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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 1: Registration of the Holy Spirit Association and Expansion of the Internal Foundation
Section 1: Legal Recognition and Church Construction, Legal recognition
Section 1: Legal Recognition and Church Construction, paragraph 13

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Chapter 1   Registration of the Holy Spirit Association and Expansion of the Internal Foundation

Section 1. Legal Recognition and Church Construction

Legal recognition

The nationwide structure of the church was first organized on October 14, 1960 and since then the structure has evolved in accordance with the church’s development. On May 31, 1963, a decade after its inauguration, it was legally registered as a social organization with the Korean government, and, on October 4 that same year, it obtained corporate authorization as a church. This opened the way for True Parents and the fledgling church to accelerate the work for the salvation of all people.

1  Until 1960, we were severely persecuted. Of course, we received persecution after that, but step by step we have been growing. The providence of restoration is the struggle between Cain and Abel. At that time, we were working on registering our association with the government. The Department of Culture and Education dealt with all registration affairs, and the then-department minister denied our application. We contested his decision, and after one week, it was overruled. That one week corresponded to 70 years, 700 years and also 7,000 years. If his initial decision had not been overruled at that time, we would not have been able to conduct any religious activities. But his decision was overruled, and finally, on May 31, 1963, the government formally registered the Holy Spirit Association.

2  The Unification Church acceded to the position of a restored Judaism, where it could receive the blessing of the Third Israel and inherit the duties of loyalty and filial piety. Because of that, the government published the registration certificate of the church as an association. We also registered the church in the United States, which corresponds to the Roman Empire. Since we have thus completely prepared the way for the worldwide stage centering on religion, from now on no one will be able to expel us, and even if they wish to kill us, they will not be able to do so. The mission of Judaism was to teach the Israelites the way toward a new heaven and earth. Now the Unification Church has a similar responsibility on its shoulders.

3  Registering our church with the government could be seen by some as a joyful event, but I did not see it as a time for self-congratulation. This was because there remained other struggles for me to take up. I will rejoice when God rejoices. In four years’ time, the first seven-year course will be concluded, and my 21-year course will also come to an end. We need to make preparations for that time. People are gradually falling into confusion. Outside the Unification Church, there is no altar for the atonement of sin. When these four years pass, we will need to mobilize to represent the people, and sacrifice and serve them for the sake of the world. We must restore the world by shedding our tears and blood. Korea is not the issue. We must pray to turn around the entire world and cosmos.

4  Because I knew what others did not know, I became a man of suffering. Accordingly, in the initial three-year period of the first seven-year course, I could not sleep with my legs stretched out. I needed to make it so that men and women, young and old, would bow their heads before me and ask me to lead them, and I had to make the people and the nation follow. Now that the Unification Church is registered with the government, we have come to stand in a position where no power on earth can block the road we will go. God established democracy so that the Lord who comes again will not be killed. Nonetheless, although we talk about our association being registered, we cannot feel at ease.

5  In what position is the Unification Church today? What is the nature of the initial three-year period of the first seven-year course? Jesus took up his cross at the end of his three-year public course. Accordingly, the period to prepare the victorious foothold for the people collapsed, and the time necessary to fulfill the Will of God was prolonged. But it cannot be prolonged again and again. In terms of the Divine Principle, Korea’s 40 years under Japanese imperialist rule, plus the three-year period of US military administration, correspond to the 430-year period of slavery in Egypt.

What is the nature of the first year of our three-year period? Because we had no place to stand, the first year was the year for preparing our foothold by uniting the physical world and the spiritual world. For the Unification Church, it was that year that determined whether we lived or died. Through the Holy Wedding Ceremony held in 1960, the individual position was secured for the first time. We thus established one starting point.

What kind of starting point was that? It was similar to the three-day period just before Moses crossed the Red Sea. Everything in the history of restoration is included in this three-year period. Centering on the four-position foundation, which was accomplished by means of completing this period, we came to offer a proclamation ceremony for the registration of our association. This was on the 13th day of the 4th lunar month in 1963.

Building churches

To build the world mission headquarters, the church purchased an 11.4 acre site in Yeouido, Seoul, on April 14, 1971. Members contributed toward this purchase, setting the condition in their heart that they each were buying a square meter of that land. Whenever True Parents returned from a world tour, they stopped by the site to offer a prayer. In addition, True Parents instructed that funds be used to build local churches throughout Korea. Starting with the Sintanjin Church in South Chungcheong Province, completed on June 10, 1974, a total of 188 A-frame churches were built in Korea by 1976.

