Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 2

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 1: God
Chapter 1: God's Existence and Attributes
Section 1: The Existence of God, 15-28

(15) Why were the ears created? It was to capture the vibrations that pass by in the air and to harmonize them.  Look at the ear carefully.  It has a large auricle and a small auricle, providing the ability to screen sounds appropriately.  When a loud sound is caught, the large auricle cleverly reduces the volume.  If a loud sound were to enter the ear straight, it would shock the eardrum. That is why the large auricle lowers the volume, buffering it to the small auricle. Without this, the ear would have a problem.  His ears did not know anything about this, but the causal being, who had a purpose for them, knew it from the beginning.  That is why the ears were made the way they are.  Someone knew and shaped them like that.  We do not know whether this is the Creator or not, but there is someone or something there.

(16) When you see the bushy eyebrows on your face, you may be displeased with them and wonder, "Why do I have these bushy things here?" Without them, wouldn't you have a cleaner, better-looking face? So why are they there? If the human face were covered with fur, would we need eyebrows? Animals, which crawl on the ground, do not need eyebrows, although they have a brow line.  Yet human beings, who walk upright, absolutely need eyebrows.  The eyebrow area usually protrudes slightly, like a sculpted mountain range.  It is the spot most likely to indicate good fortune.  Why is it made like this? Because someone knew that human beings would walk upright.

(17) If human beings crawled, they would not need eyebrows.  It is truly good to have them.  The hair of the eyebrow grows in one direction.  Why is that so? It is to send raindrops that land on the forehead off in one direction.  Since the eyebrows grow in one direction and are curved slightly sideways, when water flows, it is bound to flow to the side and down.  What if we had no eyebrows? Sweat and raindrops would go into our eyes and irritate them.  Wouldn't that be difficult? If you look carefully at the eyes, you will see that the Creator considered that the eyebrows alone were not enough, and so equipped the eyes with eyelids to protect them.  Tears are designed to flow to the side through a carefully molded channel.  Safety measures are in place.  I do not know who designed all of this, but it must have taken tens of thousands of years to do the research.

(18) What if the nose were upside down? A shower would cause a big problem, think how serious this would be.  It is not a laughing matter.  The nose symbolizes the unique position of human beings in all creation.  Human beings have to observe the heavenly law.  That is, they have to honor the order of relationship between high and low.  So why does the nose become wider the lower down you go? If it did not, it would be a big problem for the mouth, because things like raindrops would flow into it.  For this reason, the nose widens at the bottom.  It is marvelous to think about this as we look at the human face.

(19) If you look at the lips, you will find they are amazing.  The lips and teeth work well together.  How far apart are they? Not more than a few millimeters.  This is very dangerous; even a small mishap could create a big problem.  But do we worry about this? When we are eating, we just think about eating and don't give it a second Thought.  Isn't the tongue awesome as well? Inside the mouth, the tongue pushes and pulls, moving in and out between the upper and lower teeth while they are working together like a thresher.  Yet the tongue and the teeth work in accord, without running into conflict.  They fit together like a magic box.  I speak very quickly.  Even Though I speak so fast, and it is the first time for us to meet, I can resonate with you well and we can become very close through words.  Truly the tongue is an amazing instrument of harmony.  What if the tongue only worked like a finger? It would cause a serious problem.

The original mind testifies to God's existence

(20) How can we know whether God exists or not? We know air exists, even Though it is invisible.  How do we know? We know because we live by breathing it.  Does the air have any taste? It has no taste and it is invisible; still, we know without a doubt that air exists.  Similarly, we have a mind.  Even Though it is invisible, we know with certainty that we have it.  You cannot use its invisibility as a basis to say there is no mind.  Yet we do not know what the mind looks like.  It is indeed a mystery.

(21) Where would God's dwelling place be? God would nestle in the most precious place of all—love.  Speaking of a man and a woman, where would God be? He would be at the point that stands perpendicular to their deepest love, based on their complete and unchanging unity.  Where man and woman come into oneness, that place becomes the central point.  If you reach a mystical state in prayer, enter the realm of spiritual experience, and call out to God, "Heavenly Father," you will hear the answer from deep inside, "Why are you calling me? I am right here.  Here!" "Here" refers to the center of your heart.  It is the central point of love where you are totally united in mind and body, the perpendicular space where God can dwell.  Where is the center of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world and cosmos? That center, no matter how small, is the conscience.  One's conscience upholds the place where the axis of universal love resides.  Such is the conscience of one who has attained unity of mind and body.

