Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 314

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 10: The Philosophy of Peace
Chapter 3: The Means to Realize World Peace
Section 3: Culture and World Peace, 19
Section 4: Korea Unification and World Peace, 09


World peace through the media

(19)  The media wield overwhelming influence and power in society, to such an extent that, after the executive, judiciary, and legislature, they are called the Fourth Estate. I believe that the media should use their immense power for good, and should contribute to world peace. Respected journalists, before you are professionals, you are essentially children of God. You are champions of peace who are called to the special mission of building an ethical world, the world of true peace that God desires. The World Media Association is an open forum in which journalists such as you, can discuss issues freely, with the ultimate goal of realizing an ethical world. At this point in time, as the people of the world head toward the ultimate world of true peace in God’s providence, God is calling the media to carry out an important mission for the realization of world peace. They should join forces with others who are yearning for peace and contribute their immense power of influence. They must play a leading role in making humanity one great family in the age of the global village, to realize the ideal of true world peace and ethics. Please advance bravely and boldly for the sake of this cause.

(20)  The mass media have an educational function. They must take responsibility for society from a moral standpoint and thereby develop the nation. To do this, journalists should have personal integrity. I am fighting against the media of the United States, which dances to the tune of corrupt ideologies and beliefs. How have the media treated me? They have thought of me as their punching bag. And yet, I did not utter even a word against them. One can manifest real capability even without speaking words. No one has yet adequately defined the role of the mass media. No one has stated standards for media professionals, who will weave the record of history. That is why I am continually holding media conferences. I created the World Media Association to awaken journalists and all media professionals to their responsibility, and I have been working along these lines to this day. I am calling journalists and all media professionals to be responsible. As representatives of the media, you should go forward with conviction. You should stake your life as you shoulder this responsibility.

Section 4.  Korean Unification and World Peace

(1)  On the eastern edge of Asia lies the small Korean peninsula. Its people have been oppressed and belittled. However, God is working through this oppressed people to establish a new global realm of providence in order to begin a new age. What led to this nation standing at the frontline in the conflict between democracy and communism, even as humankind is embroiled in the calamities and distresses of the Last Days? The answer lies in the pivotal role that Korea plays for both the communist and democratic camps.

The providential significance of the Korean peninsula

(2)  Korea is destined to bring together and harmonize all religions of humankind that have existed throughout history, in accordance with God s Will. It is the nation that bears the responsibility to build a united world and united kingdom of heaven. When North and South Korea unify on the basis of their shared cultural background, they will influence the world’s religions and peoples to manifest a harmonious religious sphere. Then they also will establish the harmonious spheres of people and nation, fulfilling the Will that God had when He chose Israel. The Korean peninsula is divided into North and South Korea. This is like the division between mind and body at the Fall. The North espouses materialism, while the South is inclined toward idealism based on the mind. The two Koreas reflect this division internationally. We see this situation throughout the world as the fruit of the mind-body conflict that erupted with the fall of Adam and Eve.

(3)  Korea is divided into North and South. Claims about being one people notwithstanding, its one sovereignty has not been restored. As long as the nation is divided, its people should unite and struggle to restore their one sovereignty. But their task does not end with the recovery of sovereignty. Once it is achieved, the nation has to advance a global vision. Unless the Korean people go through the path of struggle to recover the world, willing even to sacrifice their hard-fought sovereignty, the unified world of peace will not come.

(4)  Korea is divided at the thirty-eighth parallel into an Abel nation and a Cain nation. Unless North Korea, which is in the Cain position, voluntarily surrenders to South Korea, in the Abel position, the world of peace will not come. Today's world as a whole is divided into democratic and communist camps, and the Korean peninsula is the frontline between these two blocs. Therefore, the unification of Korea will serve as a model for world unification.

(5)  If Korea is to be a nation that the world welcomes, the Koreans must become a people who willingly take the lead by shouldering the cross of the world. Koreans have to be willing to sacrifice their nation and its sovereignty for the sake of the world. The kingdom of peace will be built on the victorious foundation of the cross. On that day, the nation that carried the world's cross will be granted a position of glory.

(6)  As Unification Church members, we should be willing to sacrifice for Korea as if we were one of its clans. If we sacrifice for Korea, we will change this nation. It will not remain divided as it is at present. It will become a unified nation, a nation with an ideal so high that even the people of North Korea will wholeheartedly welcome it. We must build such a nation, guiding North Koreans to practice virtue and show reverence for God. If we succeed in this task, the peninsula naturally will come together as one nation. Once unified as a nation, it will not seek to exploit the world. Rather, it will be a true nation, one that sacrifices for the world.

(7)  It is indisputable that restoration comes through indemnity. It is based on the law of cause and effect. Then which nation bears the responsibility to pay the miserable indemnity for the world in the Last Days? It is none other than Korea. As a result of the Korean War, Korea was divided along the thirty-eighth parallel. Even though it took no sides in the global conflict between the left and the right, it became a sacrifice and had to shed blood. Surely, its situation was miserable. Nevertheless, today, Korea ought to stand once again as the nation representing the tragic destiny of the world. From this perspective, we ought to reflect deeply upon the reason Korea is driven into the circumstances of this destiny.

(8)  Communism and democracy are confronting each other on the Korean peninsula. Both sides argue their case at Panmunjom, yet their actions are but a manifestation of a larger battle between Heaven's world and Satan's world. Externally, both camps are fighting over Korea, but internally, God and Satan are engaged in the ultimate battle over the past, present, and future. Therefore, as Koreans, we have to set the internal indemnity conditions whereby history can advance, carrying with it these two camps.

(9)  Korea is divided into North and South along the thirty-eighth parallel. Based on the Divine Principle, we understand that a sacrificial offering must be divided. When a high priest presents an offering before the altar, the people, regardless of their position, bow their heads. Even the sovereign of a nation bows his head before the offering. Therefore, the Unification Church henceforth must establish a foundation before which all people of Korea will bow their heads. Until it accomplishes this, the Unification Church will not have completed its mission.

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