Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 380

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: Foundation Day and the Inheritance of True Parents' Tradition
Section 2: True Father's Seonghwa (Holy Ascension) and Inheriting the Tradition, Paragraph 05-13

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5  The 40 days after True Father's Seonghwa is a special period when Father and I, with one accord, are preparing for a new start in the providence. Suppose you buy a new house. What is the first thing you do when you enter your new house? First, you turn on the lights. Next, you place your belongings in the right places. Only when everything is in order do you start living in your new house. That is what we are doing during these 40 days after Father's Seonghwa. It is a very important period for Father and me. When I told Father, “I will bring the church back to the spirit of the church in the early days, making it live and breathe with Spirit and Truth,” Father replied, “Mother, thank you very, very much!”

6  Now the time of Father's Seonghwa is over. During that time we had to take care of so many things. Since you did not know everything from A to Z, you could not do everything that was required. However, now, when it comes to the work of the church, you know what you must do. Hence I am asking that you assist one another in each area of responsibility to complete your tasks with unchanging love and devotion, and also that you fulfill your given responsibilities.

You are the people who directly attended True Father in this age. As members who received the Blessing, you grew up personally listening to True Father's words. Although you were unable to fulfill everything according to his direction, I urge you that even now, you compress ten years into one. Make a life-or death determination and invest yourselves completely. You need to live such a life every day.

Inheriting True Father's tradition

On the 2nd day of the 8th month by the heavenly calendar (September 17), in 2012, two days after True Father's Seonghwa Ceremony, a Third Day Memorial Service was held at the Cheongshim Peace World Center. True Mother gave a special address to leaders gathered from around the world, in which she exhorted them to “move forward unceasingly.” Her direction to Unificationists included several points: inherit and pass on True Parents' traditions, realize the blessed family ideal, fulfill the responsibility of tribal messiahs, and substantiate the culture of heart in your community.

From the day of the Seonghwa Ceremony until the 40th Day Memorial Service, True Mother offered True Father three meals every day. She spent time united with True Father in spirit and offered sincere devotions for the substantiation of Cheon Il Guk.

Immediately after the 40th Day Memorial Service, True Mother traveled to Las Vegas, arriving on October 26. Then she began a seven-day cross-country pilgrimage, covering 3,480 miles, which retraced in reverse the steps of one of True Father's US tours in the 1970s. She visited the holy grounds along the route and ended her journey in New York. Then she returned to Korea to direct the preparations for Foundation Day, the compilation and publication of the Cheon Il Guk Scriptures, the establishment of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution, and education for global leaders.

7  It will not be easy for you to go to the kingdom of heaven. I cannot take responsibility for you getting there. However, I will teach you how to go there, and then I will depart. Also, before I depart this world, I am going to give out all my belongings—my clothes and other things. What I will bequeath to you are some artifacts and my teachings. My spiritual substance will go to the spirit world.

How will you follow me? The artifacts and my teachings I leave behind will be like a ladder for you. You should love any mementos you receive more than I loved them; you should love my words; then you will be able to love my substance. Also, you must love your family, your nation, and heaven and earth.

8  As I started my life course in suffering, so I am resolved to finish my life in suffering. I will leave behind all the fortune and blessings that I could have enjoyed, and that my sons and daughters could have enjoyed, for the Unification Church. I pray that this love will be the root tradition for hundreds and thousands of years of history continuing into the future. I believe that as long as this tradition continues, as long as the blessing of this grace continues, the Unification Church will not perish.

I am a man who takes responsibility for history 1,000 years from now. Therefore, as long as I can move around, I do not ever think of dying comfortably in bed. I think that I will die while traveling somewhere, or collapse at a podium while giving a speech. That place will become my base to return to the heavenly realm. I am ready to die like that.

9  I made a promise to Father that no matter how difficult it is to fulfill the Will, I will bring it to a conclusion in my lifetime. I told him that I will accomplish God's purpose of creation and the ideal world of creation. I said that I will accomplish this by all means. To do that, I am determined not to change. The day when Father went to the hospital, he told me how very thankful he was to me. He said he was so sorry and so thankful to me.

