Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 8

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 1: God
Chapter 1: God's Existence and Attributes 
Section 4: The Attributes of God, 27-33
Chapter 2: The God of Heart and True Love
Section 1: The God of Heart, 1-9

(27) A good and upright person represents the whole.  In measuring goodness, the closer a person is to the position of the Principle, the better he or she is.  Our original nature inclines us to engage in actions that move toward oneness with God, because He is the center of the Principle.  This inclination toward oneness with the center results from the action of the conscience.  Had our ancestors not fallen, the conscience would have directed and disciplined the body.  That is the Principle.  But due to the Fall, the body became an unprincipled base.  Thus, the Principle inevitably engages us in action to fight against that which is not of the Principle.  This is the action of the conscience.

(28) All that is true is necessarily centered on God.  All things become true if and when we human beings lay the fundamental foundation upon which to bring forth order and good governance.  Absent such a foundation, nothing is really true.  God is the source of what is true; trueness is possible because God exists.  When God departs, so does trueness.  In that void, the origin of evil emerges.  True results can only come from truth.  In other words, the fulfillment of God's desire comes from the existence of the true God.  Please understand that concepts such as truth and goodness are established in relation not to human beings, but to God.

(29) What is truth? To man, the greatest truth is woman.  To woman, the greatest truth is man.  To God, the truth is human beings; to human beings, the truth is God.  Truth is not found elsewhere.  Since God is true, and is the truth, all that stems from Him is true, and is the truth.  How can truth reach perfection? When man and woman become one and, as a couple, unite with God in true love, perfection is attained.  There can be no perfection without true love.  Seen in this way, man represents the perfection of truth and woman represents the perfection of truth.  Thus, for man and woman to become one is to perfect God and the universe.

(30) God is the subject partner of the truth and the original essence of the truth.  Accordingly, it is said that all things are possible through Him.  This basic principle is effective because God is the truth.  As the subject being and the subject partner, God is in the position to take responsibility for all things, whether under His or another's dominion.  Because He takes responsibility, He has been the center of history and will remain the central being forever.

(31) If God ignored His own law, with which He created everything, He would not be able to govern His creation.  Because lie established the law, God takes dominion over His creation by observing that very law.  Thereby, He becomes the God who makes the law His own.  If he were to oppose it, He could not own it.  By observing it, God becomes the God of law.  Because He is one with the law, He can judge according to the law.  He can forbid things and give commandments.  Otherwise, He cannot judge according to the law or pass sentence by the law.

(32) Christianity describes God as the omniscient and omnipotent Father, but His omniscience and omnipotence do not function apart from a basic principle.  God does not act arbitrarily.  The law established by the eternal God is eternal.  The fact that He is the One who established it does not justify His being arbitrary and changing it.

(33) Christian ministers may think, "The omniscient and omnipotent God, with the power of creation, can do whatever He wants, even now.” But that is far from the truth.  All things existing in heaven and on earth operate by the fundamental law, the Principle.  Even God cannot act in violation of His law.  Even the president of a nation has to respect the constitution and the laws the legislature passes according to it.  Since God is the being who is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternall is law is also absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal.  He needs a partner who conforms to this law.  For Him this is the highest necessity.  He needs a partner who, representing the world, abides by the law and liberates the people.

Chapter 2: The God of Heart and True Love

Section 1:  The God of Heart

(1) God is the subject partner of heart. For this reason, God experiences the emotions of deepest sorrow and greatest joy.  It is not true that God has only joyful and pleasant emotions.  When He is sorrowful, His sorrow is deep and wide, beyond what any human being can fathom.

(2) God, who created us, is not only the Lord of our mind and body.  He can also stand in the position of the Lord and subject partner of our thinking and of the world of our emotions.  Furthermore, He is also the Lord and subject partner of our inner heart.  We absolutely need God to be like this.  In our consciousness and emotions we need Him absolutely, not just conceptually.  The fact that we have lost this Lord, our God, is our sorrow.

God is the Lord of our heart

(3) God is the eternal Lord of our body and our heart.  In the original world, it a husband and wife say that no matter how much they love each other, they love God even more, neither will feel resentful.  The kingdom of heaven is the world in which we can rejoice that our spouse loves God more than us.  God, who is in the position of subject partner transcending any kind of love and any circumstances, is the eternal Lord of our body.  Therefore, if we are embraced in the bosom of God, who owns our body, and thus dwell in His garden, we will be happy even when we die.

(4) God stands in the vertical position based upon true internal heart.  He is our Father.  Then who are True Parents? Through horizontal heart, they are one man and one woman who become Father and Mother, the supporting beings whose relationship supports the perpendicular line.  This perpendicular line should not be bent.  There is, however, a way by which Satan can invade.  To protect against this, the central line should be reinforced by the bone and flesh of love.  Heavenly Father, the vertical God, is in the position of the bone of love, and True Parents are in the position of the flesh of love.  The supporting beings, the True Parents, are determined centered on the core entity, God.

(5) Works based on heart are not related with the physical body but spring from the heavenly heart.  They arise from Heavens heart in their origin, in their process and in their result.  Therefore, unless we become like unfallen Adam and Eve, people who can inherit God's lineage, who are created as the body of God, and who connect to God's love, we cannot attain a victorious foundation of heart.

(6) Originally, Adam and Eve should have been people who were content to be in God's embrace and grateful for everything, communicating with God in daily life and overflowing with God's hope.  When God saw that they were not going this way, His inner pain far exceeded their inner misery.  Our ancestors were unaware of this.

(7) Today, with what heart do we venture out? With what eyes do we observe the world? With what senses do we feel? Before you think about this, you should pray, "God, as I lead my life I am dealing with these kinds of sensations.  Yet I want to lead my life understanding the heart of Adam and Eve toward You prior to the fall, the heart they had at the time of the Fall, the heart You experienced when You had to expel Adam and Eve, the heart with which You toiled hard for humanity for 1, 600 years until You called Noah, and Noah's heart as he worked for 120 years bearing ridicule and persecution, holding on to Heaven in order to build the ark on top of a mountain.  I want to know Your heart throughout all the twists and turns of history, and hold on to that heart.”

(8) The question is how we empathize with God's feelings in our daily life.  When you are alone, you should be able without forethought to call out to God, "Father!" Then you will feel God's reply, "Yes, I am here!" If you are one with God, that's how it will be.  It seems that no one is around, but someone is leading and guiding you.  If you live such a life, you never question God's existence.  When you face difficulties, you know God will protect and guide you.  Knowing this, you cannot desert Him.

(9) Even God has emotion, intellect and will.  If human beings, whom God created, have emotion, intellect and will, God undoubtedly has these attributes as well.  We earthly human beings are the descendants of fallen ancestors.  However, we originate from God's lineage, as His direct children related by blood.  For this reason, God's heart toward us has intensity greater than that of any parent looking for his or her lost child.  God sees us weeping bitter tears for the earth, collapsing and dying in pain and lamenting in deep grief and sorrow, and all these images are etched into His heart.  Any individual, family or nation that ridicules, oppresses or kills virtuous people will not last long, because God will remember their deeds.  Hence, whenever we shed tears, we should know that God is also shedding tears.  We also should know that whenever we feel furious and bitter towards an enemy, God is shedding tears of forgiveness.  God does not take revenge upon an enemy and say, "You scoundrel, I'm glad you are dead.” God does not strike us, because He does not consider us His enemies.


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