Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 336

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 11: Ceremonies and Holy Days
Chapter 1: The Etiquette of Attendance
Section 2: Living in Attendance to God, 27
Section 3: Attending True Parents in Daily Life, 07


(27)  God is suffering hardships because of me, because of my family, because of my nation, and because of my world. So it makes sense that I too should suffer hardships because of myself, because of my family, my society, my nation, and my world, and that I should do it for God. I am saying that, together with the Republic of Korea, we should suffer hardships on behalf of God.  

(24)  That is my philosophy, and it is also God's philosophy. Some people look for chances to secretly impose burdens on others, even when everyone is already suffering hardships. These spineless people think that others should shoulder all the burdens instead of them, and if they could, they would sell even God for their own personal benefit. You have to be somewhat foolish to follow God's path. In a certain sense, patriots appear to be rather foolish people, even somewhat stupid. They have the character of a bear, with a kind of slow-witted generosity that, if someone took a piece of their arm, they would say, "Oh, that's not enough, go ahead and take some more!"

(28)  To this day, I have been enduring hardship for the Will, day and night, and I am not about to stop. Those who have not attended me closely do not know me well. As soon as I open my eyes from sleep, I kneel on the floor and pray. Why do I live this way? It is because, even in the middle of the night, my beloved children, who are spread all across the world, are depending on me. If I cannot be there to offer devotion with them when they pray to God, shouldn't I at least keep up with them and not fall behind them? Because I pray immediately upon waking up, God forgives me for not praying with them while I was asleep.

(29)  What kind of person am I? I am a person who possesses only one talent: I just go straight ahead no matter what. Some people ask why I always do things that everybody vilifies and scorns instead of quietly going a more convenient way. It is because I can reach the pinnacle only by overcoming the opposition of many people. On the other hand, most of you are thinking only about how to take detours around the difficulties. Why do we need to separate from the world? It is because even the love of our natural parents will take us off target. God has been following a straight path, and we must do the same.

(30)  I am a lonely and solitary man. I could come this far only because I understand that God is as lonely and solitary as I am and that He understands me. I know that the mission I must pursue until I die is to fulfill even a portion of God's Will and desire—to expand His foundation in even one area. That is why I am gathering together people who can live for God. Because I was born as God's son and because I feel responsible to establish His Will, I have not accused those who mocked me, nor have I sought revenge against those who beat me. Instead, I have persevered with love and fought my way forward, sometimes staggering, sometimes trudging ahead with my back bent over, and sometimes crawling on my belly. Through all of this, I have maintained only one thought: how to establish God's tradition and bequeath it to the world.

(31)  Here is what True Parents have to do. They need to win every battle, enter the deepest place in God's heart, liberate Him from bitter pain and sorrow, and establish His realm of victory on earth. You need to feel grateful to God that the True Parents have emerged on earth. You need to be aware of the misery of God, our vertical True Parent, which has been dissipated finally because He has sent the Lord of the Second Advent to earth to liberate all humankind. Now we have entered an incredible era. Because of True Parents, we can pledge to become God's filial sons and daughters, and we can then strive to realize that pledge.

(32)  How serious are you about following the way of the Will? I have been walking it all my life without even my wife and children knowing what it involves. Only God and I know that. It has been lonely. No one knows the path I had to follow. With God's help, I, a solitary man, have brought amazing results. With this achievement, I have raised issues fundamental to society. I have triggered a wave of innovative thought in this world of declining democracies. This has made me a controversial figure. What I have accomplished is not because I am great, but because God has been with me.

Section 3: Attending True Parents in Daily Life

(1)  From now on, you must live with True Parents. God is in the position of the grandparents. True Parents are in the position of the mother and the father, and you are in the position of the first son. The lesson is that three generations should live together. You should live with the feeling resounding in your heart that God is with you and True Parents are with you.

A life of attending True Parents

(2)  Are you True Parents' true sons and daughters? What are true sons and daughters? Being true children means a connection based on the true lineage. Of course, a relationship with true children is formed through true love, but we should be connected through true lineage. If you are connected through lineage, you must take after your mother and father. Do you resemble me? Your eyes are blue, mine are black, and our hair color is different. I have a round, Oriental face. So for you to take after True Parents, what really matters is how much you resemble our essence. You should be able to say, "I resemble you in defeating Satan and in loving God absolutely.” That is how you should resemble me.

(3)  How much should you love me? You should not love me from a position that has traces of Satan's world and is tainted with love from that world. Go beyond that by loving me more than you love your parents, spouse, and children who were born in Satan's world. That is why in the Bible, Jesus said, "Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; and whoever loves son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." (Matt. 10:37) This conclusion applies to all of us. He also said, "Take up your cross and follow me." (Luke 9:23) Each of us carries our own cross. To carry the cross means to resist and overcome the power that pulls us in the opposite direction. When we reach this point, we shed bitter tears.

(4)  The Blessing is the culmination of everything. So, at that moment, with whom should you establish your relationship? You couples cannot move forward to perfection on your own. You can do so only through True Parents' love. Everyone, whether good-looking or not, takes after their parents. In the Unification Church, I am teaching the way of the True Parents. This is your blessing of all blessings. The hope of humankind is to meet the True Parents. Even at the cost of your life, you must meet the True Parents. Even if you lose all of history, all of the present age, and all your descendants, when you meet the True Parents, you will regain history, the present age, and the future.

Meeting the True Parents is a blessing.

(5)  Everything comes down to meeting the True Parents. The coming of the True Parents of humankind is the desire of history, the desire of all nations, the desire of all ideologies, and the desire of the entire providence. Their appearance is unprecedented and will never happen again. It is the turning point of history and comes only once. From the perspective of eternity, a person's lifespan is just one breath.

(6)  Carry my picture at all times. It will protect you and empower you to withstand any hardship. Moses performed miracles and signs to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, away from the Pharaoh, and guide them to Canaan. When the Egyptians' firstborn suffered afflictions and were killed, the Israelites marked their doorposts with the blood of a lamb for protection. Likewise, when you carry my picture with you, the spirit world will watch over you and protect you.

(7)  When the Israelites were about to leave Egypt, they were able to avoid calamity by marking their doorposts with the blood of a lamb. In the same way, carrying my picture can protect you. The spirit world can recognize it even if it is in your pocket. It serves as a mediator by which your ancestors can connect to you. They understand that it is a good channel by which they can do this. If you carry this picture with you, you will not have accidents or trouble. Without it, you are more likely to run into problems. Such incidents will occur all the time, and by that, you will recognize the value of my picture. 

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