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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 2: The Birth of True Parents
Chapter 1: True Father’s Birth
Section 1: Background
Section 1: Paragraph 8

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Chapter 1: True Father’s Birth

Section 1. Background

General background

The country where God sent True Father as the Returning Lord suffered from natural disasters that caused famine throughout the land during the years just prior to his birth. Internationally as well, the entire world was in the midst of great chaos, manifesting signs of the Last Days. The world was about to divide into two camps. The reason for such chaos, both within the country of Korea and internationally, was the course of God’s providence to establish national and international foundations of indemnity for the birth of the Lord at his Second Advent.

True Father was born in Korea one year after the March 1st Independence Movement, on the 6th day of the 1st lunar month (February 25) in 1920 at 2221 Sangsa village, in the Deokeon district of the Jeongju township, North Pyeongan Province. His father was Moon Gyeong-yu (文慶裕), to whom True Father later gave the title Chungbunim, meaning “Father of Loyalty.” His mother was Kim Gyeong-gye (金慶繼), to whom True Father later gave the title Chung-monim, meaning “Mother of Loyalty.” True Father was the second son among their six sons and seven daughters.

1 Originally God intended that if Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have become the True Parents of humankind. As the True Parents they would have understood God’s heart and outlook, and fully accomplished God’s hope and purpose. However, due to the Fall, God’s plan was frustrated. In order to recover what was lost, the providence of re-creation was required.

Adam was re-created and reestablished in the position of the True Father of humankind when God placed His hands on True Father’s head and blessed him with the words, “You are Adam whom I made for the ideal of creation! You are My Son who can fathom My situation and My heart!” The Lord of the Second Advent is the person who came to earth with this responsibility. We can say that the purpose of the 6,000 years of human history was to establish that one person for whom God has sought—the perfected ancestor of humankind.

2 Jesus died having been unable to entirely complete the Will of God. He established on earth a relationship with God only at the adopted son level. Hence, God promised to send him to earth again. God led the providence based on Christianity for 2,000 years in order to pioneer the way for the Lord to return and establish the relationship of God’s direct lineage. Therefore, Christians all over the world need to engraft themselves directly onto God’s beloved true Son.

With what qualification does the Lord come in the Last Days? He comes with the qualification to become the True Parent. Although he comes again as the Messiah, he cannot come as the Lord of Glory. This is because although Jesus came to earth, he was unable to rise to the position of the True Parent and thus was unable in his lifetime to establish the foundation to comfort God by serving and attending Him in glory representing all the peoples of the world.

The Messiah at his Second Coming must inherit the Will that Jesus could not fulfill on earth and fulfill it. After completing this responsibility as a filial Son, he will be able to comfort God. On the foundation of having completed the work of Jesus, he can be chosen as God’s champion to subjugate even Satan. Once he has done that, he will have built the basis to bring glory to God. In this way he will acquire the qualification to inaugurate the True Parents. This is a general overview of the providence of restoration that God has been leading to this day.

3 The era of war and chaos that began with the First World War continues to this day. This course of history did not unfold simply by chance; it has been a course to pay indemnity for human history. Intellectuals everywhere in the world say that we are now living in a world of radical change. The general public thinks that these sudden changes are dangerous and could bring us to a world of despair. The number of people who think that we will arrive at a world of hope is exceedingly small. Some even assert that Western civilization, which has been leading the way in the modern world, is not only declining but has already entered a world of darkness. They assert that not only is Christianity, the spiritual anchor of Western civilization, in decline, but also that the families, societies and nations that are based upon Christianity are declining as never before.

The young people of the world who are concerned about the future also cannot avoid agonizing over its bleak situation. Such is the darkness and hopelessness of the era in which we live. Yet God does exist, and He will not let them just keep running toward a final end full of despair. Rather, He confronts the issues that beset us and works to connect the world to a new dimension, a place of hope.

4 The 60 or 70 years following the First World War have been an era of global turmoil. In this historical period the world was destined to go through a course of great tribulations that were unavoidable. I was born during this time and have faced severe trials to this day. In God’s providence at this juncture in human history, what is the purpose of this crucial period, an era full of suffering and turmoil? All throughout history, whenever we human beings were in the midst of great hardships, we had to make a choice: do we perish or do we revive? Indeed, in this period we are destined to make this same kind of historic decision.

In this situation, our Heavenly Father will not leave humanity to go down a path to destruction. By whatever means or method, He will save us. This period is the important time when God endeavors to send to earth that special person who will be the standard-bearer of His providence. Therefore, despite all kinds of hardships God has been pushing and pulling history to arrive at this point. At the same time, it is certain that behind the scenes He has been laying the foundation for His new providence to advance and prosper.

5 In the East, Japan emerged, inheriting the providential mission of the island culture from Britain. At the same time, Korea was linked providentially to the continental civilization that began with Rome, an empire based in the Mediterranean that was to have received Jesus as the Messiah. Because the Returning Lord was destined to come to the Adam nation of Korea, Korea had to endure a period of indemnity before I was born. That is why it came under Japanese rule for 40 years. The year I was born, 1920, was within this indemnity period. Because of that, my clan had to carry out the Will to finish all the historical conditions of providential history. As a result, the members of my clan had to go through a course of indemnity.

6 The year 1920 when I was born was the year following the March 1st Movement for Korean independence. Before my birth, Korea suffered three years of famine. The March 1st Movement brought the nation into a time of turmoil, yet it was already suffering through a most difficult period brought on by natural calamities. Under Japanese colonial rule, Korea was being pulled in Satan’s direction; hence the March 1st revolution broke out in order to move things in a new direction.

The people who led that movement were people of faith, mainly Christians and adherents of the Cheondo-gyo faith. They presented a new direction that shifted from Japanese imperialism toward America with its Christian culture. In this way, Christianity spread widely and penetrated deeply into the culture of the Korean nation and people. This was possible because the Korean people, who chafed under the rule of imperial Japan, were inclining more toward the Christian cultural sphere, which was influenced by the United States. This is an amazing fact. Beginning from that historical uprising against Japan, Christianity in Korea developed rapidly.

7 Many Koreans sacrificed their lives calling for independence from Japan by carrying out the Mansei Demonstrations that began on March 1, 1919. Why did such a tragedy take place at that point in time? It was because I was meant to be conceived and born during a period of patriotic fervor.

I was born in the first lunar month of 1920, during the year after the March 1st Movement began. Why was this significant? The Returning Lord must be born in a nation that God can claim, even if He can claim it only conditionally. If the Returning Lord were to be born and come to a nation that had not established such a condition, it would be as if he were floating in the air, without solid ground on which to stand. That is why God led the March 1st Movement. So much blood was shed just for one person—me—to come to earth. That is why the Korean people suffered so much in 1919, both from famine due to a poor harvest and from the loss of life through this heroic but tragic movement. It is based on such indemnity conditions that God’s providence has been advancing.

8 Korean patriot and martyr Yu Gwan-sun died for her country at the age of 17 (by Western counting) due to her involvement in the March 1st Movement. She was in the position of unfallen Eve; she was as Eve in Adam’s nation. Japan in the position of Satan decapitated her, and cut her body into 6 pieces. The number 6 represents Satan. In devoting herself for the independence movement, Yu Gwan-sun demonstrated her absolute loyalty to her nation, even at the sacrifice of her life. In 1919, when the independence movement was spreading like wildfire, I was still in my mother’s womb. The Returning Lord is not supposed to be born into a nation under Satan’s sovereignty; that is why this fight against Japan took place shortly before the time of my birth. Ten months passed from the time of the March 1st Movement to when I was born, in the first month of 1920.

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