I want to accomplish the Will that he left for us to fulfill, together with all of you. I hope that as we go along the path, none of you become sons and daughters who fall away. That is my wish, and it is also Father's hope.

My heart was in pain as I sent Father off to the spirit world, because he was not meant to depart the world amid so many difficulties. He is the Savior, the Messiah, the Lord at the Second Advent and the True Parent. He should not have started his course from prison. God had prepared everything for him, but he had to start at the very bottom of hell. Due to people being blind and deaf, everything that had been prepared for him was lost. In history, no one has ever accomplished as much as Father did. Our dream is to have one world with one culture of heart, one unified world. We must build such a world, no matter what.

10  What do you have that you can be proud of? Can you be proud of your money or your education? What can you be proud of? Since True Fathers Seonghwa, he has lain in the Bon Hyang Won, and I go there every day to offer devotion.

In Korean cultural tradition, when a parent of a noble family passes away, the children mourn at their parents' graves for three years. You do not go back and forth from your home; rather, you live in the mountains, by the tomb. You do not eat decent meals, nor do you wear decent clothes. You cannot light a fire, even during the cold of winter. In Korea, a lot of snow falls in the winter. Yet for three years you live by the side of your parent who is buried there. After doing this, you can be called a filial child.

What about you? You should be doing hoondokhae every day, reading Father's words with this heart of attending him every day. It is for you to inherit the tradition that True Parents want you to uphold.

11  Unless we are determined to risk our lives, how can we fulfill the Will? Thus far, many of you wanted Father to treat you well. Yet you have returned so little to Father. You should put on hemp clothes and offer prayers of repentance. Today I hope that all of you once again will make a pledge to Father. While Father is making a new start in the spirit world, we must become his partners here on earth. Jesus said that what is bound on earth is bound in heaven, and what is loosed on earth is loosed in heaven. This is the time for you to return all the love that you received from Father.

12  As disciples and blessed families who have lived at the same time as True Parents, it is important that you complete your responsibilities before the end of your lives. We need to build a museum, which I have named the Cheonji Sunhak Won (Sunhak Garden of Heaven and Earth), that will show clearly the life course of True Parents, long awaited by heaven and humanity—how they appeared, how they completed, concluded and consummated providential history, and how they opened a new age. I already have made a resolution to do this.

You have been so blessed and privileged to stand as new ancestors of your tribes in Cheon Il Guk. It is the beginning of a brand-new age and a brand-new history. Standing in such a position, you should leave an exemplary record of how you lived on earth. That is why, with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, you need to establish a vertical standard like that of True Parents. If you do, that record will remain on earth and in the spirit world as well.

While True Father was here on earth, he started a new history in everything; he pioneered in every field. As long as I live on this earth, I will carry on Fathers will and work, establish his tradition, and improve everything so that it will shine into the future. In particular, I will thoroughly organize True Father's words. That is True Fathers will and my will.

13  After True Father's Seonghwa, I announced that I will make a museum about True Parents' life course. I named it the Cheonju Sunhak Won. This museum should be a cultural center with exhibits that are so state-of-the-art that by the time visitors reach the end of the exhibits, even after their first time through, they will want to sign an application to join the church. The exhibits must be moving and compelling. The museum should be filled with so much material that visitors cannot possibly cover it all in just one day.

Our Heavenly Parents wish is to establish one world of peace and unity centered on Heavenly Parent-the substantial kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven. True Parents have opened the new age when it is now possible. The basis upon which we can build the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven is their victorious foundation of restoration through indemnity.

Blessed families! Now you have to give your very best to bring all of humanity back to God. You need to have the seriousness of a mother in labor, who struggles through pain for nine months to bring a new life into the world. You must gather all of your heart and energy to nurture all those people who will be newly born into life once they visit the Cheonji Sunhak Won.

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