Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 120

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 1: True Families from the Viewpoint of God's Will

Section 4: The Family Is the Base of Happiness, 12-23


12  When we say someone is happy, on what basis do we say this? We cannot call someone happy just because he or she has external ability, power, or prestige. Can we say that someone is happy because he or she has great wealth and envies no one? No, we cannot. Can someone be called happy because he or she has worldly knowledge, or is influential enough to move the world? These things alone do not make a person happy. All the people on this earth generally feel, experience, and recognize that the family is the base for happiness. Yet they do not have families that meet the standard of true happiness. That is why the issue is the family. In the family, there must be parents. In the world, a child without parents is called an orphan, and we always feel sorry for orphans. If there are parents in the family, it means there are also husband and wife. It is pitiable to have no parents, but it is also pitiable to have lost a beloved spouse. No matter how much husband and wife love each other, there is no greater sadness than when one of them is bereaved. Moreover, having no children is a great cause of unhappiness for a married couple.

13   Suppose that someone was unable to acquire a position that brought authority, power, or recognition, and had nothing to be proud of. However, suppose that person had a family with true parents, a true spouse and true children, a peaceful family that was the envy of his community. Such a happy family should share its genuine happiness even beyond the tribe; it should impact society, the people, and even the nation. There is no question that such a family would be Admired by the people and the entire nation. If such a family emerged on earth, representing both the people and the nation, without doubt, the world would honor that family.

14  We should be willing to make sacrifices in order to recover the family. If the father's self-sacrifice saved his family, the children would say, "Father, you have worked so hard!" If his sacrifice moved his wife to the very marrow of her bones, she would say, "Oh, my love! I am so grateful to you!" This is the way true people are. The individual sacrifices for the family. In a family, the mother makes sacrifices for her husband and children, and the children in return offer devotion to their parents and love their siblings. A family that is united in this way is a happy family. A family where the members strive to serve one another, giving fully of themselves, will experience God in their midst. The family that can embrace God will eternally remain an ideal family.

The family is the training center for life in the kingdom of heaven.

15  The kingdom of heaven is the world in which we love all elderly people as we do our parents, we love all humankind as our brothers and sisters, and we love those of our own age as we do our spouse. The kingdom of heaven is the world where we live based on this universal view of people, expressed in the different realms of heart that we experience in the family. A social structure that expands based on families made up of such people is like the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is a global extension of our own family, filled with our brothers and sisters.

16   What is the kingdom of heaven? It is the place where we can love the people of the world as we love our own family members. People who can do that are the citizens of the kingdom of heaven. Grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, couples, siblings, and children make up four generations. They are a textbook in the form of a family, a textbook through which we can experience the true love of the universe as citizens of the heavenly kingdom. The family teaches us as if it were a textbook. People who live this way experience no national barriers, even after they go to the spirit world. Wherever they go, wherever they are, the road opens up for them.

17   The kingdom of heaven is where husband and wife go after attaining complete oneness through God’s love and is where the children who are born to such a couple go. It is where we go with the family, tribe, and people who have attained oneness with God at the center. Therefore, Jesus, who did not have a family while he was on the earth, could not enter the kingdom of heaven; he dwells in paradise. Only husbands and wives who have been brought together based on God's love can enter the kingdom of heaven. It is a world where the principle of relationship as husband and wife applies. That is why only families can enter the kingdom of heaven, and each family should bring its tribe and nation along with it.

18   Your family is in the position to represent the sovereignty of the heavenly kingdom. Parents represent the sovereignty, children represent the citizens, and material possessions represent the land of that nation. Consequently, being devoted to your parents is the same as being patriotic to your nation and also leads you to fulfill the way of a saint on the world level.

19  The four-position foundation is formed when the three types of love— parental love, conjugal love, and filial love—are realized. God will surely appear in the place where this four-position foundation has been fulfilled.  God dwells in the place where the love of the four-position foundation is secured. It is there that we live and attend God for eternity. That place is the foundation for the kingdom of heaven.

20   When people are perfected as the object partners of God, the incorporeal God’s ideal of love is substantiated. When people completely unite in mind and body and mature in character with God as their center, they become eternal object partners of God’s life, love, and ideal. Once Adam and Eve become ideal individuals as God’s children, they will form an ideal family, then an ideal society, nation, and world, and realize the kingdom of heaven of harmony and unity. In their lives, they will experience ideal happiness and bliss in resonance with absolute love.

21  Life in the kingdom of heaven begins in the family, not elsewhere. The kingdom of heaven is a multidimensional extension of the family, not something separate from the family realm. When you embrace your husband or wife therefore, you should think that you are in harmony with all the men or women of the world. In this way, you make the condition in your family of having loved all humanity.

22  The extension of the ideal family is the ideal nation, and the extension of the ideal nation is the ideal world. The extension of the ideal world is the ideal cosmos. When that is realized since the heavenly kingdom is the extension of the family model, people who have experienced the way of true love in the family are set to be welcomed anywhere they go in the world.  They will be able to travel freely in the heavenly world.

23   The family is a training camp that equips people to enter the kingdom of heaven.  It is a training ground. The world is inhabited by people just like our grandfathers and grandmothers. If we expand the family, we have the world. The population of this world is composed of people of the age of your mother and father, the age of your spouse, and the age of your children. Therefore, people who expand in all directions the training that they received in their families, and live within a realm of love that serves people in all directions, will enter the kingdom of heaven. The family is the training ground that makes it possible for people to go straight to the kingdom of heaven.


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