Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 353

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 12: The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification and the Women's Era
Chapter 3: The Completed Testament Age and Its Providential Development
Section 2: Ceremonies of Proclamation, Ssang Shib Jeol (10-10 Day)
Section 2: Ceremonies of Proclamation, Paragraph 40

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Ssang Shib Jeol (10-10 Day)

30   Today is October 10, the 10th day of the 10th month of 1999. It is the day when the number 10 in heaven and the number 10 on earth become one. Therefore, when you pray, you should now pray in your own name. I declared this on September 14. What this means is that we are now beyond the realm of indemnity. Hence, you should now give the Blessing to your own sons and daughters. You need to do so. Praying in your own name means that you are now able to give the blessing to your own children. Your faith may not be deep enough; you may not meet the requisite conditions. However, because you are now able to give the Blessing to your sons and daughters, you are entering the realm of the Fourth Adam.

31   Ssang Shib Jeol (10-10 Day) is the day when heaven and earth can completely unite. Thus far, you who came from fallen families were brought to liberation by completely centering on True Parents, the embodiments of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. In achieving this, you are to go beyond the realms of the First Adam, the Second Adam and the Third Adam and enter the realm of the Fourth Adam.

To enter the realm of the Fourth Adam, you should be able to indemnify all of your sins from a position of self-reliance and report to God independently. That is why from now on you can and should pray in your own name. Moreover, the family that prays in their own name can and should give the Blessing to their own sons and daughters.

32   I already proclaimed in 1998 that the realm of the Fourth Adam must come. Today, on Ssang Shib Jeol (10-10 Day), we have gone beyond this. The realm of the Fourth Adam has arrived. That is why October has become a glorious month. October 4 was the day I was liberated from Seodaemun Prison, and October 14 was the day I was liberated from Hungnam Prison. With these two 4s, I proclaimed the cosmic Sa Sa Jeol (4-4 Day). I proclaimed the family-level 4-4 Day in Kodiak and the cosmic level 4-4 Day in Uruguay. This means that once we connect to God's ideal of the four-position foundation, we can surmount Satan's obstacles. Having made all the conditions with which to subjugate Satan, we are now entering the age when indemnity is no longer necessary. This is the age of the realm of the Fourth Adam. It is no longer the age of restoration through indemnity; it is rather the age of restoration in a natural way.

Day of Liberation by Giving the Blessing to All of Heaven and Earth 

33   Since proclaiming 10-10 Day on October 10, we have passed through 10 days plus 3 more days to arrive at today, October 23, 1999. I proclaim it the Day of Liberation by Giving the Blessing to All of Heaven and Earth. Today, adding another 10 to the numbers 10 and 10 from 10-10 Day, we have 30. Adding 3 makes 33. Because today is the day this is achieved, from the providential perspective, the time has come to bring to a conclusion all that True Parents have proclaimed up to now.

We have gone through the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age, through the First Adam, the Second Adam and the Third Adam. During the past 40 years we recovered what was divided spiritually and physically and indemnified the entire substantial realm. However, that is not enough. Now that we have gone over this hill, my proclamation today is that we must establish on this earth the realm of Adam's eternal victory. It is a realm having nothing to do with the Fall, a realm of unfallen, original created beings. This is the age of the realm of the Fourth Adam, which I announced earlier.

In the age of the realm of the Fourth Adam, I am placing all the Unification Church members who received the Blessing throughout the world in the position that Adam and Eve would have been in had they received the Blessing without having fallen. These members are in the position of having received that Blessing on the foundation of having inherited the victorious realms of the First Adam, the Second Adam and the Third Adam. The condition for this is their heart of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience to the True Parents of Heaven and Earth, which brings them into oneness with True Parents. On that basis, they have to liquidate everything through the Total Living Offering.

God lamented the Fall of Adam and Eve, and that lamentation spread from the Lord of Creation throughout all the realms of substantial beings. But now that we, the True Parents, have fulfilled all the indemnity conditions passed down through the history of religion, we have secured the position of owners who should liberate all things of creation, liberate all fallen children, liberate the family of Adam and Eve, and finally liberate God. Once these things have been done, everything will be finished.

We had to pick one day for this purpose and clean up everything from the past. That day is today. In order to do this, we had all Unification Church families make the Total Living Offering as their indemnity condition. Today on Ssang Shib Jeol, the 10-10 Day, with their offerings as the condition we bequeathed to them the blessing of entering the realm of the Fourth Adam.

34   All things of creation were in lamentation until the coming of True Parents. Unable to center on True Parents, they could not enter the world of God's love and live under His dominion. We need to liberate them from the state of lamentation. It is the same with your children; your children are not yet in the realm of grace where they can be liberated, and therefore they must enter the realm of liberation. Next, your own family has not yet gone beyond the realm of making indemnity conditions. You can bring your family beyond that realm by making the condition of giving the Blessing to others, giving True Parents' victory to others.

