Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 28

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 1: God
Chapter 4: The God Who Needs Liberation
Section 3: We Must Liberate God, 3-19

(3) Up to now, there has never been a true family, a family whose lineage is based on God's true love. Our ancestors are fallen, and our ties with them are based on false love, false life, and false lineage; that is the reason our mind and body struggle against each other. Adam and Eve became enemies, and killing occurred among their children. God's providence of salvation is the providence to restore all this.  In order to complete the providence of salvation, we have to build the true family that was lost. That is, we have to be sons and daughters who unite our mind and body, and then we have to become couples that absolutely unite in true love and live with God eternally.

(4) When the Messiah comes again, what will be his purpose? It will be to shatter Satan's sovereignty, bring humankind back to God, expel Satan from this world, and work with Christianity to finish God's providence of salvation. These are the purposes that the Messiah comes to fulfill. In other words, the mission of the Messiah is to complete the providence of restoration for the sake of returning to the original world of God's Will.

(5) The Lord of the Second Advent comes to complete the foundation of God's providence of restoration that Jesus left. Specifically, he comes to perfect the ideal of True Parents, who are the origin of God's true love, true life and true lineage. Thus, he is the original seed for completing the ideal of creation. He comes upon the victorious foundation of the fundamental providence on God's side that had been completed up to the time of Jesus. This means that he comes directly upon the foundation of the victories that Jesus established in his life up through the time of his maturity as an individual.  Then he fulfills the tasks that Jesus left to be accomplished later.  These are to find his bride, to become the True Parents, and to save all of humankind.

(6) Jesus was to be the Parent of all human beings. He was sent by God to be the second Parent. For the victorious third Parent to appear, he must build on what Jesus accomplished as he strove to become the second Parent. This is logical. For Jesus to become the second Parent, he had to restore the position of Adam and Eve, who should have been the first Parents. Yet he was unable to restore the position of the first Parents, which would have been his victorious foundation to be the second Parent. Because Jesus died before he could lay this foundation, the providence was prolonged to a third attempt. Therefore, the returning Lord, who comes for this third attempt, must establish a victorious foundation by indemnifying, both spiritually and physically, the failure of Adam and Eve, the first Parents, and the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, who came in the position of the second Parents. If he does not do so, he cannot emerge on earth with his bride as the victorious True Parents.

(7) Adam failed, and Jesus died before he could conclude his mission as the second Adam. Hence, it is the Lord of the Second Advent, coming as the third Adam, who must complete their missions both spiritually and physically and eliminate Satan's domain and sovereignty. He must finish the providence of salvation and guide the world to return to God's original perfect ideal. One of the last tasks in God's providence of salvation is to connect the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven, so that they may freely interact.

(8) The people who are in the spirit world and the people who live on earth come from different time periods. Nevertheless, when they live according to True Parents' principled path, all the barriers between them will be broken down. They will establish structures based on the original standard, so that all may advance to the kingdom in heaven. When all people do this, True Parents' mission will be conclusively completed. Considering this, we should not forget that the era of completion, the era for the fulfillment of God's Will is unfolding before our very eyes!

God needs to be liberated

(9) We must liberate God by centering on His love. God has been confined because of fallen love. It is as if He is in prison. He has never been set free. Although the God who created the universe is all-knowing and all-powerful, it has always been His intention to establish the ideal world based on love. Yet due to human beings, the universe was snatched away by Satan. As long as God does not separate Satan from this world, He cannot be liberated in heart. That is, as long as Satan is not cut off, the foundation to liberate God in heart has not come about in the universe; consequently, God remains confined. Can His heart and mind be at rest when His beloved children are no better than dead?

(10) The Fall took away God's freedom. I am saying that the Fall put God in shackles and chains. The Fall also put the first ancestors of the human race in shackles, and the realm of angels as well. Not only that, countless religious people in history lived a fettered existence, struggling against these shackles. Such is the case for all of humankind.

(11) Unless all people are freed from the realm of lamentation, God our Parent cannot be free from the realm of lamentation. No parents can be comfortable while their beloved children live amid worries and fears. Since God is in such a situation, we should liberate Him. How can we liberate God? God is in a prison where He is unable to freely love all people. He must be released into the realm of freedom where He can freely love all of humankind. This is something that we are responsible to do. This problem was caused by the human Fall; therefore we ourselves must liberate God by becoming sons and daughters who are victorious over the Fall.

