Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 373

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 13: The Completion of Restoration and the Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 1: The Enthronement and Coronation Ceremonies
Section 4: The Coronation of True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and on Earth, and the Coronation of God, the King of All Kings, with the Authority of His Liberation, Coronation of God, the King of All Kings
Section 4: The Coronation of True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace in Heaven and on Earth, Paragraph 22

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Coronation of God, the King of All Kings

On January 15 and 31, 2009, in Korea and the United States, True Parents on three separate occasions held the Coronation of God, the King of All Kings, with the Authority of His Liberation.

During the eight years after the Enthronement Ceremony for God's Kingship, True Parents carried out the providence at the risk of their lives. Its ultimate purpose was to liberate the realm of God's heart filled with bitter sorrow and pain. On the foundation of the realm of cosmic victory that they established with their blood, sweat and tears, True Parents brought an end to the sinful Era Before the Coming of Heaven and ushered in the Era After the Coming of Heaven.

They then established the Universal Peace Federation, whose purpose is to create a unified world by the renewal of the United Nations. They also toured 180 nations to deliver their message and blessings to open the revolutionary Era After the Coming of Heaven.

True Parents continued their journey to fulfill the providence, not sparing even a second. However, on July 19, 2008, on a return trip from a visit to Seoul, True Parents' helicopter crashed during a failed emergency landing on Mt. Jangnak (which Father named Mt. Cheonseong) near the Cheongpyeong Training Center. True Parents, their family members and members of their staff managed to escape from the downed helicopter minutes before it burst into flames. Despite this terrible attack of evil forces, heaven's grace enabled True Parents to survive without serious injury. Forty days later they bestowed upon all humanity the blessing of rebirth, resurrection and eternal life.

Then, in early 2009, on the occasion of True Father's 90th birthday, they held the Coronation of God, the King of All Kings, with the Authority of His Liberation. With this cosmic and historic event, the realm of God's heart finally was liberated and God was crowned in both the East and the West as the King of kings.

16  Based on the helicopter accident that occurred at 4:43 p.m. on July 19, 2008, I brought every being into the unfallen realm where they can have liberation and complete freedom. You can imagine how much all things in the universe have longed to be in God's embrace, waiting to attend True Parents by being used and absorbed by them as one of their molecules to realize the world of glory. True Parents, as the first true ancestors of the human race, have sacrificed and served humanity. Likewise, all things of creation want to be part of the process of completing and sustaining the physical bodies of True Parents, even if it means sacrificing themselves hundreds of thousands of times. Even every cell of each thing desires to resemble True Parents and seeks to participate in their completion and spiritual perfection. Then they can enter the realm of singing praises for True Parents' glory and nobility.

17  Satanic forces attempted to destroy the True Parents and the Unification Church through the helicopter accident; yet we survived, and we seized this incident as an opportunity to give rebirth, resurrection and eternal life to all people.

In English, “hell” is a word that signifies the worst place we can be. Indeed, this “hell” -icopter accident was hellish. It was an attempt to gather all those on the side of heaven's ideal in one container and knock them down with one blow. It seemed as if Satan finally had been able to achieve his ultimate goal and assume control of all the authority and power of heaven and earth, yet heaven and the ideal world of all Abel-type beings did not disappear; instead all were led to rebirth, resurrection and eternal life.

18  Heaven and earth have been completely separated because the forces of the devil controlled the spiritual realm. The responsibility to connect these two worlds is not on God's shoulders. Even God cannot do that. It is human beings who must make that connection by establishing the way of true love, never losing sight of God's ideal of creation.

Therefore, I had to remove evil from the origin and root. I had to do that because human beings originally began from true love. You do not know how much hardship I had to go through to do that. While yearning and longing for God and His ideal, I practiced true love over and over in order to fill up this huge pit.

There are still many things I experienced in the past that I cannot share with you. It was while I was unable to reveal them to the human world, yet still held onto hope for God's ideal in my heart, that this helicopter accident took place. It was Satan's attempt to destroy, on the cosmic level, even the hope that I cherished in my heart.

Satan executed this final attack, but God blocked it. Everyone in the helicopter survived, escaping that fiery pit without any serious injuries. The people on earth and the people in the spirit world shouted out to protect the holy bodies of True Parents. I am truly, truly, truly grateful to be here today thanks to their cries.

All beings of creation, small and large, must manifest themselves as True Parents' perfect second selves. God has now emerged with His True Son and Daughter, and families, nations, the world and the cosmos are welcoming God's embodiments as the horizontal subject partner. His object partners form a beautiful garden of love where buds are sprouting, with new stems, new branches, new leaves, putting out new blossoms and bearing fruit. Satanic forces tried to knock us down at the final stage, when God as the only Lord is supposed to shout cheers of joy. All manner of evil forces were mobilized in the spiritual world and the physical world for this attack. The devil's world was brimming with total confidence that victory was theirs. However, God protected True Parents.

19  Heavenly Father, this morning on July 22, 2008, we have passed a critical point. At the time of Jesus, Satan wanted to marshal the entire universe to prevent him from establishing his family, and he placed a hill of indemnity in front of Jesus that he could not go over. Now, in my time, we and our family have survived this hill of Golgotha, and everyone with us also came through alive. As a result we have now entered the era to complete the providence of spirits returning to earth. I now pledge to advance toward establishing a nation of victory and supremacy under Your dominion.

All the spirits in heaven and on earth can now receive the Blessing within the realm of True Parents' merit and return to You as heaven's family. I leave behind the Blessing as our greatest legacy to all of heaven and earth. I bestow and proclaim the Blessing to all these spirits so they can return to Your embrace.

20  Jesus resurrected and worked with his disciples for 40 days after his death and then ascended into heaven. Forty days after my helicopter accident I am completing the process of rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. I completed the process of rebirth, resurrection and eternal life for the entire cosmos during this 40-day period, setting a new record.

21  Wherever you go with your clan and tribe, you should be prepared to attend God on behalf of your nation and the world. Then God can adjust Himself to the level of the world that was created in the very beginning, and this will enable Him to exert His power as the King of kings. This will be how God can finally establish the kingdom of heaven on earth, that is, God's unified nation that fulfills His ideal of creation with love.

It is not a matter of proclaiming God's fatherland, the era of the peace kingdom, but completing it. It is about uniting God's fatherland and the fatherland of human beings on earth through love. The kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven is a unified world where mothers and fathers are united in attending God on behalf of their nation and world. This will lead to the family's liberation, and more than that, to its complete freedom.

22  On January 15, 2009, I held the Coronation of God, the King of All Kings, with the Authority of His Liberation. You should not think that everything will be completed just by following True Parents' teachings. The lineage did not start from True Parents. It started from God. Therefore, unless we liberate God, we cannot ultimately connect to His lineage.

God's fatherland and God's hometown never could have come into being without having formed a family based on God's love. That is the Principle and a law of heaven. And being a law of heaven, it is also a law of nature. It is humankind's greatest hope. Now that we have this world based on a new purpose, we must harvest its fruits and place them in the storehouse.

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