Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 78

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 3: True Love
Chapter 3: The Practice of True Love
Section 1: Children's Love, 17
Section 2: The Practice of True Love, 02

17 Our path as fallen people is the path of repentance. We have to find the path of repentance. Unrepentant people cannot say they love their nation, nor can they say they love the world. How do you repent? You need to find someone among human beings who can represent God. That person is the Messiah. What kind of person is the Messiah? He appears as the friend of friends, the teacher of teachers, and the parent of parents. To love the Messiah with your whole heart means to enter the realm of his love for the world and his love for the cosmos. Unless you make a relationship with him, even though you strive to love, you cannot truly love.  This is the situation of the descendants of the Fall.

18  We should be devoting all our hearts and minds to becoming the progenitors of goodness that humankind has been seeking and that God has been seeking. We should be the parents of good parents. By practicing the right principles of love we should be examples for humanity. If you have been unable to do so, you should blame yourselves. If you have been unable to do so, you should be sad, even indignant. You need to understand the reality that you were born from the blood of the enemy. You must extract all that tainted blood from your body so that you can become new people who can offer yourselves before heaven. No matter what suffering and persecution you endure, if there is a way to find your true self, you should go that path in silence with a joyful heart. We may have to face death a hundred times or a thousand times, but that is our destiny. Unless we take the path of negating this fallen world, we cannot find the way. This is the path of religion.

19  The first human ancestors were born into the realm of God's love. Therefore, without fail, we must receive God's lineage so that we may go the path of true love that is unchanging for eternity. No longer will we go in two different directions, with our minds and bodies divided. We will exercise self-control on the path of life, with the mind controlling the body. Ultimately we need to become people who, even without any spiritual discipline or cultivation, can know this path and proceed upon it. A compass automatically knows north and south and does not deviate in its orientation. Even rats on a ship know when a typhoon that can destroy the ship is coming and escape along the mooring rope. Yet how is it that we, who should be the lords of creation, have become such low and insensible brutes? We human beings are a miserable lot, with no sense of direction and no understanding of our purpose.

20 Nowadays the paths people follow are all divided: families, tribes, nations and the world zigzag every which way. Some people follow money, some follow knowledge, and some follow power. All of them are wicked. The path of true love has one eternally unchanging direction, whether for individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations or the world. When God calls out to people, "Come directly to Me!" He is speaking of the path of true love. The path of true love is the shortest and most direct route. It leads you straight ahead. There is no zigzagging. True love leads individuals to take the direction that benefits their family; it leads families to take the direction that benefits the nation; it aligns a nation with the direction of the world saints, and it aligns the saints with the direction of divine sons and daughters. It is the path of spiritual cultivation, and we fallen people must walk it. We must go this one direction our entire life.

21 All individuals should follow the direction of true love, but fallen people have lost their way. In the devil's world, everything centers on the physical body. The devil's love is always self-centered and self-serving. Love on God's side does the opposite; it centers on the whole. Thus, following the desires of the flesh is the path that leads to death, but following the desires of the heart and mind is the path to life. They are 180 degrees opposite.

22 In our life on earth, there is a right path for human beings to follow. What is that right path? It is the path that is good for individuals, for families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world, the cosmos, and even for God Himself. We all have to advance upon this path. This path is the one and only way of original love.

23 Human beings born since the Fall have laced a terrible fate. Therefore, you need to have the heart that you are willing to spend tens of millions of dollars just to find a precious member to whom you can say, "It is wonderful, isn't it, that I could meet you and bring you to God!" No matter the difficulty and pain, you should have a heart that says, "To find one precious spiritual child, I am ready to go anywhere." If you devote yourselves lo this ideal with this spirit, then even if, like Jesus, you may have to leave the earth without completing the Will, you will surely encounter God's love after you die.

24 Fallen people live in regret while asking, "What is the way?" Let us therefore stand before them proclaiming "Hallelujah! Amen!" as victorious brave soldiers who have overcome history and attend our cosmic Parents. Then we will reach the stage when we will sing as cosmic brides and bridegrooms. Then the stage will come when we will love our cosmic sons and daughters. These are the three great paths that all fallen people must go. National borders will pose no problem. The gap between East and West will pose no problem. If we become such people, our parents will bow to us; if we become such couples, everyone will bless us; if we have children like that, all people will bow to us and serve us. This era is destined to come. Where is the place where it appears? It is the place where the Lord of the Second Advent dwells. Those who attend him are the people who will go before the throne of God.

