Cheon Seong Gyeong: Episode 10

Cheon Seong Gyeong Book 1: God
Chapter 2: The God of Heart and True Love
Section 1: The God of Heart, 24-33
Section 2: The God of True Love, 1-3

(24) If God feels bitter sorrow toward the fallen world, it is because there are no true parents, true couples or true children.  This is God’s lamentation.  That is why Paul said that human redemption is as adopted children.  They are only adopted.  So, no matter how good you are, you still are an adopted child.  This you need to understand.  Then what is God's sorrow? It is that the children of His direct lineage were degraded to be merely adopted children.  Thus human history has been a sorrowful course to restore fallen children to the children of God's direct lineage.  You can attend God closely only when you grasp His heart.  This begins with grasping God's sorrow throughout history.  When you love and raise your children, as a parent, you can come to feel God's heart.  Also, when you feel true love between husband and wife, you should be able to feel God's original love.  Then, your children should feel it through loving you, their parents.  We need a teaching of goodness, and when that standard appears on earth, we should embody that standard of goodness.  Today, we live according to our relative viewpoints; but based on the true parental heart of love we will be able to stand as subject partners who can become the center of value, the center of life, the center of Thought and the center of love.

God, the True Parent, True Teacher and True Owner

(25) God's perfection was to have come through Adam's family, centered on love.  That is, human beings perfect God.  However, God's love is what perfects human beings.  This is the ideal of oneness between God and human beings.  A parental heart is the heart of living for the sake of others.  Where their beloved children are concerned, the parents' way of life is to invest everything and forget what they have given.  There is a Korean expression that the king, the teacher and the father share the same value.  We call this oneness of king, teacher and father the "three great subject partners principle.” God is the owner of the three great subject partners principle.  In other words, God is the Father of all fathers.  Teacher of all teachers and King of all kings.

(26) God is the True Parent of parents, True Teacher of teachers and True King of kings.  God is the eternal True Parent, eternal True Teacher and eternal True Owner.  To become a child of God, we first have to become a true parent like God.  We have to go the way of a true teacher, like God, and then the way of a true owner, like God.  This is the three great subject partners principle.  God is the ultimate exemplar.

(27) Who is the center of the three great subject partners principle? It is the Parent.  You have to become a parent-like teacher and a parent-like king.  God is the Parent of parents and King of parents.  This means you have to become God-like parents and teachers.  This is the three great subject partners principle, which will remain in heaven and on earth to the end.

(28) The three great subject partners principle means that fulfilling any one role leads to fulfilling all three subject partner roles.  Since the three great subject partners principle implies that each of the three can be in the position of subject partner, when you are a true parent, it follows that you are also a true teacher and a true owner.  Similarly, when you become a true teacher, you also become a true parent and a true owner; and when you become a true owner, you will find that you are a true teacher and a true parent as well.  This is inherent in the three great subject partners principle.  ”The three have equal value.  God is our True Parent and, at the same time, our True Teacher and True Owner.  What kind of teacher is He? He is one who teaches us while caring for us, over and over again.  What kind of an owner is He? He does not try to possess everything and make it His.  Rather, He gives us everything, even Himself.  He tells us, "You will become the owner.” If we were to sum this up in one sentence, that sentence would be: "I will give birth to you, raise you and make you an owner.” In short, God gives us birth, nurtures us and establishes us as owners.  So it begins with God.  Having created us, God's intention was to nurture us and elevate us to a position higher than His own, as children who would love on His behalf.  As the Owner of the cosmos, His intention was to make us owners.

(29) God's ideal of creation is the ideal of the family.  He intended to build His family.  In order to form a family, you need to give birth to children, nurture them, and help them establish themselves in life.  This is what parents do.  God is the same.  God is in the position of the True Parent; from this the three great subject partners principle emerges.  The first role is to be a true parent, the second is to be a true teacher, and the third is to be a true owner.  We should take this as our creed for daily life.

(30) God is the owner of the three great subject partners principle.  God is the Parent.  We absolutely need our True Parents also to be our True Teachers.  In this confusing world, you can find your way in life if you relate to them even as just one of the three great subject partners.  They are True Mother and True Father, of course, but if you relate to them as your True Teachers you also will not fail.  Even if you meet them as True Owners, you will be able to live and go to the place of eternal life.  Why is that so? It is because you are taking a position to live for the sake of others, in accordance with the heavenly law.  Since God is like this, I want you to embody the three great subject partners principle.  Do so by being the parent, teacher and owner in your own family.  Then you will complete everything.  Starting from the highest level, God, you manifest everything in your family, where the three perpendicular axes intersect.  Then, because unity arises from the origin, everything that belongs to God becomes yours.  That is what comes about when you resemble God.  This is the teaching of the three great subject partners.

