Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 227

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 8: Life of Faith and Training
Chapter 1: What Is a Life of Faith
Section 4: Stages in a Life of Faith, 10-22


(10)  If you wish to be victorious in battle and become victors representing the past, present, and future, you need to know the reality of Satan as he dominated history, his reality as he dominates the present, and his intentions for the future. It was for this purpose that Jesus, representing the Jewish people, ascended the Mount of Olives all alone to pray. Jesus devoted his entire life to fighting Satan, the obstructer of the Will of Heaven. In the process, Jesus established a standard of suffering on behalf of the past, present, and future. You must follow a similar course. Similar ordeals await each of you on your path.

(11)  With regard to the Unification Church, my responsibility is to proclaim all the principles of restoration and carry the overall providence without being encumbered by Satan's accusations. I have paved this road. I have erected the signposts that people can use to find the way to please Heaven in accordance with God's law of love. This is the blessing humankind has received. I, the leader of the Unification Church, have made it possible for people to begin to truly love for the first time in history. This is why the countless people who will learn the Divine Principle through our Unification Church members need to live out those teachings.

(12)  We have fallen nature. What are the four main characteristics of fallen nature? They are arrogance, jealousy, anger, and deceit. We have been fasting and performing other acts of devotion to remove this fallen nature. To succeed in this, what are we to do in the era of judgment in the course of restoration? We each need to arm ourselves with the Word and become embodiments of the Word. In order to make restoration substantial, we need to remove the primary aspects of our fallen nature. We have four aspects of fallen nature, and we need to go through persecution and hardships in order to remove them.

(13)  What is the work of re-creation? It is for that which has fallen to ascend, in the opposite direction, through bursts of energy. As we are on the path to establishing oneness with God's heart, faith is required. But practice is needed even before faith. Yet we cannot act centered on ourselves. We must act from the position of loving God. We must act for the One we love. Unless we establish this properly, we will be unable to go the way of redemption. History bears witness to this.

(14)  In the Old Testament Age, God endeavored to nurture a relationship with human beings by inspiring them to make offerings to Him of minerals, plants, and animals, consecrated to the side of goodness. People living in that age needed to unite in heart with the sanctified offerings. Fallen human beings have the responsibility to seek true value. Beyond our imagining, God toiled to nurture a relationship of true value with fallen human beings through sanctified offerings.

(15)  The Fall occurred on earth, so we must break free from it on earth. Therefore, it is not a bad thing that God creates difficult situations for us. By encountering hardships wherever we go, by facing death or being unable to live well, and by living humble lives, we can swiftly remove the impurities of our fallen nature. Our bodies are dysfunctional wrecks covered in waste products that are difficult to remove, but a challenging environment is conducive to removing the pollutants of the fallen nature. Hence, the more onerous the situation, the swifter will be our release from indemnity.

(16)  Since this world exists as the realm of the Fall, we need to prevail over it. As long as a radio transmitter does not lie flat on the ground but remains erect, even if it must compete with other signals, this transmitter will continue to broadcast globally. Similarly, the transmitter of true love must dominate and exceed the range of the fallen nature's transmitter. So, for our transmitters of true love to dominate the realm of the Fall, we need to completely deny everything in Satan's world. Then we can become conditional entities capable of connecting with God. Even then, however, we are not complete entities of perfect love.

(17)  The Last Days represents the glorious day of resurrection when human beings on earth come to embody God's goodness. Witnessing is the battlefield on which we, as sons and daughters of God, smash Satan. The arena of witnessing is the arena of tears, in which our ancestors bless and encourage us to fight victoriously, and in which we strive, with deep hope, to uplift our future descendants. In other words, witnessing is the arena we enter to be resurrected from a servant into an adopted son and from an adopted son into a direct son. God's wish for us is that through these relationships of rebirth we achieve substantial resurrection. We need to expand the historical standard horizontally by establishing this standard of resurrection.

(18)  When walking the course of the providence of restoration, Unification Church members need to progress through the levels of the servant, the adopted son, and the direct son. After growing through these three stages, each member needs to love his or her spiritual children or followers in the same way parents care for their children, love them, and are ready to die for them. Even as we sacrifice ourselves, to become God’s blessed children we should naturally feel gratitude for our blessings, while at the same time hoping that all of them will go to someone else.

Becoming perfect through true love

(19)  What is truth? For a man, it is a woman of true love. For a woman, it is a man of true love. What is truth for parents? It is a filial son of true love. What is truth for a filial son? It is a father and mother of true love. What is the truth for human beings? It is God. What is the truth for God? It is Adam and Eve united in true love. Then all is completed. In the family, there are parents and teachers. Fathers and mothers teach their children, while husbands teach their wives and wives teach their husbands. People who live this way will become true fathers and mothers, teachers, and owners. Such a home becomes a base of peace. Therefore, all relationships bear fruit in the family.

(20)  What was the starting point for True Parents? It was true love. In the end, love becomes the critical issue. Any family, tribe, people, nation, or world that advances based on true love is automatically united. History should have followed the one direction of true love. But instead, history has followed a messy, zigzag course. True Parents are called to completely change this situation after going through the levels of the individual, family, tribe, and nation.

(21)  When the mind and body unite in true love, the mind belongs to the body and the body to the mind. When a man and a woman, each with a united mind and body, become one in true love, they can occupy God. To occupy God, they need to build a bridge. A man cannot build this bridge by himself and neither can a woman by herself. Rather, a couple must join together in true love. For a man or a woman to become perfect, each needs his or her partner.

(22)  Theoretically, there is no basis on which Satan can approach a family composed of true olive trees. While Satan can approach family members when they are at the top of the growth stage, he cannot when they are at the top of the completion stage. Completion of one's portion of responsibility leads to unity in true love between the sphere of indirect dominion, based on accomplishments through the Principle, and the sphere of direct dominion. Synergy occurs between the two spheres, and there is nothing Satan can do to separate the two. This marks a new, historical point of transition.


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