arrived in America, but in a few years I have truly created an empire. Do you know what is happening in Alaska? The most advanced seafood processing factory is being built there; even the state government is amazed. Now, people are asking my guidance for the Alaskan seafood industry because our factory is so exemplary. We have a shipyard in Alabama which can build boats up to 300 feet long, which is a gigantic boat. One of those would cost several million dollars. Wouldn't you like to go out as captain on one of those boats?

When transported to Japan, the tuna price is usually twenty times that in America. In order to do that, it must be fresh. For that reason, I researched how to transport tuna, and now that we can do that, we can utilize the same method for other fish as well. I have opened the door.

Anyone who has at least three spiritual children can come to Boston, though I think that maybe one-third of you will lose your enthusiasm after your first experiences on the ocean. You will spend more time in the bathroom, not sitting on the toilet, but leaning over it. Will you mind? It will be the world's most exciting drama and comedy. The interesting thing is that at sea you may be in the bathroom all the time, but as soon as you are back on solid ground, you feel fine and are truly hungry. In some cases, a person is so engrossed in throwing up out of his mouth that he doesn't notice that his bowel movement has come out the other end! The Unification Church is really something else. You are proud of it though, aren't you? Wouldn't you like to have dark skin like mine?

On the ocean you won't have good food like you do on land. You just have raw fish, but it will certainly be very fresh; just dip it in soy sauce and eat it. Now you know why I have been spending all my summers on the ocean these last seven years, and why tuna are so important. Now you know it is directly linked to the dispensation, so it can be a topic in your prayer.

It so happens that tuna season in Gloucester comes in the middle of vacation season, which means people from all over the world can come. The estate I bought is now tuna tournament headquarters. Would you want it to be an impressive place? There are thirty bedrooms there and this house will be used year round, not just in the summer. Famous professors will come for seminars there.

Our whole budget for the summer has been spent already, so I told our people that if they want to eat they can either have sand or go get tuna. Now the staff is fishing very hard to get tuna so they can go on. Tuna fishing is certainly not a vacation for me; it is a war and a battle, I sleep two or three hours at the most at night. The young people are always dozing off; my driver always sleeps in the car, but I never sleep on the boat. When God sees me, He cannot help but say I am something special because no one can keep up with me. Christian ministers are very interested in their honor and future, but I am crazy about the salvation of the world, how I can feed the world population, how I can help this nation. That is what I am thinking about day in and day out. In the summer your face should be tan and dark with the appearance of rugged men and women who are committed to the mission. Would you like this tough mission? Your "thank you" doesn't sound very strong! However, it is a beautiful day today, the best day for tuna fishing. Tuna is the Abel of the sea, so this wasn't too far from my original topic. From tuna, you have learned many things about my vision of the future and what fishing is all about. God bless you.

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