(31) Look at your body and mind.  Isn't your original mind to be pitied? It stands in the position of God.  It represents all of your ancestors, your forebears.  Your original mind represents your teachers as well as your nation's sovereigns.  Yet how long have you disrespected and mistreated it? As the center of the universe, your original mind stands in the position of the subject partner of true love as your true parent, true teacher and true owner.  It has sacrificed over and over to save you as one person living on this earth.  Isn't this so? Though it sacrificed so much, it has not once complained.  Yet we drag it around and treat it continually with contempt, presuming it to be dead.  Yet whenever you harbor an evil Thought, for example, going out in the early morning darkness and stealing something, it comes alive and calls you to your senses, alerting you, "Don't do that, you scoundrel!" Haven't you constantly manipulated your mind?  Despite your having done so, it is in the position of your parent, teacher and owner.

(32) In the original homeland we attend God as the King.  God is the King of the universe, the nation, the tribe and the family.  God is the Teacher of the universe, the nation, the tribe and the family.  God is the Parent of the universe, the nation, the tribe and the family.  This is the teaching of the three great subject partners.  This principle includes the original essence of love, which is living for the sake of others, and giving love without expecting anything in return.  Therefore the three great subject partners themselves represent Heaven.  If you could embody the teaching of the three great subject partners, that would be ideal.  Yet even if you are unable to embody them all, if you can stand only in the position of a true parent, the teacher will stand on your left and the owner on your right.  If you fulfill just one of the three, everything will be all right.  Whether you become a true parent, a true teacher or a true owner, if you stand in one of these positions, you will have no problem registering in the kingdom of heaven.  Each one of them unites all three.

(33) If human beings had not fallen, within Adam's family God would have become the Parent, Teacher and Owner.  He would then have gone beyond that to the tribe, becoming the Parent, Teacher and Owner of the tribe.  Then He would have risen to the position of Parent, Teacher and Owner of the nation.  What does this perspective teach about a nation's president? The president is the nation's parent, so you should attend your president as your parent and your teacher.  The president's actions should embody a standard representing the national spirit and historical tradition.  And as teacher and owner, he or she should pass on the system of governance by which to continue managing and leading the nation.  That is how governance should expand to the world and to all of heaven and earth.  If God governs this way, no one will resist, because God is the origin of our life, our Parent who gave us birth.  He is the origin of our knowledge, our Teacher who has given us an environment of freedom throughout history, in which we can live based our own self-realization.  As our Owner, He has prepared and provided everything for us and has bequeathed everything to us.  This principle is eternal and unchanging in the heavenly realm.  This is the teaching of the three great subject partners that we honor.  In conclusion, let us be a true parent, true teacher and true owner, as God is.

Section 2.  The God of True Love

(1) God is omniscient and omnipotent.  He can obtain everything He desires and do everything He wishes.  It seems ideal, and that there is nothing God could need.  Nonetheless, there is still one thing that He needs: love.  Even Though He is absolute, even God cannot have love by Himself.  This is because love can be had only in a mutual relationship.  No matter how all-knowing and all-powerful God is.  He cannot possess love on His own.  Of course He has love's attributes, but love's signals and love's stimulation can come only from another person, not from within oneself.  Such is love.  That is the power of love.

(2) For what purpose did God create us? He created us and established the standard for our perfection based on love.  Hence, love is the standard.  In other words, becoming a perfect person is based on God's love, not on our ability or level of leadership.  Once we become a perfect person centering on God's love, we can unite with God in love, play with Him and enjoy everything together with Him forever.  The perfect person, the one who meets the highest standard of God's desire, is the person who is one with God in love.

God governs by His love

(3) True love began from God.  Love started from Him, is sustained by Him, and has to return to Him in the end.  God is the King of kings.  Since God is absolute, His love is eternal.  Therefore, if you stand in the position of object partner to that absolute love, you are bound to have eternal life.  This is what God intended from the very beginning of creation.  It is for this reason that we want to live eternally.  It is natural that we have such hope.


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