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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 3: The Beginning of True Father's Public Course and the Founding of HSA-UWC
Chapter 3: Founding the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity
Section 1: Background, Providential background
Section 1: Background, Paragraph 06

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Chapter 3   Founding the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity

Section 1. Background

Providential background

Upon True Father’s return to Seoul on September 17, 1953, he began looking for ways to carry out his work in that city in earnest. In addition, he visited the churches in Daegu and Busan to guide and encourage the members working on the front line of those pioneer missions. He offered many sincere conditions of devotion on behalf of Protestant pastors and government leaders who had not accepted him. In this way, he established the foundation of faith for a new beginning. He personally established the standard of Abel’s providential mission. On this foundation of vertical restoration through indemnity, and on the foundations of the three churches, in Seoul, Busan and Daegu, he sought ways to carry out the horizontal providence of restoration for the foundation of substance.

Finally, on May 1, 1954, True Father founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC), at a very small house in Bukhak-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul. That address was later changed to 391-6 Shindang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul.

The founding of HSA-UWC signified that, in a providential sense, True Father had established a church that could represent Judaism and Christianity—and that he himself could now stand in the position of Jesus on the foundation of having indemnified what had not been fulfilled through those two religions. It was because of disbelief and rejection by Christian denominations that ultimately True Father founded HSA-UWC. He established it on the foundation of having triumphed in his course of restoration through indemnity in North Korea. In this manner a new mainstream in God’s providence began, with True Father at the center, and changes began to appear in all areas of society, in the nation and throughout the world.

1  Directly after Korea’s liberation, I wanted to make a new beginning together with Christianity, but because of opposition from Christian ministers that phase of the providence was blocked. After that, I was supposed to work together with the nation of Korea, but that road also was blocked. Just as Israel and Judaism should have accepted Jesus, similarly Korea and Christianity should have accepted me. They went in the opposite direction, however. As a result, the churches and the nation deviated from God’s Will.

I had to restore through indemnity the fact that Christianity had become a gentile religion due to Israel’s rejection of Jesus. Just as Christianity had to go through Rome, Satan’s realm, in order to develop, I had to go to North Korea, a communist nation that represented Satan’s realm on the world level. From then on, I had to carry out the work of restoration a second time. I had to pay indemnity on the individual, family and tribal levels. This is why I have suffered until now. What could have been accomplished in one go had to be repeated several times. The Unification Church has to represent Judaism. God set up Christianity to act on behalf of Judaism, but Christianity also was not able to fulfill its responsibility. Eventually I established the Unification Church to fulfill this responsibility on behalf of Christianity.

2  After the establishment of the Republic of Korea, it was not Christianity or other spiritual groups but I who stood at the center of God’s Will. Ever since I began to be persecuted, I stood alone before God. In the Bible it says your enemies will be members of your own household. Christians were like my family, but they came to stand in the position of an enemy. As a result, all the foundations prepared by God had to be discarded. God’s Will came to be centered solely on me, and I had to make a new beginning at a new level from then on. It was a miserable fate for me to bear.

From then on, Christianity drifted further away from God’s Will. The democratic world also drifted away from God’s Will and began to go in the wrong direction. I had to go through hardships, and this is why I spent three years in prison beginning in 1948. After all, North Korea is also part of the land of Korea, so I had to go there and fight Satan on the front line.

Since South Korea was also on Satan’s side, I had to fight in South Korea as well. In both North Korea and South Korea I could not avoid fighting against Satan’s side. My time in North Korea corresponded to the Old Testament Age and in South Korea to the New Testament Age. This is why I was imprisoned for three years in North Korea. In December 1950 I left North Korea and laid a foundation in South Korea for four years before establishing the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity on May 1, 1954.

3  Jesus had to endure prison before dying on the cross. This is why the course of restoration must also begin from prison. Jesus’ course should have begun from a glorious position, but his path was completely reversed and turned into the way of the cross. This is why the history of the Unification Church also had to begin in prison in order to advance to a new level. When Jesus was in prison, he lost his 12 disciples. I had the mission to restore this history substantially, to restore the standard of that lost number. Though I said not a word, God mobilized the spirit world to witness to the other prisoners. Twenty-four prisoners responded to heaven’s call and secretly united with me. This enabled me to make a new start.

When I came out of the prison camp, four people accompanied me. In this way, I made the condition to establish the four-position foundation according to the Principle of Restoration. It was thanks to God that this condition could be made. On this foundation, after coming out of Hungnam Prison, I went back to Pyongyang, regathered the lost members and made a new start. That was the beginning of today’s Unification Church.

4  The Unification Church has to indemnify the course of restoration that God had led for 6,000 years. We need to indemnify problems of the individual, family and nation. We have to indemnify everything that should have been realized by the nation at the time of Jesus. Today, God’s providence is advancing, with Korea at the center. Before the liberation, God prepared and sent many individuals who had the mission of prophets. Some aspects of the providence were led by women, and others by men. Our nation and devout people of faith were not aware of it, but in order for God to establish His providence for His Will, He worked to raise selected individuals, both internally and externally. This is why, after the liberation, this nation and its people had to make a new beginning based on a new development. The Unification Church was launched to convey God’s Will to them.

5  North Korea, which is on Satan’s side, started the Korean War in 1950 in order to take over South Korea. As a result of military successes in the heavy air bombardment of Hungnam and General MacArthur landing his forces at Incheon, I got out of the Hungnam Labor Camp.

Then I trudged to South Korea. At the time, South Korea was in chaos. The foundation I had laid in Seoul and other places had been entirely destroyed. The South Korean government had been swept away. People who had money tried to escape, and Christian pastors sent their children abroad. It was a chaotic time throughout the nation. Under these circumstances, the Unification Church began to lay its foundation.

As the Unification Church was laying its foundation, Korea settled on a new form of government. This is the providential viewpoint. The chaos in society was because the providence of heaven was using Satan’s side to create an environment suitable for God’s Will. I established HSA-UWC in 1954, and expanded that new foundation in the midst of a chaotic social environment. The Unification Church developed while dealing with opposition from the government and from Christianity.

6  Even though I had a mouth, I did not speak. Although I harbored bitter sorrow over the way the people of my nation treated me, I endured. It was not because I was spineless. I understood that Jesus had to endure for 30 years of his life, and God had to go through great pains to find the right time to establish His foundation. He persevered for 2,000 years since Jesus’ time to lay a solid base to accomplish His Will. Therefore, I too endured, saying, “Let the typhoons come; let the snowstorms blow.” I knew these harsh conditions were only temporary and would pass away. It is the same with those in society who boast about their success; it will pass away.

What was my responsibility? What did I have to do when I found myself in the position of being accused, chased out and even sent to prison? For the sake of all humanity, to eradicate all the suffering of the world, I had to be struck. I thought, “In pioneering the path of suffering worldwide, can one avoid difficulties?” I told myself it was natural to face hardship. It was not because I am a fool that I accepted these circumstances. The history of the providence of restoration had to unfold this way. For the providence to advance, there had to be someone like me who was willing to take such a path. This was the condition on which I established the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity.

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