Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 236

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 2: Training the Mind and Body
Section 3: Training in Faith, 24
Section 4: Training the Mind, 11


(24)  The realm of resonance is the plane where two people become one. Parents are two people; a couple is made up of two people, brothers are also two, and sons and daughters as well. Everything begins with two people. Since there are two, we can speak of relationship. When we speak of a relationship between elder and younger brothers, we infer that there are at least two. We cannot use the word "relationship" when talking about one person alone. Even when we speak of political relationships, we infer that there is a nation and its citizens. When we mention the relationship between subject and object partners, we are speaking of two people. You cannot make a relationship if you are alone.

(25)  We need to experience profoundly, in our heart and in daily life, the countless efforts God has made to build a parent-child relationship with us. What is our last remaining hope? On what basis can we stand in front of God, in His grace? This depends on how much we succeed in building the parent-child relationship, which is God’s ideal of creation. We discover our value based on how much we put this into practice in daily life.

(26)  Birds, fish in the oceans, and all beings of creation possess their own languages of song and dance with which they can converse. Their sounds develop into songs and their steps develop into dances. We must understand that this conversing and harmonizing takes place in relationships based on love. All of creation competes to experience times of love and to intensify such moments of love. Human beings are the lords of creation. Therefore, if we can produce such lovely songs and sounds of harmony, and love each other ten or one hundred times more intensely, this world will become an environment in which God is intoxicated, and in which He can dwell.

Section 4.  Training the Mind

(1)  Our mind accompanies us for eternity, while our body accompanies us for a lifespan. Our mind regulates our life, while our body regulates our everyday routine. A life differs from daily routine. A life refers to an entire lifetime, while daily routine refers to each day in a life. Similarly, our mind and body are inherently different. With human beings, the mind controls life while the body controls daily routine. Thus, if we do not have meals in our daily routine, our body will die. Furthermore, our mind also eats, but it refuses to do so in situations that go against the conscience. When we examine this, we can see that the mind's outlook is far broader than the body's.

The mind is the parent among parents

(2)  If our mind is unable to harmonize with others, we need to train our mind and move it to accommodate everyone completely. Unless we do so, in the Last Days, Satan will put us on trial and accuse us by pointing out our failings, saying, "Listen, you failed to fulfill that condition, didn't you?"

(3)  The original mind is the parent among parents because it represents the God of the universe. It is also the teacher among teachers and the owner among owners. Hence, a mind that preserves its purity is the closest parent, closer than any mother in the world. A pure mind is also closer than any outstanding teacher in the world. Furthermore, the mind is better able to guide its servants in the right direction than any owner in the world.

(4)  The mind and body differ. From where did you receive your original mind? You received it from God. Your mind comes from God. Your mind comes from Heaven, while your body comes from your parents. Since the body comes from the earth, it consumes what is of the earth; hence, you are indebted to the earth. This earth is made of matter. People are either male or female; we are extensions of Adam and Eve, who were created by God. When we speak of a person, we are implicitly inferring substance. What can we find within a person? We can find the earth, the person and God. We have had the phrase "heaven, earth and humankind" for eons. Heaven is the mind, the earth is the body, and humankind is the people.

(5)  God, the earth, and humankind are within me. The mind is in the subject position and the body is in the object position. Since the mind is the center of the body, we have a will, a worldview and an advocacy. The person in whom these three are united is called a person of integrity. A person of integrity is a conscientious person whose body moves according to the dictates of his or her mind. She is one who can control her body with her mind. This is why the mind is the center. The mind represents God and the body represents humanity. God has dominion over the mind, the mind has dominion over the body, and the body has dominion over creation.

(6)  Human beings have a mind and body. The body is constituted of elements received from one's parents and from the earth. However, there is an issue with the mind. God wishes to establish the mind and body on an unchanging foundation of heart. This is the purpose for which God created human beings and the purpose of His providence to redeem fallen human beings. However healthy and comfortable the mind may be, the reality is that the mind and the body are unable to enter the home of the heart and rest there.

(7)  What is it that people have toiled until now to find? People have labored to find the divine heart that can come into the place of the human heart. We have been striving to unite our heart with this divine heart. Once our heart unites with this absolute heart, all attempts to remove this heart will fail. What we have been searching for until now is the heart that no ideology, thought or false owner can invade. If we cannot find this heart, we will not be able to avoid sorrow and sadness.

The mind's inclination

(8)  The mind conforms to nature's logic. It seeks to advance eternally toward goodness, very much like the needle of a compass pointing north. The logic of nature does not go astray; it does not evade goodness. This never happens.  Similarly, a person's mind seeks to advance toward a specific goal. The mind moves heading toward life; it moves through the heart and it discerns the truth. The mind seeks to harmonize with the whole as it strives to blend with the idea of the whole. It also forms the basis upon which Heaven can instruct one about alternative paths.

(9)  We each have a mind. Our mind pushes us in a particular direction, irrespective of time and space, in search of a greater idea. However, although we have been aware of its tendency throughout history, we have been unable to explain its movement to ourselves. Everyone wants to be recognized and trusted. It is also true that we live with the idea that whatever we think and advocate comes from our mind's movement. Now, when you demand recognition and trust, are you doing so from a position related with the divine purpose? You are not. From this perspective, what is your value? You cannot achieve the ultimate purpose unless, as a subject partner that can move all of creation, you put your mind's aspirations into practice every day and go through a process of honest self-evaluation. God seeks to realize His divine purpose. If we cannot fulfill his Will, we cannot stand tall in front of Him, and we will be unable to raise our heads before God.

(10)  Heaven is the subject partner of our life, our philosophy, our love, our mind and our body. From the moment I connect with Heaven, my body is no longer mine, my mind is no longer mine, my heart is no longer mine and my ideas are no longer mine. Only then can I stand as the temple of God and the lord of creation. Then, since my mind has become God's mind, it can represent God's mind. Finally, my life has the authority to move the entire universe. My heart appears as a representative of God's heart and my philosophy is the Father's philosophy. Only then does the purpose in which we place our hope reach its conclusion.

(11)  Your original mind urges you to avoid the world's reality, which is stimulating yet painful, and seek the ideal. Every leader needs to confront reality. However, no one knows about this mind that seeks, yearns for and urges us toward the ideal. We have to follow the dictates of this mind. Countless saints in history have followed this mind. In the future, everyone will be like that. We have to affirm this original mind; talking about anything else is useless. If we realize that we are people who should not oppose the mind that seeks the ideal, but should follow it, then, even though we do not live in an ideal world, we will be able to connect with the ideal world for which we yearn and of which we dream. Today's world is not ideal, due to the Fall.

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