Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 81

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 3: The Practice of True Love
Section 2: The Practice of True love, 37-54

37 God set up the principle of living for the sake of others. To use the analogy of the atmosphere, it means He becomes a total vacuum. The environment of a total vacuum is an area of low pressure toward which a high-pressure area automatically moves to create balance. Likewise, to find His object partners God continually gives and gives of Himself, giving out until what He has given automatically returns. Based on this logic, God made all creations in pairs, advancing step by step to higher levels, in order to make the ideal footstool for the love between God and human beings.

38 To demand that others live for your sake is not true love. The true ideal, true happiness and true peace do not stand on the foundation of telling other people to live for you. They stand on the foundation of living for the sake of others. That is why true husbands and wives, true parents, true teachers, and true patriots do not start out by pushing others to sacrifice for them. They start from the point of giving themselves for others. The act of creation itself was an act of investment.

39 People who wish to succeed need to help people in the world around them. With this in mind, the Unification Church advocates living for the sake of others. We were born for the sake of others. The act of creation required God’s total investment. It means that God created with love and for love. The world has been advocating, “Live for me!” but this is wrong from the outset. I as a human being am born for my parents, for my wife, for my husband. My life is a continuation of my parents’ lives. I inherited my life for the sake of my parents. The life a husband inherited is for the sake of his wife; the life a wife inherited is for the sake of her husband. The life I inherited is for my brothers and sisters and for my country. Ultimately I was born for the sake of the world.

40 Was the Unification Principle made before the Fall of Adam and Eve, or after? The Principle existed before the Fall. The way of the Principle was the way Adam and Eve were supposed to go. If Adam and Eve, as the ancestors of humankind, had become perfect and achieved oneness with God in the realm of His love, no one could have separated them from each other, not even God. The way to salvation is the path of restoration, and the path of restoration is through re-creation. For recreation, we need to apply the general rule of the Principle, from before the time Adam and Eve fell, to assess the value of things in relation to their progress toward completion. Otherwise, we cannot go back to where we can have an original relationship with God.

41 The path of the Principle is to walk, while the path of restoration is to seek and find. The path of restoration through indemnity is to seek and find. Once you find the path, you are to walk it. Thus far, no one knew about the path of restoration. Now that I have elucidated it all—the path of the Principle, the path of the Principle of the course of restoration—you are required to walk it. This is the formula course. Hence everyone from your ancestors to your descendants must go this way.

42 It is not only human beings who have to walk the path of the Principle. God also has to go this way, in order to meet us. God seeks to walk the path of the Principle even as we try to walk the path of the Principle. God and human beings can meet in a victorious reunion only when they both have walked the path of the Principle. What is evil? It is what opposes those who would go the path of the Principle. Evil tries to stop us from going on the path of the Principle. Evil sets up obstacles on that road. This is why, by the rules of Principle, evil cannot be tolerated.

43 Since our ancestors Adam and Eve lost the way, we have to find that way again. That is why I am saying that the way of restoration is about seeking and finding, while the path of the Principle is to be walked. When you are walking the path of the Principle, you will be walking the same path as I. However, there is a difference between you and me: I had to pass through a course of incredible battles with Satan both in the spirit and in the flesh, that is, with Satan in the spirit world and with evil people in this world, and triumph over them. However, you do not have to walk the path of confronting Satan on the world level or evil people on the national level.

44 To ride on heavenly fortune you must go the way of the Principle. You must become a person who walks the principled way. This is my philosophy of life. I have been persecuted to this day, and many people thought I would perish. Yet I leaped up from a place of ruin to a bigger world and a bigger stage, and I have been advancing ever since. The reason why God cooperates with me is because the path I walk is in alignment with Heaven’s principle and law.

45 Through me as your teacher, you Unification Church members came to know the Principle by which you seek out the path of restoration. All of you are required to walk the path of the Principle. On the path of the Principle, there is no need for forgiveness. This is the path that everyone without exception—your grandparents, your parents, and you, including blessed children—have to go.

