Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 481

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 14: True Parents’ Prayers
Chapter 12: Cheon Il Guk
Prayer 7: Please grant that the sovereignty of love may expand
Chapter 13: Peace Messages
Prayer 1: Prayer at the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God

Prayer 7: Please grant that the sovereignty of love may expand

Beloved Father, this place is under the watchful gaze of heaven and earth and the attention of the children who received the blessing of the heavenly and earthly worlds. The families of the four children centering on Heung-jin, and all the families of the saints and sages, are one in heart, body, and mindset. They advance toward a world of one harmony, unity, and flourishing centering on the original palace. They have brought the first stage of the history of restoration through indemnity to an end. During it, they longed for the day when Your wish could be fulfilled, and You could be released from bitter sorrow.

After concluding the Coronation of the King of Peace of the Unity of Heaven and Earth in Cheongpyeong, this is the first Pledge service, this morning of Ahn Shi Il here in the Yeosu and Sooncheon area. In the nation where all things of the cosmos form a single core in serving and attending Heaven, individuals representing blessed families of each tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos have gathered. They offer this pledge service on this new morning as we serve You, centering on the kingship of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, the King of kings. I pray that You can accept this with joy.

Now people have begun to seek the land of the original hometown and to launch the liberated realm of the Blessing, centering on their relatives. Father, I pray that You will be with them in that place. I already have proclaimed the liberated and completely free era of the tranquil reign of peace. In it, we can exercise, on Your behalf, Your full and omnipotent authority of love in a cosmic and unified family. This represents the form of one family that attends the Parents of Heaven and Earth. In it, all these blessed families become owners of Cheon II Guk, and all human beings become like siblings through true love.

On that foundation, everything is liberated and set completely free. Freedom goes from Your heart at the time of creation to all those beings whose aim was to restore the substantial realm that is Your object partner through absolute faith, love, and obedience. Those beings had to do this in place of Your creation at the beginning. We are now able to conduct the Enthronement of the King of Cosmic Unity and Peace upon this foundation, together with the foundation of the True Parents' advent on this earth, and the foundation of them welcoming, after the revolutions of indemnity, conscience, and heart, the world of liberation and complete freedom.

By acquiring the form of a renewed nation launched from each of their hometowns, let us stand in a position of uniting each clan of Korea and offer it to You, our Father. On that foundation of commencing on this earth a unified homeland in heaven and earth, we usher in an era of liberation and complete freedom by unifying the people with the Mongolian birthmark as the Mongolian birthmark blood kin. Now I sincerely pray and hope that centered on the original Parents of cosmic unity, You will bless us further. Bless us so that the dominion centered on Your love can expand. Let it expand into the liberated and completely free world of the tranquil reign of peace, in which You can confidently grasp the authority of the Owner for eternity. May You freely govern and claim the heavenly world and physical world as one lineage through true love, true life, and true lineage.

I sincerely pray and hope that You will permit the world of all creation and all humanity to praise Your victorious and supreme center with glory and joy. May we place all of this under Your dominion. May we advance with the glory of the Owner's joy. May we stand for all eternity under Your authority as the Owner of love, centered on the heavenly way of one heart, one body, and one mindset. All this I pray and report in the name of the True Parents. Aju! (February 25, 2005)

CHAPTER 13 Peace Messages

Prayer 1: Prayer at the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of God

Today, on the thirteenth day after we welcomed the new millennium, we wish to conduct the Enthronement Ceremony for the Kingship of True Heavenly Parents. The ancestors in heaven have received the Blessing, and the descendants on earth have become one in heart and essence. Together they have welcomed the age of the heart in the realm of the fourth Adam by going beyond the sorrowful heart of the historical age of indemnity. Now all things and existing beings in heaven and on earth can welcome the age in which they can open the gate to the kingdom of heaven where the new heaven and earth are connected.

As the God of all, You toiled through a history of bitter sorrow, enduring the history of shame caused by the false parents who destroyed marriage and opposed true love, true life, and true lineage. Yet even though You are the Lord of Hosts, Father, Teacher, and King, You remained on the path of indemnity and suffering until this day.

The True Parents came to the earth, took responsibility for all these things, including all the wrongs committed by the false parents, and established their authority based on the victory of the eight stages while yearning for liberation as they went through the historical course of indemnity. By doing so, they transferred to heaven everything from the false parents' activity, bringing it under the grace of the Blessing of love and connecting it to all nations and the entire cosmos through the Blessing ceremony, which changes the lineage on the highest standard of True Parents' victorious authority, thereby laying a foundation for liberation.

We progressed through all realms of liberation—mind and body, husband and wife, father and son, the liberation of siblings, and the liberation of nations, demolishing all barriers and national borders, and unifying heaven and earth to create the kingdom of heaven, the liberated world of freedom that You envisioned at the origin of creation. We connected the true family, true tribe, true people, true nation, true world, and the cosmos to the kingdom of heaven in heaven and on earth. We bound all this to the Owner, the great Creator who represents the authority of the victorious True Parents, the authority of the True Teacher, and the authority of the True King. Please freely accept this ceremony we offer to You.

All the angels in the heavenly army, all blessed families in the heavenly world, all blessed central families connected to the True Parents on earth, and the entire spirit world centered on the earth once again restored the right of the eldest son under the bond of brotherhood. Under these circumstances, the earth, standing in the position of eldest son, has welcomed the victorious realm of liberation, having overturned the entire fallen world from the individual level to the cosmos, centering on the privilege and authority of True Parents. The liberated True Parents, centering on the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the liberated True Children on earth, have united in heart and essence and are liberated through indemnity. You are the source, origin, and essence of true love, and Your absolute, unique, unchanging, and eternal will has the subject nature of love. Now we offer this joyful ceremony whereby True Parents enthrone You, Heavenly Father, under the original standard.

On this liberated, victorious foundation where You can have a joyful heart forgetting all history, we hold this ceremony whereby You are enthroned and established in Your original position, celebrating and offering this all-transcendent, all-immanent, all-powerful, and almighty ceremony of liberation. Now You can exercise Your sovereignty throughout the universe and in Your nation, centering on the realm of victory that enables us to be united with the ideal of love bound in the original heart of creation. Please accept this ceremony joyfully. We pray sincerely in the name of True Parents. Aju! Aju! Aju! (January 13, 2001)


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