Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 137

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 3: Principles and Order in the Family
Section 2: Ideal Couples and the Parent-Child Relationship, 20
Section 3: Ideal Parent-Child and Sibling Relationships, 09


(20)  Children should be able to say, "My mother and father are the best in the world! They are representatives of God." When children see their parents' unchanging hearts and minds, they should think, "We must emulate our parents' love and unite with each other." When they can say that, the ideal family is right there. Our mind and heart seek an object partner with whom to unite. If this unity does not occur in a marriage, we lose everything. Thinking seriously about and striving hard to achieve this oneness is the proper way for both men and women. For this reason, we need to build families in which the father and mother are united with God's heart and love, and in which the children resemble their parents in their unity with God's heart and love.

(21)  There was a time when I was praying deeply in a mystical state, seeking to understand the original foundation of the universe. I received this answer from God: "It is the relationship between father and son. It is father and son." We understand that our parents gave us birth, but where is the highest meeting place between parents and children? They meet at the central place where love, life, and the ideal intersect; then love, life, and the ideal are in one location. At that place, God is love, and so are we; God is life, and so are we; God is the ideal, and so are we. The first avenue through which these things can be established is the parent-child relationship. We are all born through the unity in love of our mother and father and their mutual relationship. Thus, in that environment of love, at the junction where two lives are united, our life emerges. A husband and wife should not dislike each other; rather, they should view each other as ideal. When a couple unites in love, conjugal love is fulfilled. At that time, a husband's love becomes his wife's love, his life becomes her life, and his ideals become her ideals.

(22)  God's seeds, the seeds of the ideal of creation, are children. No matter how loving a husband and wife may be, their conjugal relationship lasts only one generation if they have no children and thus do not experience parenthood. Without a man, a woman cannot learn to love a man; she cannot know the meaning of love. A man or woman cannot know what love is without a partner. To know love, we absolutely need a husband or wife. The hope of God, too, has been to see His object partners. Are there men or women who want their spouse to be worse than they are? Are there parents who want their children to be worse than they are, or children who want their parents to be worse than they are? We all want our subject and object partners to be more wonderful than we are.

Section 3.  Ideal Parent-Child and Sibling Relationships

(1)  What are children? Through our children, God educates us and lets us feel how much He loves us. Through our children, we can also understand the joy God felt when He created Adam and Eve. When our children are born, we feel love and joy, and we come to know how God felt when He created our human ancestors. Because we need to learn how to love children the way God does, we need to have children.

Why we should try to have children

(2)  We should strive to raise our sons and daughters as princes and princesses. Likewise, we should attend our father and mother as king and queen. That is a family principle in the heavenly world. In such a family, there can be no fighting. With one command, anything can be quickly achieved. The fundamental principle in such a family is to live for the sake of others. Otherwise, there will be no peace.

(3)  Originally, Adam and Eve should have been a prince and princess. God's sorrow is that He could not teach His prince and princess how to lead their lives. We need to resolve God's sorrow, which originated from this lost opportunity to teach them. Adam and Eve were a prince and princess. Originally, the boy was a prince and the girl was a princess. Those who can enter the kingdom of heaven are those who have experienced the heart of a prince or princess. Without that, no one can enter the kingdom of heaven. God could not teach Adam and Eve, as His son and daughter, to become a prince and princess. They were never taught to be brother and sister. If they had been properly taught, the whole world could have been united based on the bonds between brothers and sisters. Originally, human beings would have experienced the hearts of a prince and princess and the realm of the royal family in the heavenly palace. Consequently, they could have entered the kingdom of heaven.

(4)  Children are meant to inherit the kingship of the future. You should have the attitude that you are raising the king's descendants to be dispatched themselves as kings and queens of great nations. You should educate your children because you want them to rise in the world. When children are born, every parent and nation hopes they will become true parents, true teachers, and true owners. Children are the kings and queens of the future.

(5)  Sons and daughters are the third manifestations of God. The first manifestation of God is your grandfather and grandmother, the second is your parents and the third is your sons and daughters. We must love our sons and daughters as we love God. Even worldly parents do that. Parents want their children to love each other, without fighting, more than they love their parents. While receiving parental love, children should love each other with even more love. We should match our father and mother's standard in our own lives, and think we will live even more admirable lives than they have. We should try to lead happier lives than our ancestors did. This is the standard. Those who lead their lives in this way can go to the kingdom of heaven. In the garden of Eden, there was no means of instruction. However, we now have the original texts by which to teach the heavenly way. Unless we become the royal family of the kingdom of heaven, we cannot enter that original kingdom of heaven. The family is the living environment and platform upon which we can teach the contents of the original textbook.

(6)  We learn to love the world by giving birth to sons and daughters and caring for them. Our children link us to the world and to the future. Without children, we cannot connect to the future. Children are given to us so that we can learn how to connect to the future. Our ancestors and grandparents are a source of education about the spirit world. Through them, we learn about the spirit world.

(7)  When I return home from traveling, I kiss my children. That is my custom. When my children greet me, they always kiss me too. Before they go out, they come and tell me where they are going. When they have good news, they come and tell me. We have to raise our children with this kind of etiquette. God will then look down at us with joy. We must raise our children for God and for the world. Your children should go this way. We have children because of God. We should raise our children for the sake of the world.

(8)  In the Bible, there are many stories about love. The more parents love their children, the happier both parents and children become. The more you live for the sake of love, the more love you can capture. This is the universal principle. That is why if you devote yourself to God, you will drink in God’s love.

(9)  Those who have many children may work harder than others, but they also experience joy that is not felt by those who do not have their own children. Those who have children understand what I am saying. Let us compare those who have raised children with those who have not. Those with children have to endure a lot of noise and complicated situations, but they feel that their lives are worthwhile. Those without children cannot feel the same way. Through their children, people feel the value of their life. The environment of such parents is complicated, but this does not mean that they are unhappy. Their hope for tomorrow is engrafted there. The more children they have, the more hope they have because their children develop uniquely in all four directions. Such parents can overcome all those circumstances.


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