Next, your family has not yet completed the work of liberating your tribe, your people and your nation. Although Satan had been exercising his full power on the national level, we crushed his power. We made all the necessary indemnity conditions so that you can connect the nations to heaven, exercising God's full authority. In Kodiak, I announced a great change, that we are entering the age when God can be present everywhere, immanent everywhere, with all authority and all power. This was the proclamation of overcoming everything.

Thus today, October 23, 1999, I am proclaiming the unity of the four great realms of heart, the liberation of the realms of creation, the liberation of children, the liberation of husband and wife, the liberation of parents, and the liberation of the Parents of Heaven and Earth. Once you absolutely believe the standard of this victory, you can enter the realm of God's absolute ownership, where God can freely act in your life. Based on your absolute faith, the absolute liberation of all things, the absolute liberation of children, the absolute liberation of couples, and the absolute liberation of families, clans and nations, will take place. Then it will not be long before Satan's world comes to an end.

35   Heavenly Father, on this day, October 23, 1999, I proclaim the liberation of all things of creation, the liberation of all children, the liberation of all husbands and wives, the liberation of True Parents in the earthly world, and the liberation of all beings in the heavenly world. It is the transition to a new age. On the foundation of proclaiming 7-8 Day, 9-9 Day and 3-10 Day, all Your blessed children now can ask for God's blessings on behalf of True Parents. They can even reach the level to suggest all manner of paths to pioneer for heaven, and by doing so, any of them can receive heaven’s entire inheritance. By this ceremony that transfers the victorious realm of True Parents to the heavenly world and the earthly world, we have ushered in a new age. In this new age under heaven, Satan's entire realm can be completely eliminated. This means all the realms of creation—of children, husband and wife, and parents—can declare the beginning of glory.

From this moment on, through this ceremony, in the name of True Parents and in the name of Jehovah, the True Parent of the Cosmos, we proclaim that all things of creation are liberated, all children are liberated, all husbands and wives are liberated, True Parents are liberated, and the Creator in heaven, the Parent of the Cosmos, is liberated. Along with their liberation, may heaven and earth be united as the world where You are sovereign, under the dominion of Your ideal love, so that it may advance in the one direction, on Your path alone, toward the world where the sovereignty of Your love is totally victorious.

Completion of True Parents' Providential Responsibility

36   Once we can say "Completion of Providential Responsibility," it means that everything is finished. Who has been fulfilling the responsibility? It is God. Until today, God did the work that we did not want to do, which we call the providence of salvation. Originally, God did not envision a providence of salvation; He had intended to complete His Will as the ideal of creation alone. However, because our original ancestors allowed Satan to invade, a different world was created, which overwhelmed the sphere of God's original work in history. Instead of following His original plan, God had to take responsibility to save humankind by carrying out the work of the providence.

37   History thus far has unfolded not from the perspective of the original Will, but as the providence of salvation. If God had become the Owner as He had originally envisioned, the false owner, Satan, would not have come to exist. God created all things of the creation for His son and daughter. Therefore, they should have completely understood the meaning of all God's work for the Will as revealed through their Father-child relationship with Him. However, due to that other owner, who had appeared and taken over the world, God could not disclose these matters, and humankind began a history of ignorance. That is why human beings have not understood anything fundamental but, having plunged into the realm of the Fall, have remained ignorant of all fundamental matters, including God, His original Will and the perspective of His providence.

38   When we say, "Completion of True Parents' Providential Responsibility," what do we mean by the completion of responsibility? It means completely elucidating God's view of the providence, disclosing all the mysteries, clarifying all misunderstandings, and connecting us to the standard of His heart when He created the first human beings. True Parents completed their responsibility for these things, centered on God.

No one had understood how human history began and why it played out the way it did. However, I have discovered God's ideal of creation, what happened to His relationship with His son and daughter, Adam and Eve, and how to build connections between Him and all people on earth. I discovered the Principle by which we can build and complete the kingdom of heaven in the earthly world and the heavenly world on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation.

39   If all the ideals that God had for the Will had been realized, all would have become like one body. That is, when God moved as the Father, His son Adam would have moved, and all created things, which symbolize that son, would have moved in unity with him. If this had occurred, the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, world, cosmos and even the eternal world would have moved as one, as His perfect embodiments. Had they become one with God, every single entity would have been complete and perfect, manifesting complete and perfect value. They would have created the one substantial and ideal realm. Had God and human beings become one, all created things would have made an environment in which to nurture human beings, sustain them, and provide everything they needed for a comfortable life. All created things in the physical world would have existed for human beings.

40   What is the responsibility that True Parents need to fulfill from the viewpoint of the providence? It is to teach you that "marriage" as it occurs in nature throughout the universe can be connected with human marriage, and that human marriage can be connected with marriage in heaven, in the spirit world. True Parents have also been teaching you your responsibility, which is to fulfill your duty to bring your marriage under God's blessing. The core teaching for this is love—love that is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging, which can come only from the One. Anyone who connects to such love naturally becomes a being who is absolute, unique, eternal and unchanging. Only through love can we become such people.

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