(12) Who can stop the fighting between God and Satan? Will that fight just come to an end? How can it, when almost no one has been a devoted son or daughter showing the way of filial piety to God, and no one could fulfill the duties of loyal patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters of God's kingdom? God has had no place to stand, having lost the mainstream of love through which people would uphold God's kingdom. That is why God has been incarcerated and confined to this day. The spirit world includes hell, the middle realms and paradise. Jesus is in paradise, although he should be in the kingdom of heaven. How can there be such places as paradise, the middle realms and hell in the world that God created? It is because of the Fall that God suffers this anguish.

(13) Have you ever met the ideal grandfather or grandmother whom God has been searching for? Have you ever met a grandfather or grandmother whom God wanted to become like? Have you met that person, or not? Because of the Fall, you never could meet such a person. Have you met the ideal mother or father whom God has been searching for? No, you have not. Have you ever met the ideal wife or husband whom God has been searching for? No, you have not. Have you ever met the ideal son or daughter whom God has been searching for? No, you have not. God has not found such people, so how can His bitter sorrow ever be dissolved? What can sever the chains and bonds around God's heart? It can only be done by love, by God's love. Nothing except God's essential love can do it.

(14) We need to liberate God; it is our destiny. We should have faith that thirsts to liberate God and hope that hungers to liberate God. We should be burning with love. We should be the people whom God has sought for six thousand years, who can say, "It is on account of humankind that God is in shackles; not only that, it is my fault that God is in shackles. It is my fault that Satan is accusing God. It is my fault that Jesus died on the cross. It is my fault that the Holy Spirit has been going through a bloody history of struggle. Oh, God, please give me strength! I will bring You to the place of Sabbath and liberation. Father, I will also bring Jesus and the Holy Spirit to the place of liberation."

(15) We call God "Father." Do you think God would say, "Good; you are doing well," when He sees people on earth, the good and the bad alike, dancing to Satan's tune and under his dominion? Because God has ties with us as a Parent with His children, He cannot help but toil and struggle to free our hearts from their prison-like confinement and to alleviate the sad and miserable conditions that afflict heaven and earth and everything under the sun. Therefore, we have to understand God's inner situation and liberate Him from that situation.

The liberation of God is the completion of the providence of restoration

(16) We have to liberate God. This involves the number four. After the Old, New, and Completed Testament Ages, there will come the era of liberation from sorrow. When the era of liberation from sorrow comes, we must offer everything. It does not mean that God will receive everything and keep it all for Himself. Rather, He will hand it over to Adam. After Adam receives it, he will give it back to God, and then God will hand it back to Adam—to True Parents. From that point they will begin to distribute the right of ownership back to us. When we receive it and take ownership, we will be able to enter the era of the kingdom of unity. These are necessary steps for realizing the kingdom of heaven on earth.

(17) We need to save the nation and the world. Yet in order to save the world, we first must liberate God. Only after God is liberated can the world be liberated. What I am saying is that we have to liberate God first and then liberate the world. For this, we Unification Church members have to reach out to the ends of the earth. The bonds of heart we establish with people should be like stakes of love sunk deep into the earth. In this way, we will melt the world with love.

(18) When parents have lost a child, to whom can they appeal about their miserable situation? Unless that child comes back to life and assuages his or her parents' grief, the bitter sorrow embedded in their hearts cannot be dissolved. Nor can they remove the nail that pierced their heart. Who will take out that nail from God's bitter heart and liberate it with tears of love? Who can pull that nail out of the flesh and blood of God's heart and heal it with restored flesh? Who can give God release from His sorrow? It is we who must liberate God, and we should do so before tending to our own liberation. You should know that this is the path to the ultimate liberation that religious people are seeking.

(19) Christianity teaches the idea of the returning Christ. But when Jesus returns, what will he do? God has not been able to evade Satan's incessant demands. Only the Messiah can cut off Satan; only he can stop Satan from making demands on God and making claims for his unrighteous cause. That is why the Lord of the Second Advent has to come to earth and liberate God. The Lord of the Second Advent must carry out the central role; to stand for public righteousness and take responsibility for liberating God.


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