Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 116

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 5: True Family
Chapter 1: True Families from the Viewpoint of God's Will

Section 2: The Original Family of God's Creation,


The ideal base upon which we live in attendance to God

10  Adam and Eve were the substantial manifestations of God’s dual characteristics. In God's heart, there is nothing greater than the ideal of love in the perfect family, which is the supreme ideal of love: the perfect love of children, of siblings, of husband and wife, and of parents. Even the invisible spirit world and the visible substantial world came from the division of God's dual characteristics. The perfection of the heart of children, siblings, husband and wife, and parents is the highest goal and purpose that God desires to attain. Once these are substantially perfected, God descends and engages with them in their perfection. Conjugal love is the point where not only children's love and siblings' love, but also all other types of love, meet. Thus, the realm of union in love is created on the first night of the marriage of a man and woman. At that point of union of east, west, north, and south, the man and woman become completely one with God and experience the greatest joy. It is the same for God, who can experience the true joy of creation only through the perfect maturity of Adam and Eve.

11 Where would Heaven's palace have emerged had Adam and Eve not fallen? It would have been in the place where heaven and earth meet as one. Then why did God create Adam and Eve as two? It is because they each needed their own time period to grow to maturity. They should have reached maturity on the horizontal level and then entered the stage where they could reach perfect oneness. Then and there the vertical God could have come into them and brought them into union. This means that the vertical God would have entered the place where Adam and Eve horizontally became one, and their family would have become the home of true love. The home of true love where God could dwell was to have been Adam and Eve's home. That would have been God's dwelling place.

12  Adam and Eve were meant to live with the hope of receiving God's Blessing in marriage. If Adam and Eve had believed in and followed God's commandment not to eat the fruit, they, as God's only son and daughter, would have brought into being a family that realized God's Will. This was intended according to the Principle. People need to keep hope alive in their hearts. With hope, we have to pass through a process and period of faith in order to build an eternal relationship. Our hope and faith are fulfilled on the day we can receive God's love for the first time. That is the Principle.

13  God is the subject partner of love for young children, men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, and grandfathers and grandmothers. When we look at families based on these criteria, it becomes perfectly clear that the family is the highest realm of love. Had Adam and Eve reached perfection through love, without falling, they would have become the first son and first daughter of God. Their family would have become the home of love.

14  Through Adam's perfection, Eve would also have attained perfection, and through Adam and Eve's perfection, God would have seen the beginning of the family-centered on love. Had that happened, there is no question that from this perfected family, the tribe, people, nation, and world that could attend God would have arisen, and God, Adam, and Eve would have been at the very center of them all. With God as their center, Adam and Eve's way of life and their life course would have remained in history as the tradition by which to live together with God. In that case, their habits, customs, rituals, and way of life inevitably would have stood as traditions bound up with God's love throughout history.

15  Had our original ancestors, Adam and Eve, not fallen but instead become a family-centered on God, on that day they would have fulfilled God's ideal of creation and ushered in the day of God's joy. It would have been the first day on which the love uniting God and humanity would have taken root on earth. It would also have been the day Adam and Eve embarked upon the journey of becoming the True Parents. On that day, all people and all things of creation would have rejoiced.

16  Adam's family should have realized true love in accordance with God's ideal. God created Adam and Eve, our first ancestors, with the expectation that they would substantiate and complete His internal nature and convey His Will and love to the universe. Had they done so, Adam, Eve, and their children would have established the fundamental Principle for all humanity to follow. Their descendants would have achieved mind-body unity and become individually one with God, creating families in which husbands and wives and parents and children were united. These families would have created a stable foundation overflowing with freedom, peace, happiness, and hope that would have spread throughout the earth. Under God's ideal, this model would not have been limited to the family or nation; it would have expanded to the world and to the entire universe. The model of the kingdom of heaven realized in the family was to expand to a nation; the kingdom of heaven in a nation was to expand to the world, and the global kingdom of heaven was to expand to the cosmos.

17  When children become God's princes and princesses, they enter into a parent-child relationship with God and inherit everything from Him. When these children marry and attain conjugal oneness based on true love, they form families living in attendance to God, and those families become the foundation of peace and the ideal. Man and woman, each being half of the whole, unite and complete God’s ideal love as His partners. Looking at God and Adam's family, God would be considered the first generation, Adam and Eve the second generation and their children the third generation. God was to have been in the position of grandparents, Adam and Eve in the position of parents, and their children in the position of sons and daughters. Through these three generations settling in one family, the grandfather and grandmother would have had the position of God in the kingdom of heaven in heaven and the position of the king and queen representing the earthly realm and the heavenly realm. The parents would have taken the position of the king and the queen of the kingdom of heaven on earth, and the children would have held the position of princes and princesses, inheriting the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven while representing the future.


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