Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 172

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 4: 
A Vision for Nature and the Ocean
Section 1: Returning the Creation to God and the Pursuit of Leisure Activities, 01-12


CHAPTER 4  A Vision for Nature and the Ocean

Section 1.  Returning the Creation to God and the Pursuit of Leisure Activities

(1)  What is the purpose of loving nature? It is to love people. What is the purpose of loving people? It is to love God. What is the purpose of loving God? It is to determine ownership, to determine who becomes a son, a daughter, a father, or a mother. Then, in order to make that determination, what needs to be decided? First, the positions are decided, and then the order of all created beings is established.  Through this process, everything is interrelated and interconnected.

(2)  Who is the owner of the created world? Adam and Eve, as the substance of God, should have become the ideal owners. The entire creation was mobilized for the sake of Adam and Eve's perfection. Since the whole creation was born out of love, it needs to receive love. But now, because of the Fall, there is no owner to love the creation the way God loves it. All of creation laments this loss. In the future, when one person appears in spirit and flesh as God’s substantial body, all elements of the universe, all created entities, will come together for the sake of the perfection of one man and one woman. This is because everything was created for Adam and Eve’s perfection. God had originally intended for creation to stand in this noble position for the sake of His counterpart, human beings. God wanted His beloved object partner to have a greater love, surpassing all that He had invested. Surely such a heavenly order exists.

(3)  Destined to be the owner of all things, Adam wanted to know what lived in the water and in the mountains, and he wandered around catching animals and insects. Adam should have loved everything God created, and become intimate with Eve only after she reached maturity. He was supposed to learn what was in the dirt, what the mineral world consisted of, how plants absorbed elements of the mineral world in order for them to grow, how animals ate plants, how larger animals ate smaller animals and how human beings were to eat some of the larger ones. Adam should have known all these facts and have understood how God loved everything He created. As their owner, Adam should have loved them in the same way.

(4)  If there had been no human Fall, all of heaven and earth would have belonged to us. God would have belonged to us, too. However, because of the Fall, we lost the right to own anything and had to give up everything. So we need to return to God, saying, "I, who am of heaven and earth, would have belonged to You. You would have belonged to us; everything belongs to You, God." The purpose of salvation is to reconnect to God, to be born again and to regain the position to take dominion over all of creation.

(5)  Fallen people are in the midway position between God and Satan; it is undecided which side they belong to. To decide this, I myself must first determine that I belong to God. Then I need to unite all of creation, all peoples, and all nations together, connect them to God’s love and return everything to True Parents and God. Finally, the ownership will be decided based on God’s love.

(6)  We need to take all material things away from Satan and return them to God; we need to return our body to God; we need to return our mind and heart to God. No matter how appealing this idea may be, liking the idea alone is not enough. We have to deeply grasp it and communicate with God in our hearts. God is in me and I am in God; what belongs to God is mine, and what belongs to me is God’s. Once we connect in heart, everything we have offered so far—our mind, our body, and all material things—can be united and their value confirmed in front of God. To do this we offer devotions.

(7)  Based on true love, we should live interesting lives. We should be able to converse with animals, live in harmony with all of creation, and be in harmony with God. Then there would be no barriers. There wouldn't be different cultures. There would be only one culture of love. The culture of love is the culture of hobbies, so our hobby is love. I can love my wife and my children within the sphere of the whole world. The expansion of my family is like a cultural festival in the realm of the object partner. The kingdom of heaven on earth is where we participate in and enjoy that world culture with one heart. The "hobby culture" is the original culture of love that has nothing to do with the Fall. The hobby culture is the culture of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

(8)  In the future, we need to return to the countryside and make farming our hobby. We should grow our own food without pollution and live a "hobby life." Otherwise, this world will perish from pollution. I have created these new terms: hobby life, hobby farming, and hobby industry. I am not pursuing vested interests: I do not intend to sell the fish we catch. Because fishing is a hobby, we can release the small fish. Also, when we eat, we will not eat alone. We will share with others. We will do this because it is our hobby.

(9)  In the future, industry will promote leisure activities. In the future age of technology, thanks to industrial automation, people will not need to labor so much. A time like this will surely come. We are already entering that age. Even now, with the press of a button machines do the work. In the future, factories operating around the clock, manned by just three or four workers, will do the work of thousands of people. That kind of industry frees us to promote leisure activities.

(10)  When people grow old after working industriously all their lives, they should return to live in the natural world. After feeling and living with God’s love, this is their destined path to go to the heavenly kingdom. God likes the hobby life. Many hobbies are related to creation. All kinds of activities are waiting for you. You will never tire of them. As your hobbies accumulate, you will automatically draw closer to God's world. This is the best life people could wish for.

(11)  God did not force Himself to create; He created in order to feel excitement.  We too need to feel God’s excitement at the time of creation. We don’t have hobbies because someone tells us to; we have them because we want to. We are irresistibly attracted by them. Getting enough sleep becomes unimportant; we cannot live without pursuing our hobbies. Certainly, having hobbies does not depend primarily on money or other circumstances. And we do not engage in them for the sake of making money. Everyone needs hobbies. Therefore, our hobby life, the hobby industry, hobby research, and so forth, should all be carried out in joy together with God. Only then can the beloved sons and daughters of God appreciate and pursue hobbies, for they belong to God. Otherwise, they will remain Satan's possessions.

(12)  In the future, no one will want to work in a factory. In that future era, we should be able to travel all over the world. In today's world, people lead such busy lives; they are pitiable. They live under stress and have no hobbies; they are all slaves.  Everyone is part of a machine-like process. People live more than 80 percent of their lives without self-awareness and follow mechanical routines. Therefore, in the future, we must develop the hobby industry. It will be different from today's leisure industry.

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