(22) God is the root of love, the root of life, the root of lineage and the root of conscience.  This is an undeniable fact.  If there is such a God, why can we not feel Him? It is because He and we are one.  He is one with love, one with lineage, one with life, and one with conscience.  God is the root.  If you want to manifest God, you have to spread your love in all four directions.  That is, you must invest your love.  If you sacrifice everything, even your life and love, and return to the zero point, then God will take ownership.  At the zero point, centered on God, everything connects horizontally.  As a result of the fall, this vertical aspect was suppressed.  However, once you enable the horizontal connection, God becomes the Lord of your conscience.

(23) Try as hard as you may, you will never disprove that each person has a conscience.  No one can deny having one.  Fallen people generally do not know whether God exists or not.  However, God does exist.  He is the Creator and we are His creation.  If this is so, we must have some part that functions to unite us with our Creator based upon a shared purpose.  There must be a certain force that urges us to align with, move toward, and achieve God's purpose of creation.  Without such a force, human beings could not have come to exist.  Since God is the Absolute Being, there must be a primary foundation upon which He and His creation can come into contact, an initial base upon which the two can unite.  Therefore, God had to create human beings with something that functions within them to drive them toward their intended purpose and goals.  Without that, there is nowhere that both God and human beings can be happy.

(24) The standard according to which God, the Absolute Being, created human beings could not be different from the standard He expected us to pursue as created beings.  God and we human beings can be happy only when we share a single standard.  Within us there must be a function that drives us to seek the absolute God.  Without such a function, we would not be able to reach Him.  There must be a force to stimulate us and push us forward.  That force is the conscience, which we cannot ignore.  The conscience wants to elevate us, so it urges us: "Become better! Do better!" We cannot deny this force.  The conscience never urges us to be worse; it always pushes us to go higher, to be better tomorrow than today, to be better the next day than tomorrow, to be better next year than this year.  The conscience is the force that urges us to become a better, more valuable individual.

(25) The human conscience is always in the position of the object partner rather than the subject partner.  There is always a subject partner, even Though we may not know who or what it is, that spurs us to take action according to certain principles. The subject partner and object partner work not to harm each other, but with the hope of common benefit and betterment.  The conscience always works to lead us toward something better, bigger, more valuable and more universal.  Therefore we can conclude that the conscience does not function on its own; it integrates the shared purposes of the subject and object partners.

(26) The subject partner and object partner interact based on the conscience.  It is a heavenly law and principle that the conscience cannot work without a subject partner.  When we see that our conscience is working constantly in pursuit of something higher, we can conclude that there is a subject partner on a higher dimension.  We cannot deny the existence of the subject partner of our conscience, whom we call God.  God absolutely exists.  If you say God absolutely does not exist, you have to deny the functioning of the conscience.  As long as you clearly recognize the existence of your conscience, you have to recognize the existence of God.

(27) The conscience is working every moment within every human being.  If you wake up from a deep sleep, open your eyes and start to conjure up an evil scheme, your conscience, acting as your guardian, will say, "You scoundrel!" You cannot deny the working of your conscience.  Humans are resultant beings, each with a conscience.  When we admit this, we have to openly acknowledge that we surely have a subject partner, because all actions stem from a relationship between subject and object partners.  The conscience always urges us upward toward higher things and never urges us to go downward.  Why is that so? It is because of an overriding aspiration that compels it to unite with a higher subject partner and attain a higher value.

God guides the providence in history

(28) God did not just come into existence at this moment in history.  He does not only relate to one's personal emotional life.  God has existed from the past to the present; that is, He has existed all throughout history.  But in passing down His work from generation to generation.  His intention is not to remain in the background of time, traipsing after people who pursue their private purposes, immersed in themselves.  God will surely continue to advance the providence and pursue His Will through those who first become aware of the providence, and who brighten history based on the foundation they build in their lives.  These are people who take a position that is public, not private.



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