46 I am going ahead of you in seeking because the way of restoration is the way of seeking. I am seeking and testing the way, and I am building the path of the Principle. So walk this way exactly as I do. When a guide leads you across the ocean you have to follow him; when a guide leads you over a high mountain pass you follow him. If you say you hate this way, you cannot reach the realm of liberation.

47 While following the way of the Will I have never uttered one word of complaint. I was imprisoned even though I committed no crime. There I was beaten and bloodied by interrogators, but I never complained or asked, “God, what is this?” Servants may oppose God for tens of thousands of years, but as a son, I should never take their side. Knowing that Satan opposes God, how could I as a son oppose my Father, God? Isn’t that right? Even though I may die, I have to die on my Father’s side. You too, after enduring all sorts of difficulties and pains along the way of the Will, may have many things that you would like to say to God the Father. But what will make you great is to say nothing.

48 You must keep going, no matter how miserable the course. I too have been through this course. On the way, you should not resent anyone. If you have the urge to complain, rather be concerned about what will happen to this nation and the world as well as to the way of God’s Will. This is the proper attitude of those responsible for restoration. Set up this inner standard before God.

49 Go the way of restoration with a joyful heart. Even on the way of death, when you go with a joyful spirit, God will come to you. But if you go disheartened and lamenting, Satan will follow you. Also, in case you become a martyr, if your motivation is to go to heaven, you will end up in the opposite place. Thus, if you go the way of a martyr, it should be with the desire to liberate God and to save the world. Jesus’ life purpose was to save the world, including the Roman Empire. is is why he could love the Roman soldier who pierced him. He died for the sake of Rome, and so, in the end, the Roman Empire came into the bosom of Christianity. If he had complained and lamented on the cross, God would have lost the position to claim Jesus; Satan would have claimed him instead. Therefore, those who follow the Will of God cannot complain, even unto death. So to make friends with those who complain is a most dangerous thing.

50 When you are joyful, God takes an interest in you and you can enter God’s realm of love. But the question is: how can we live with joy under any circumstances? The answer is this: When you do everything with joy, do not keep it only for yourself. Rather, share your joy and bring harmony among all things of creation, making them your partners in joy. Your life of faith should be fun. Also, all the work you do on the way of God’s Will should be enjoyable to you. It is no good to do things reluctantly or unwillingly. No matter how difficult, you should not take it as difficult, but rather as something fun to do. This attitude should be deeply rooted in your daily life.

51 You are called to expand your experience of the community of cosmic brotherhood and sisterhood. It is not enough for your family to live alone. For at least three years, you can live together as four families from four nations under one roof. There, you should not regard only your own children as your children. In your community of four families, you should love all the children as your own sons and daughters. You should create such communities of families and experience what God wants to enjoy through your brotherhood and sisterhood.

52 In the future, we will have apartment buildings that serve as family training centers. I envision apartment buildings serving as intercultural residences. We will make a residence in which at least seven families can share life together for several months at a time, training for community life among people of different cultures. These apartment buildings will be training centers. I want you all to go through such training. I would like to see three households living together in those apartments, eating together, and studying together. This is based on the Principle.

53 I want to see the three wives of your trinity united as one. I am training you for this. In the future, twelve families should dwell in one house, then one hundred twenty families, then twelve hundred families, all under the same roof. People who live in the same village should not fight. The time when you live with True Parents on earth is the time to set this tradition so that it will endure for tens of thousands of years to come. Big problems will come if you fail to set up this tradition. By this tradition, if one family among the three cannot have a child, the other two families will step up to give them a child.

The way of filial children, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters

54 Even though the ways of a filial child, a patriot, a saint, and a divine son or daughter differ, they all belong to one sequence. What makes their ways one sequence? In this world, the love of filial children for their parents lasts for but one generation. The love of a patriot is confined to one nation. But if you move centered on true love, your path remains forever. When an ancestor sets up this foundation, it will endure even if his own children cannot continue it. When anyone in the future builds on his foundation, his merit will increase. For this reason, the more we fulfill the duties of filial children, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters centering on the direction of true love, the more we will progress, never to retreat.


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