Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 23

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 1: God
Chapter 4: The God Who Needs Liberation
Section 1: God's Sorrow and the Providence of Restoration, 55-67

(55) If Adam and Eve had not eaten the fruit of good and evil and had not fallen, they would have married within God's realm, inherited His love, life and lineage, and become His children. Such people would have had no need for the Savior. They would have had no need for spiritual nurturing.  As God's children in the original world of creation, they would naturally have connected to God, totally one with Him in mind and body.  The problem arises from the struggle between mind and body.  If your mind and body are not united on earth, you will have to make them one in the spirit world even if it takes millions of years.  They need to be united based on true love. Without true love it is impossible to make oneness.  True Parents are the representatives of true love, who teach the way of true love.  The teaching that they bring can uproot all the sins of history.  When we practice it, we can finally achieve liberation.

(56) Religion does not exist to fulfill people's desires; it exists to fulfill the Will of God.  Once we have fulfilled God's Will, then it becomes possible to fulfill our human desires.  This is the Principle of Creation, the purpose for which God created human beings.  The fallen world has not seen an age when God's Will was fulfilled; hence it has not seen an age when human desires were fulfilled. Therefore, to this day human history has been focused toward the ideal world, the original world of a higher dimension of life. The goal of this pursuit is not to fulfill any one purpose based on human desire; it is to fulfill God's Will.  From that point, pursuits for the fulfillment of human desire can begin.  This is God's providential view of history.  God's Will is, first of all, the perfection of Adam and Eve.  Then it is the perfection of the spirit world, the perfection of the angelic world.  God is the center, and it is He who has been leading the providence of salvation toward the fulfillment of His Will.

(57) The fulfillment of God's Will is not what the people of this world are pursuing.  God's Will has nothing to do with material conditions. It has nothing to do with worldly knowledge or power. What is the condition that God is seeking? It is the standard of perfection based on love.  The world's various religions, although from different historical backgrounds and different ages, have been pursuing this purpose.  That is why every religion teaches a concept of benevolence or love.  What kind of love meets the standard for perfection? The love of God for Adam is not only for Adam, and the love of God for Eve is not only for Eve.  The love of God for Adam and Eve is to flow through the family, tribe, people and nation, and through all their future descendants.  From one ideal husband and wife centered on this love, the ideal family of love, the ideal tribe, people, nation and world of love can arise.

(58) Religions were established by God; among them are the mainstream religions of His mainstream people.  To advance the providence to realize God's ideal, God wants to connect a mainstream religion with a central people and a mainstream thought.  God's plan is to set up a mainstream religion as the foundation for the realization of His ideal, and then on that foundation to establish a people and a nation through which to bring His ideal into reality. Without these two, a mainstream religion and a central people, there is no way for the human race to inherit God's ideal of creation. Therefore, in history, God sets up a people who can inherit His ideal, based on the religion that is closest to Him. That religion connects individuals, families, tribes, peoples, and nations to the world that can inherit God's ideal. This is the way of God's Will and the path by which humankind is to inherit God's ideal.

(59) The path of religion is to enable people to start living centered on God's Will.  Therefore, religions exist for people to follow the way of God's Will. Because God's Will is absolute, it is eternally one. It cannot be two. Therefore, the person who lives centered on God's absolute Will is living the life of the kingdom of heaven on the individual level. A family that lives that way is living the life of the kingdom of heaven on the family level, together with God. If all people throughout the world live in unity, focusing on God's Will for the world—beyond the levels of one people or one nation—the world will become the kingdom of heaven on earth.

The providential person who moves heavenly fortune

(60) The way of the Will is one.  The Will moves in one direction, not two.  There is only one place where the Will can settle.  Look at the people living on earth today: they each take a direction in life based on their own will as they determine it to be.  Everyone chooses differently and goes in a different direction.  Following their own volition, they pursue various avenues to success and places to settle.

(61) God's original Will at the time of creation was for God and human beings to live in harmony, in one love and centered on the one Will.  All of heaven and earth were to live in the joyous reality of His love, and with His love at the center of their lives, they were to live as one. Yet due to the Fall of Adam and Eve, God's love remained as only His love. That is, God's love was supposed to create relationships with and among human beings, but being unable to forge those relationships, it departed from them and from the entire world of creation. Hence, the ideal that God envisioned in the beginning remains unfulfilled.  The love that He hoped for remains unrealized as well.  Nevertheless, God will fulfill the Will by all means.  That is the reason God has led the providence for six thousand years and continues leading it to this day.

