Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 168

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 6: True Creation
Chapter 3: The Creation's Lament and True Stewardship
Section 3: True Dominion Over Creation, 13-25


(13)  Nobody understands the law of public management of the created world. We will finally reach the era of liberation of all things that the Bible talks about when we establish the true value of all things of the created world. Unless we know their value, our use of things is not management; it is abuse. Therefore, all things of creation need a true owner. Until today, the things of creation have never had public value or authority. All things want to be governed from that position. This means that they should be ruled by true love. That which is true is not self-centered.

(14)  A wife lives for her husband, children live for their parents, parents, grandparents, and grandchildren all live for the family. Living in love like this, for the sake of others, is happiness. When everyone in a family tries to make everything "ours" rather than "mine," the family will prosper. When the grandfather conserves everything without wasting anything, and the father, mother, and children do the same to expand what belongs to all of them, the family will prosper. Thus, when family members use money and save it for the sake of the whole, the environment of love in that family will expand. That ideal becomes real when we expand it to the society and world on the foundation of such families. We must not center on ourselves.

(15)  Unification Church missionaries are trained to live without the luxuries of Western civilized society. We have a new culture called "the sleeping bag culture." Wherever they go, our young people do not feel they are strangers. Our Unification Church missionaries live without luxurious furnishings and use only the most basic household goods. When you become a missionary, as you witness to sorrowful people, you must have a tearful heart. You should allow them to recognize that God is a God of sorrow. God is yearning to cry with people who suffer in sorrow.

(16)  I have seen you throw away things you should not throw away and consume things that you should not consume. By every possible means, we have to find a way to save even a single cent for the sake of the world, for the sake of God’s Will, and for the restoration of this country. We need to develop a way to save and become more efficient in financial management.

(17)  From the viewpoint of the Principle, wasting is a sin. From the time we are born, we are supposed to consume a certain quantity of things. If we consume more than we should it is considered a sin. When we die, there should be something left over. If not, our descendants will be indebted. Is there anybody who can speak and teach about this? Before our schooling, the Divine Principle is our teacher. Nature is our teacher; even the ocean is our teacher.

(18)  What are we striving to do by saving, economizing, and suffering? We are trying to do something good for the next generation. Consequently, we are striving for a system of thought that can create a foundation we can be proud of in front of the world. After ten years, a hundred years, or a thousand years of bequeathing a tradition based on thought, Koreans will surely become a venerated people throughout the world. Therefore, I ponder how to guide people based on this principle. Although this approach may seem to be the worst one at this particular moment while we are being persecuted, I predict that this thought system alone will remain and prevail as time goes by. For this reason, I embarked on this path.

Dominion over all things and health

(19)  When you are fasting, you realize how much time you really have. You realize just how much time you spend eating three meals a day. How much effort is wasted just thinking about what to eat, constantly going back and forth opening the refrigerator door to eat an apple, or drink a Coke? It is important to get accustomed to eating only at mealtimes. If you do this, you will not get sick; rather, you will become healthier.

(20)  Even when hungry, you should not completely fill your plate with food. You should be satisfied eating three-fifths of your plateful. Only then are you a wise person. You should learn how to be frugal in everything. You should save the maximum and then find out the minimum you can live with. Train yourself to use only the minimum for at least three months until you reach your limit. After you do this, you will see what happens.

(21)  Before loving God you must love everything in front of you—the food you eat, all different types of material things, the creation, and your own body.  You love your body by absorbing the creation into your body with love. Your first parents are the parents who gave birth to you; your second parent is the earth. Because you receive all the elements your body needs from the land, you should love the land.

(22)  You have heard the saying that if you release animals and fish with love, your descendants will prosper. This is correct. If you live in your homeland you don t catch local diseases. The saying, "A body and the soil are not separable," means you walk on the land, breathe the air, eat the grains and vegetables, and drink the water. If you find one, two, three, four, five, six, seven or even several hundred places just like your homeland, you can travel to those places during your life. The time will come to make the whole world your own liberated homeland. In the ocean, water currents flow to balance east and west, so fish grow well. Air also does not flow randomly; it flows according to differences in temperature to achieve equilibrium. We too need to learn how to attain balance. For example, starting in primary school we should learn how to care for plants and animals so they do not become extinct. When we learn this kind of balance and care for the natural world, it will be possible to achieve one unified world.

(23)  According to the Principle, a completely mature person must be healthy, united in mind and body, and in harmony with God’s heart and absolute value. No matter how strong your spirit, if your body is not healthy you cannot be a sound person. Conversely, no matter how strong your body is, if your spirit is not correct you cannot embody a completely mature person. Realizing this, you need to make constant effort to maintain proper unity between your mind and body.

(24)  All creation is precious, like God’s fine, soft hair. Even those particles we pick up from touching objects or petting animals, which mix with our bodies' sweat and fall off, were once part of God. Likewise, if we love everything that we eat, we will not get sick. God created all things in the universe as object partners of His love. If we love the things God created just as God loves them, consume them on behalf of God, and become people who reflect God's personality, then they will provide us with nutrition and keep us healthy. We are not meant to get sick and die. To avoid this, we must become one with God's love, life, and lineage. We need to become God's representatives.

(25)  How fortunate human beings are! We conduct an orchestra of love, and in accord with the rhythm of love, we live eating the animals and plants that maintain life in the universe. This means that we live off the fruits of love. Flowers and leaves are the fruits of love. How happy are we who eat these fruits! Those who eat the fruits of love suffer no disease. They know no illness. Even if there were just one piece of bread remaining in the cafeteria when you got there, you would think, "This bread passed through countless hands throughout the world, many means of transportation, and prevailed over great hardships to get here. This bread has been made and given to me as the fruit of the efforts of many people, as the fruit of their love. As the owner of love, I shall eat this bread thinking of it as my partner." Those who have no such appreciation are bound to fall ill, while those who eat with appreciation can resist all illness. People who eat the fruits of a world filled with love possess miraculous energy.


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