25 Our path is the way of love. It is one path, whether an individual walks it or a family walks it. The way of love is the same for both. East or West, whatever one's race or nation, the way of love is the same for all. The direction does not differ.  Between the path of love for the individual and the path of love for the family, only the number of people is different; the way is the same. It is one road with the same focal point. It is the path of God's love. Our birth is rooted in God's love. We all were born within an amazing path of love, which is connected to the cosmos and rooted in the original love within our parents. Even after the Fall, this root holds strong. Our tendency to pursue goodness and our desire to add value remains. It is what makes historical restoration possible. That origin within us can foster new development.

26 After God created all things in heaven and earth, He bestowed governing authority upon human beings as His children, in order to realize the Will for the ideal world and the ideal of love. That Will was lost. Nevertheless, God has led the history of re-creation through the providence of restoration, centered on those who can represent His love and character. This effort is not based on human love or human character, but on God's love and divine character. Why do we need God's love and character? Without God's love, we cannot transcend Satan's worldly love. God cannot intervene if we hold on to Satan's love. God's character cannot co-exist in a world pervaded by Satan's characteristics. The only way we can make a new beginning and carry out God's Will is together with God, based on His love and character.

27 In the Unification Church, you learn the law of indemnity. My burden includes the burden of a servant of servants, the burden of a servant and the burden of an adopted son. As the leader of the Unification Church, I want you to work with me to remove this burden from all humankind and guide them. This is what is great about the Unification Church. I myself had to go through the course of indemnity to find the original world of love, so I started from the position of a servant of servants.  Then I took the positions of a servant and of an adopted son. You are responsible to go through this indemnity course only for yourself, but I have to take responsibility for all things and even for God. My entire life to this point has been for one purpose, to carry all this burden.

28 The world of our fallen, evil ancestors has gates open from the individual level on earth to hell in the spirit world. It is for True Parents to abolish all of that. But to do this, they have to receive worldwide persecution. It cannot be done for free.  They have to be struck first, and then they can take back what was lost. That is why after being struck, they are entitled to demand compensation for the damage. The way for good people to go is to be struck first and then to claim what was lost.  This is why good people are always struck first. After they are struck, over the course of time something develops. That is the way of heaven and earth. It happens because good people keep investing. When investing love, the output is always greater than the input. This is how eternal life can be sustained.

29 We have to win the fight against Satan.  Those who lose to Satan cannot go to God. What must we do to defeat him? That is the question. The problem arose with the Fall of Adam. Therefore, you should do what Adam could not do. Adam did not believe in God absolutely, so to surpass Adam you need to believe in God's Word absolutely. Also, Adam failed to practice God's Word. Adam fell because he did not believe in God or practice His Word. Only when you practice God's Word can you connect to God's love. The original way for human beings who have nothing to do with the Fall is to believe in God's Word and practice it. Had Adam and Eve done so, they would have moved on to the next level. There, God's love awaited them.  God's blessing awaited them.

Section 2.  The Practice of True Love

1 Nothing is good unless it is in harmony with the essence of God's love. Love does not focus on its position as a subject partner; rather, it focuses on its object partner. If you focus on yourself, you cannot go the path of love. Suppose you are the leader of a nation; you cannot function in that position if you are all alone; you need to recognize the value of others as your partners. The basic principle underlying the organization of the ideal kingdom of heaven is that within the family, husband and wife openly affirm each other. A man who is not affirmed by his wife can hardly expect to be affirmed in the ideal world. It is a contradiction for a man to seek the world's public recognition when his wife does not first recognize him. In order for a man to attain world-level recognition with dignity and authority, he should be recognized as the linchpin of his family, without any shortcomings. A family with that kind of man as a head will remain intact and not be divided. Then that family should take the position of subject partner to its tribe and live sacrificially, overcoming challenges for its tribe's sake  Its purpose should be for the sake of others, not for itself.

2 The way of love does not go here and there. There is only one way. Is the way of love two or one? It is one. If you go that one way, you can go everywhere. The way of love is the way of purity, the way of tranquility and the way of caution, like a priest making a sacrificial offering.


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