(62) We are now in the process of fulfilling God's hope, which is our ultimate purpose.  As you move forward in that process, you should be able to fulfill the promises you make in faith.  If you fulfill them and even go beyond that limit, then you will begin paying back the Lord, whose flesh and blood we received in these Last Days.  In this context, what should you do? You should be able to stand boldly for Jesus, in front of him and behind him, at his right side and at his left side, above him and below him, acting on his behalf.  You should stand boldly for the Holy Spirit, in front of her and behind her, at her right side and at her left side, above her and below her, acting on her behalf.  You should stand boldly even for God, in front of Him and behind Him, at His right side and at His left side, above Him and below Him, acting on His behalf.  We must bring God's Will for human beings in heaven and on earth to a conclusion, for only in this way can Jesus' will be fulfilled and God's Will be fulfilled.  It may seem as though we are insignificant individuals, but in submitting to God's Will our value is tremendous.

(63) You are the ones who have to carry out the final remaining adventurous mission on the level of the universe at the conclusion of six thousand years of history.  Since this is a universe-level mission, in order to meet it you must also be on the level of the universe. You must be courageous and filled with inner determination to carry out this mission. If your life of faith falls short of what is needed for God's Will, what will happen? Up to the present, God's history progressed when individuals took a bold course that transcended ordinary reality.  Hence, you too must go through the gate of an adventurous universe-level course.  Only then can you uphold the flag of final victory, sing "Hosanna" in front of God, and stand in the position of His brides before the entire universe.  If you are to become God's princes and princesses, you must overcome all conditions without stumbling, and weather any circumstances, even persecution or ridicule.  You must set a standard of boldness that transcends ordinary reality.

(64) You must attend the Lord in the manner that gives Him the maximum freedom, the greatest glory and the greatest joy.  In order to do this, you must make every effort to free the Lord from all the conditions throughout history that permit Satan to accuse Him.  If you become this kind of person, then when you call "Father!" God will come to you. He will come even before you call Him. This is the standard you need to set in your daily life. God is looking for one person whose character reflects His universal love, a person whose character has such value that he can stand in the position of Jesus and stand in the position to represent history.  Jesus wants him to then gather people of like nature and recover the nation, the world and all of heaven and earth.  This is God's desire.

(65) The reason God continues to lead providential history, even repeating it, is to inspire people to respond to His providence.  Only in this way can He stand in front of humankind as the God of the ideal.  Yet to human beings who live in the realm of Satan, God appears as the fearful God of judgment.  To attend God as the God of the ideal, we must be able to experience the grief that was caused Him by the human Fall.  We must be able to establish a relationship in which we can abide with Him in His grief.  Otherwise, God cannot appear to us as the God of the ideal and cannot appear to us as the Lord of the ideal of creation.  On the way to attend the God of the ideal, our path requires that we fight the evil forces that constantly try to block us.  This is the path of restoration through indemnity that is requited of fallen human beings.

The providence of salvation according to the Principle

(66)  We know that God's providence is the providence of restoration.  What is the providence of restoration? It is taking actions to recover and reinstate what has been lost.  In other words, it is the work of re-creating human beings through the Word.  Because the human beings, whom God created, completely lost the Word, they need to be created again.  We fallen people lost the Word by which we can align our mind and body and experience constant joy in our heart.  Hence, we must find the Word, namely, the truth.  The Word is also called the truth.  The truth is the principle that governs any system.  At the same time it is the root of Heaven's principles.  That is why the world seeks for the truth to this day.  However, the true Word in all its fullness has not yet appeared.  Since there has been no true Word, there has been no one who could embody true life.  Since no one has embodied true life, there has been no one who could embody true love.  Since no one has embodied true love, the true cosmos, the true heaven and earth, have not emerged.

(67) God's providence of restoration is not guesswork. Since the providence of restoration is the work of re-creation, and it is the work of recovering what was lost, God must do it based on certain principles. God is carrying it out according to the principles of creation. Because God lost human beings as a result of the Fall, even though God created them, they are standing in the position as if God did not finish creating them. So God has to bring them back to the conditional position of having created them again.


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