Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 377

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 2: Foundation Day and the Inheritance of True Parents' Tradition
Section 1: Opening the Age of Cheon Il Guk, Foundation Day
Section 1: Opening the Age of Cheon Il Guk, Paragraph 18

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Foundation Day

Foundation Day, which is the beginning of the substantial Cheon Il Guk, took place 13 years after the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship. True Parents stood in the position of servants with a parental heart to establish Cheon Il Guk. They shed sweat for earth, tears for humanity and blood for heaven, and walked a course of progress as pilgrims. After the Holy Wedding in 1960, True Parents became victorious in following the course of the true parents, true teacher and true owner. Through the Blessing they searched for and established millions of couples in the physical and spirit worlds. To realize a peaceful world, they inaugurated many organizations in all fields worldwide. Through these countless internal and external foundations, they proclaimed the Foundation Day of Cheon Il Guk.

12  I am setting up the 13 years following the Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World holy day on October 3, 2001 as a general summation of my life, and it is emerging accordingly. With 6,000 years as a foundation, the year 2001 launched the lead-up to the year 3000, at which point we can greet the 7,000th year. If you calculate the length of human history as expressed in the Bible, it comes to 6,000 years. I must complete in just 13 years the responsibility that all men and women ought to have accomplished throughout the entirety of human history. Within 13 years, I have to complete everything that Adam was unable to fulfill. I have to seek out the lineage that Satan stole from God. January 13, 2013, is our D-Day. I will wipe everything clean in just these 13 years.

13  The fallen world is not a world of O's (representing good) but of X's (representing bad). Within a world of X's, there is no space for O's, but even one 0 can embrace millions of X's. January 13, 2013, is to be the D-Day proclaimed by heaven. What must we accomplish before this D-Day? We must offer to heaven all the things that Satan stole. How can we gather and return all these things? Even God cannot complete this task by Himself. This is why True Parents have taken it on. Satan became the false parent, false owner and false king, spreading his false lineage. This is why no one knows about God or the spirit world. We are living without truly knowing our starting point, our root; no one truly knows where they are heading. Certainly that which we call the result, which comes from the Origin, defines the one path which we must go. There are not two paths. There is only one.

14  For 12 months to become a year there must be a center, a point of focus, which itself becomes the number 13. Generally speaking, the number 13 becomes the center for the number 12. As the number 13, Jesus was supposed to become the center of the 12 disciples, but he was unable to do so. This is why he died. We need to seek such a center. I understood this concept even as a child. I am seeking the nucleus, the position of the number 13. That is why Foundation Day is on January 13, 2013. We need to align with the number 13.

15  There is a new providence for heaven until Foundation Day. We must resolve all issues surrounding the ideal of heaven and the ideal of liberation, according to God's wishes. We must complete all our educational efforts in our providential and worldly missions during this time before entering the era of one world. Starting from today, January 19, 2010, and centering on God, we must bring to fruition all our programs and resolve all problems, including those of Cain and Abel and those relating to Satan's lineage. To enter the world of liberation, we need to complete all the education desired by heaven. Centering on our D-Day, we must dedicate ourselves to finishing that work. We need to resolve United Nations issues, national issues and all related issues. To complete God's agenda, all people gathered here today must make a determination and labor to fulfill it. If you work hard, the world will not fall into ruin. My challenge now is to tie up the loose ends and bring the providence to a conclusion.

16  Foundation Day marks the beginning of a new history; it is a genesis, an origin. It is a day that was absolutely necessary throughout all of human history and is a day that had to come to pass. This day did not come about easily. God created the heavens and earth because of true love. It is recorded in the Bible that He created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. But Foundation Day was established as the 13th day, meaning that God created and guided the world during a period of 12 days and established the 13th day as the day when His dreams were fulfilled. He created everything from the tiniest amoeba to the largest animal, and finally He created Adam and Eve. He then said, “It is good. It is beautiful.” God then waited for the 13th day, when a new world would begin. That was to have been the day when God's dreams were fulfilled.

17  God cannot rest in ultimate perfection with only an incorporeal body. The incorporeal God needs to settle and become the substantial Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. However, there has been no perfect couple on earth able to fulfill this role for God. Adam and Eve were unable to fulfill their portion of responsibility. Because there were no Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, there was no one who had met the standard to be called True Parents. The ideal of True Parents remained unrealized. When the Parents of Heaven and Earth unite in conjugal love, they will make a home where God can dwell peacefully. In their home untouched by the Fall, they will realize absolute sex. Now that I have reached the level of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, I am speaking more freely about absolute sex. When I speak about absolute sex, I am not referring to self-centered, individualistic sex.

Half of humanity consists of women, but they are only one of the two sexes that must be harmonized. If there is disharmony between the two, it is as if one's eyes don't look in the same direction, or one's nose is out of place, or the limbs are not coordinated with each other. A woman and a man who have reached perfection must harmonize and become totally one. Marriage signifies the total oneness of man and woman as one body.

For the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth to come about, we must pass through the first era, that of Adam; the second era, that of Jesus; the third era, that of the Returning Lord; and the fourth era, that of the realm of Adam's heart. There must be a foundation of harmony. One can fulfill the Blessing when one is in harmony with one's partner and there is no conflict. By January 13, 2013, which is D-Day, we must enter through the great door, centering on the Blessing.

18  Now a new era has opened. You are extraordinarily lucky and blessed. Out of all humankind, only you have been able to usher in Foundation Day which is absolutely unprecedented in history. It is like a dream. People who are blessed in this way must share their blessing with those around them. This is your responsibility. The blessed families owe a tremendous debt to the Heavenly Parent and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. You received the Blessing without payment. How do you think fallen people will be able to attend the Heavenly Parent? All of our ancestors who have been going back and forth between the physical world and the spiritual world have been waiting impatiently for this day. There are many people who shed more blood and offered more sincere devotion than we have for the sake of fulfilling the providential Will. If we compare ourselves to those people, we are severely lacking.

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