6  When True Mother and I visit one of our churches that is a little shabby, we feel proud even if the church looks pitiable. We think that though the place looks miserable now, when we look back later, we will see that the flag that we raised in these humble surroundings has become a source of pride for us in front of people and all nations. When a person goes to sleep after doing someone a favor, a peaceful feeling comes upon him and the angels sing his praises. Therefore, the Unification Church will continue to rise ever higher. That is why I am never embarrassed, no matter where I go, and I stand tall and proud, no matter whom I meet.

7  Even though we call it the headquarters, the headquarters in Cheongpa-dong is not the world headquarters. I explained this to the members from abroad. Of course, even though this Cheongpa-dong headquarters is shabby, we should never forget it, because it enshrines the events of our history. Despite that, this place cannot be the world headquarters. The world headquarters should evoke a feeling of preeminence and significance. We need to build the world headquarters in a new location. This is the reason I bought the land in Yeouido. The site for the world headquarters should be a place where we can begin anew. It has to be built in such a place. The world headquarters must exist for the sake of the world.

8  Since the time of the Unification Church has now come, we need to build a headquarters. This is why I have selected and purchased four sites in Korea. The purpose of this work is to establish the substantial base for the restoration of the four-position foundation. We are beginning to prepare the necessary foundation for the nation and the world.

9  The world headquarters has to be a temple that leads the world. We need to buy at least 16.5 acres (21,000 pyeong) to build it, but now it is impossible for us to buy that much land. Even so, we should buy at least 11.5 acres. That piece of land should be bought by the Korean members. We, as Parents, are devoting all our energies to this work, so that we can go beyond the nation, and even further. If the people who know about the Will do not take part in this work, they will regret it for generations and generations to come.

10  When we consider Korea, the time has come for us to step forward. In addition, we must do a good job of building the world headquarters on Yeouido. In the future, Yeouido will become the heart of Seoul. You will see, all my predictions will come true, thanks to God’s protection. A plaza will be built in front of the world headquarters.

11  In the future, we need to build churches throughout Korea. Therefore, we have to prepare the sites. The time has come when you should establish churches no matter what, by cooperating with one another and also with headquarters. In 1975, a mobile team of 1,000 people will visit Japan and then Korea. But we do not have a place in Seoul that accommodates that many people. For this reason, they will have to form eight teams and visit the eight largest cities in Korea, in rotation.

That is why we need to build churches. Unless you cooperate with one another and unite, the churches you build will not last long. Build those churches with your sweat, blood and devotion. The more difficulties you go through while building them, the more power these churches will have as symbols of oneness; every time you look at that church, the more difficulty you had, the more it will strengthen your faith.

12  I am going to start a campaign to build A-frame churches at this time. You need to prepare half of the necessary expenses. I will begin building churches in those places where members have their half of the expenses ready. All that will be required will be to bring the materials and put them together.

When you say, “We are ready,” at such and such a place, the people from headquarters will appraise the site's suitability. If the place is like a refugee camp, the building will have no life. We will appraise whether the building, once constructed, will fit with the environment and scenic beauty in all directions. If the site does not meet the standard, you will need to choose a new site.

If the second site is approved, we will send a team to lay the foundation. This team will level the ground for the foundation. After that, comes the construction of the framework, the skeletal structure. The material will be transported by truck, and the pillars and doors will be put up. After erecting the skeletal structure, it will be okay to lay the roofing tiles. After the tiles are placed so the rain does not leak in, the plasterer will come to plaster the interior. And then the flooring will be laid down. In this way, different people having different responsibilities can move in stages and build the churches all at the same time.

13  After the 1975 Day of Hope Rally, some people started to support us, even though Christianity still opposed us. It was difficult in the past when we were persecuted, but now we have entered the era when we can be welcomed. Therefore, you have to visit your hometown, find your tribe, and include them when you organize the genealogical tree of the heavenly kingdom. If you do not enroll your clan in that genealogical tree, your ancestors will accuse you and, in the future, your descendants will accuse you. Parents purchased the site for the Headquarters Church and built local churches. After that, we bought sites on which to build a university and a training center in Cheongpyeong, where we can educate the young people of the world.

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