Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 40

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 2: The Birth of True Parents
Chapter 3: True Father’s Childhood and Youth
Section 1: Love for Nature, paragraph 23
Section 2: God’s Call, Paragraph 4

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23 As a child, once I started crying for some reason, I did not stop even after an hour; I cried about it all day long. Hence, I was given the nickname “All-day Crier.” Not only that, when I cried I did not cry quietly; I cried at the top of my lungs so that the whole village heard me crying. I wanted every elder in the village to come and see what was going on. I cried so hard that I would wake people from their sleep. I cried and cried as if something terrible had gone wrong. In the end, my throat would swell up and I could not make any more sounds. Also, when I cried I did not just sit still. I jumped up and down and bumped into things, so that I would cut myself here and there and be covered with blood. This should be enough for you to understand my personality. Reflecting on this, God is truly wise. He made me such that once I start something, I never let go of it.

24 I was a strong and healthy youth with an active and passionate personality. The scope of my activities was three times greater than that of ordinary people. When it snowed I did not sleep, but instead I went out at night hunting for weasels. Following their tracks in the snow I would walk and walk, even forgetting that I was getting hungry. I gave my mother such a hard time. Definitely I was an unusual boy with indomitable tenacity. When I was in my teens I already had my father and mother on a string. With one wrong move my father and mother would find themselves trapped; then they had no choice but to surrender to me. I am doing what I am doing today only because I was capable of such things from an early age. My parents sometimes scolded me, but I would never give in, no matter what. All they asked of me was to admit that I did wrong, but I refused. Since I truly believed I had done nothing wrong, why would I admit to it?

25 No one in the world can match the tenacity of my character. In my childhood I fought a boy who was stronger than me, and he beat me. From that moment on for three to four months, I could not sleep in peace until I finally bested him. That is how tenacious I am. People could say I am a person who is to be greatly feared, because I absolutely despise losing. I never let anything defeat me. When I do something, I strive for victory; the thought of defeat never crosses my mind. I already know that win or lose, once I start something I will keep striving until I achieve victory; otherwise I will die. That is the kind of personality I have.

26 I have a very quick-tempered personality. I cannot ignore even a single swear word directed at me. If someone hits me even once I cannot stand idle. I also detest losing to anyone. I have all these extreme aspects in my character. However, because of such traits I excel at many things. I determine to win at any sport I play. My brain is not bad, either. Imagine then, how I, with this kind of personality, had to endure and swallow things that were simply unbearable. Many times, even hundreds of times, I had to accept situations that could not have been more humiliating. But I overcame them all. It is because God took a similar path. God must also have this same kind of fiery character; and, beyond that, He is capable of wiping out the whole world. But this world still remains because God holds back His anger and endures all manner of difficulties.

27 When I was young, I never lost a wrestling match against anyone else in my age group. However, I once lost a wrestling match to a boy in my village three years older than me. So I looked for a way to beat him. Spring arrived. Anyone who has lived in a rural area knows that in springtime when acacia trees have absorbed plenty of moisture, their bark can be peeled off like white pine bark. So I went to an acacia tree and bent its trunk back and forth until its bark started peeling, and stripped it off all the way down. Its bark is tough. Then, I continually wrestled with that bare acacia tree-trunk. I wrestled it while telling myself, “I’ll never rest until I beat you!” Six months after he beat me, I finally beat that boy; I sat on top of him on the ground. I focused on nothing else, forgetting to eat or sleep, until I could achieve that.

28 Ever since I was eight years old, I was able to match people by looking at their pictures. I matched many couples from all over the village, including my own older sister and some of my more distant relatives. Also, I could see the future. When I said, “It is going to rain,” it would rain without fail. When I said that a certain person in this town would die within a week, it in fact would happen. There were many instances like that. So people came to me with a picture of a person whom they were considering for marriage. They would ask me, “Look at this picture. Do you think this person is a good match or a bad one?” I would answer at one glance. If I said “Bad” but, nevertheless, they went ahead with it, it turned out to be bad. If I said “Good,” it actually turned out to be a good marriage. I was that accurate, even though I did not look at the picture for very long. This is the kind of record I have.

