Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 141

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 4: The Education of Children and the Kingdom of Heaven in the Family
Section 2: The Family Is the Textbook of God's Kingdom, 11-23


(11)  If not for the Fall, men and women would have received perfect love from God as His true sons and daughters in the family. Then we would have been completely one with God. In fact, such men and women would have united totally in love. Such couples would not exist only for their own sake but to educate their children because they would want to complete all four directions.

(12)  The family is the most important school of love in our life. The education of the emotions that only parents can provide equips children with depth and breadth of heart. This is the cornerstone upon which children's character is built.The family is also the school in which virtues and principles are taught. Children should receive intellectual, physical, and technical education upon this foundation of emotional and principled education. This is the heavenly way.

The importance of prenatal education and children's education

(13)  You should not be happy merely with having given birth to a son, even if you waited a long time for him. As much as you are happy with your son, your concern should be how to rear that son to become a valuable person. Parents who know the principle of Heaven are concerned about this and balance their affection toward their child. Those who are just pleased with giving birth to their child are making a mistake from the outset. Our concern should be how we can raise a son who can add value to the nation. If you desire to have a son for this purpose, you set a condition to serve the nation from the outset. This is an important matter.

(14)  Where does the vibration of love come from? It comes from the mother's womb. Your mother's love is the first thing you receive. She is the first one to create a loving relationship with you. Although your father also loves you, while you are in your mother's womb she pays you a great deal of attention, caring more for you than she cares for herself. To protect you from harm, she is careful of what she says and she does things with a loving heart. Love begins from a mother.

(15)  Reflect on yourself and ask, where does my life begin? It starts from your parents. Our life begins in our mother's womb. When a fetus is in its mother's womb, it absorbs elements from the mother in order to grow. If there is anything a baby wants while in the womb, it is that his mother be joyful, happy, and singing all the time. That might be the most important wish of the fetus. That is why prenatal education consists of the pregnant woman listening to beautiful music, looking at beautiful scenes, and thinking beautiful thoughts. That is good for the baby as well.

(16)  When a woman is pregnant, she gives prenatal education. The hopes a mother has for her baby will be realized as she does this with her child's future in mind. The mind has great power; this is connected to the power of God's mind when He created all things. That is why even now He continues investing again and again, never calculating what He has invested. He invests infinitely, forgetting about His investment. Investing like this does not diminish the amount that remains for Him to give. The more true love is invested, the greater becomes the reservoir.

(17)  We need to attend God in our heart. We should educate our children with Him in our heart.  A teacher should never allow children to take the easy way out and submit incomplete work. They should be like a parent. No parents teach their children to do wrong. Some teachers might let their students do wrong. The teacher could become the enemy and subvert them, to their ruin. There can be two kinds of teachers and two kinds of siblings, but there is only one kind of parent. No matter how evil people are, they teach their children to do what is right.

(18)  God has had dual purposes in seeking to find one man and woman. He wants to redeem not only Adam and Eve, but also wants to build the four-position foundation by redeeming their sons and daughters as well. Each one of you needs to build your own four-position foundation. That means you must do it yourself.  You must become one with God and also make oneness with your sons and daughters. You have to find spiritual sons and daughters, educate them, and give them such faith that they can even go the way of death on your behalf. Only then can you finally prepare the foundation for one place of perfect rest.

(19)  Parents teach their children to become great people who can serve their country. However, as the world is unfolding before our eyes, the time for teaching children to be great figures for the nation has passed. Now we need to teach them, "Live for the sake of the world and live with the world." I know what you want in your hearts, so I am summing things up like this for you.

(20)  How can we as parents bequeath to our children our thought, such that they will make it their tradition? For God, the issue has been how to bring His children out of Satan's world. For this, He has been toiling during the six-thousand-year providence of restoration. For us, the issue is how to educate our children while living in Satan's world. We have to carry both crosses.

(21)  The best public mission is to work for the cosmos. Our Unification Church is not promoting teachings about the heavens and the earth, but the teaching of cosmos-ism, or the way of thinking that centers on the cosmos, as expressed in the word cheonju (天宙). In these characters, which mean cosmos, ju (宙) means house. In the cosmos-centered way of thinking, ownership is not by individual human beings; rather, the family is the owner. Individuals do not build nations; families do. The world cannot be built except from families. When its families fail, a nation will fall into ruin. Therefore, family education determines the nation's fate and whether or not it will be blessed. The more families live by public principles, the more the nation will prosper. The more families focus only on their own interests, the more that nation will decline.

(22)  If a nation were to begin from one individual, how much would we revere that individual? If that person were to form a family that represented the nation and the world, how much would we cherish and love that family? With our beloved sons and daughters at the center, we have to create new tribes that are separated from Satan. As parents, we have to create a family that endeavors to promote and cherish the bond with Heaven's heart. To do this we have to devote ourselves with all our heart and effort to educate our children in daily life. From the viewpoint of education, our life purpose is to show the way for our sons and daughters, to build a foundation for their happiness and for the well-being of our nation and people. Living in this way is how we become the origin of a new world; it is a solemn and noble path. We can begin to fulfill our responsibility as sons and daughters of God only when we put ourselves in this position, valuing it as greater than anything else in the cosmos.

(23)  We can love different types of people only after we give birth to children and raise them in the family. If we could love people of all ages, from little children to the elderly—if as a man we knew how to love, purely, all the women in the world, or as a woman we knew how to love, purely, all the men in the world—would this not be an ideal world? What is the family about? It is the educational center to introduce us to the ideal world.


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