29 In my village I was known as the tiny-eyed boy from that Osan house. Everyone knew me by that nickname because my eyes were so small. I was told that after my mother gave birth to me, she examined my face for a long time, thinking I might be missing my eyes. Only when I blinked did she finally feel relieved. I needed such eyes. It is because I was born with eyes that can see objects in the far distance that I came to a complete understanding of not only this world, but even the heart and situation of God. The whole world will follow after me once they discover the true value of this. If they lined up across the world, the line of people who would want to come and see me would extend across the Korea Strait, all the way to the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

30 I also had an eye for cows. I was able to tell at a glance whether or not a cow was worth buying. Whenever I said, “That cow is not a good cow to buy,” my father did not buy it. Good cows have a handsome neckline, forelegs and hind legs and a good waistline. A good cow must meet these four conditions. In my boyhood, when I went to the cattle market with my father, I inspected the cows for him. When I told my father things about cows that he was not so knowledgeable about, he asked me, “How do you know all that?” In fact, I was born with this knowledge. That is why today I am able to do things that no one else in this world is capable of doing.

31 I have always been a good judge of character. When I looked at someone on the street and got the feeling, “He must be such-and-such a person,” I would follow him around to see if my intuition was correct. I would ask him, “You did so and so, right?” It was not something that the spirit world taught me; I just felt it in my heart. So I confronted him, “You did so and so, right?” He would be surprised and say, “How did you know?” My reading of that person was accurate. Even sitting in my room, I could immediately tell who was in the next room, whether that person was doing something good or bad, and whether he was living as a good person or a bad person.

Section 2. God’s Call

Family indemnity

Before True Father was called by God, his family and relatives had to pay severe indemnity. Until he reached the age of 16, his family was assaulted by all kinds of trials and tribulations. For the sake of the providence sacrifices were their inevitable lot. They made the final sacrificial condition to clear away Satan’s accusation in order to secure the complete foundational point for the victory on heaven’s side. For three generations there were children who died away from home, their whereabouts unknown. Notably, out of True Fathers 12 siblings, the five brothers and sisters for whom he cared the most died at very young ages. In this way heaven completely severed him from relationships that he could depend on, and from the people he most loved. This was so he would no longer be attached to worldly things. After his call as well, True Father had to live every day of his life without any relationships with people in whom he could find shelter, or to whom he would pay special attention. This is how he lived, wherever he was in the world.

1 The Unification Church is walking the path for the Will. In order to inherit this Will, all members must go through a course of indemnification. I began this course when I was 16 years old. By that time, five of my parents’ 13 children had died and only eight remained alive. Not only did people die, but also much livestock—dogs, cows and horses. Evil spirits stirred themselves. You may not be familiar with such things. Truly, many strange phenomena occurred that were difficult to understand. They were undoubtedly the cunning schemes of the devil to destroy my family. However I am telling you they really happened.

Before I rise up triumphantly representing all nations of the world, I need to set up a condition that Satan cannot accuse. In the course of my battle against Satan, he attacked my family. That was the price we had to pay. Likewise, I also need to present a condition upon which I can stand proudly before history, by claiming the right of victory over Satan as the representative of all peoples and nations of the world. The same condition applies to Unification Church members; the same condition is required to found a unified nation.

2 Spiritual phenomena do not happen only in the invisible world. They manifest in various forms and ways in the visible world as well. Satan plotted and mobilized every means to bring my family to ruin. One thing he did was drive my older brother and older sister insane, and this caused much havoc. When I was young I witnessed such spiritual phenomena and problems that arose from the spirit world acting behind the scenes. One day I saw that my older brother, whom I thought had gone mad, was talking. He seemed to be murmuring to himself, but when I listened to him carefully, I recognized that the substance of his words was formidable. Also, the way he spoke changed depending on the situation. Apparently, a number of spirits would come and talk with him all day long. I could see immediately that this was happening.

3 All of my friends who were closest and dearest to me, the ones who most deserved heaven’s blessing, were taken away. Anyone whom I could trust and count on was completely cut off from my life. Some of them were from North Pyeongan Province and some were from Hwanghae Province. They were my best friends, but they were all taken away. Then my younger sister, the closest in age to me and whom I adored the most, was taken away. My parents had many daughters, while my aunt’s family did not have any. At the sincere request of my aunt, my sister was sent to my aunt’s home and lived there. So I always prayed a lot for her. She absolutely obeyed me, her immediate older brother. I thought I would do anything to make her happy, but even that desire was cruelly crushed. Not only my little sister but also my beloved little brother were taken away. We can learn from this that there is no mercy in the course of indemnity. Still, I had to go through this course.

4 My closest friends were all taken by the spirit world. Come to think of it now, the reason the spirit world took all of them away was to prevent me from sharing my situation with them and developing personal relationships with them. Had I done so, it would have hindered my carrying out the Will of God. Thus, God took away all the people whom I cared about in the world. Knowing this very well, I could not take any other path. I am not doing what I am doing because I am a fool. Wouldn’t I have thought about this over and over?

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