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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 2: The Ocean Providence and Development of Marine Resources
Section 5: Developing Leadership, Paragraph 10
Section 6: Shipbuilding, Paragraph 04

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10   The life of a sailor's wife is full of hardships. Any Japanese woman who completes her mission as a sailor's wife will become an ancestor of the world of mothers. She is giving life to civilization, which developed from the ocean. With this spirit and heart, immediately after I returned to Korea from America, I mobilized Japanese woman members here to train you. When I go to America I will also mobilize the Japanese women there to come and join this workshop. This is global-level training. I will bring all the Japanese women who went abroad as foreign missionaries as well. 

Nevertheless, if Japanese members who came to Korea to be married only stay at home and do not come to these workshops, how can they lift their face before other Japanese members who work so hard for the world? It will be so embarrassing for them. I do not want that to happen to you, which is why I am encouraging all Japanese woman in Korea to come to this workshop, especially those who were blessed with Korean men. Actually, you need to have the heart of loving the ocean and the natural environment of Yeosu and Suncheon to the extent that you shed tears of joy and gratitude for the experiences you get in this training.

11   I am very busy because I have to quickly save the nations of the oceanic realm. I gave a direction to the Japanese women that they should hold 40-day, 72-day and 120-day workshops at the same time. We have to finish this quickly. 

Two-thirds of a human body consists of water. Therefore, we have to love the water as our own body. The person who loves water becomes the owner. Water is so important; it moves in the air and is the source of life. I am telling the people who passed the test at the end of the 40-day workshop in Yeosu to attend a 72-day workshop. Then they should continue on and attend the 120-day workshop. By the time they complete the 120-day workshop, they will have an overall knowledge about boats. Whatever they do and wherever they go, since they will have knowledge and good common sense about how to live on the ocean, they will have what it takes to make a living on the sea. This is why they have to learn all this. They must not remain ignorant.

12   The Korean husbands' Japanese wives who are in training should become the mothers of the ocean world. If I give the direction, they should be ready to pack up and move out on the same day. Who trained them in this way? Since they are married to Koreans, they should now think they are Korean women. This means they should love Korea as their own nation. Thus, from now on they should go out to their neighborhoods and serve them with the spirit of a general, even mobilizing Korean men to help. Thereby, they should be able to create the peace kingdom police force and the peace kingdom corps.

Fishing tournaments  

From October 17-20, 2001, True Parents hosted the first Sports Fishing World Champion Cup tournament in Nagasaki, Japan, with participants representing 27 nations. This tournament was held for the purpose of promoting friendship among fishermen and fisherwomen of the world and contributing to the realization of world peace.

On October 19, in the middle of the tournament, True Parents inaugurated the Sports Fishing Federation for World Peace. This tournament has been held annually ever since in different parts of the world, including Yeosu, Korea; Taipei, Taiwan; the Gold Coast, Australia; and Marbella, Spain.

13   In the future I will host a fishing tournament in the style of the Olympic Games. There are 400 million people in the world who fish. You can fish from the time you are five years old until you grow old and die. You are never too old to fish. Many people fish as a hobby or for pleasure. There is nothing more enjoyable. This is why I am going to create an Olympic-style fishing tournament. 

We have a global newspaper and the UPI news agency. It is now time to promote this fishing tournament through our network. The time has arrived when we can do this. We can make our fishing tournament a global event via satellite links to local venues in the same way as we do with our marriage Blessing events. If our leaders can set up and coordinate fishing venues for people living in villages at the far ends of the world, they too can participate in the fishing tournament. In this way people from all over the world can compete, just as in the Olympics.

14   We are holding this fishing tournament to commemorate the 40th anniversary of True Parents' Holy Wedding, with 120 participants representing the three nations of Korea, Japan and the United States. 

Since you participants represent your own nations, this might create barriers of national pride during the tournament. However, you must unite. In fact, you need to build such a spirit of unity here that you will unite even more tightly after the competition is over. Before you came, you Japanese, Koreans and Americans were historically enemies to one another. Here, during this fishing tournament, you must break down such barriers.

This tournament should be held not only in America but in any of the 185 nations in the world where we have a foundation. We should hold this tournament four times in the same location each year, covering the four seasons, because the fishing will be different in each season.

15   I am sponsoring the Fishing World Cup, which begins today, October 21, 2003, here in Yeosu, for the sake of the Peace UN and the peace kingdom. I am organizing it for the purpose of creating the peace kingdom and Peace UN, both of which heaven and earth desire, and to create a liberated world. 

Many years ago, there was a violent uprising in the Yeosu-Suncheon area. Now, a new kind of explosion that can save this nation must be triggered from this area. It is for this purpose that I initiated this fishing tournament here. Therefore, I would like the local citizens to cooperate with me in this spirit.

God desires the Peace UN and the peace kingdom. This is why I am doing so many things, including holding this fishing tournament. I am telling you that something powerful, like dynamite, is happening here; it will touch every participant and even induce the people of the world to support this event. God desires to see this happen, and it will be a great blessing for the Republic of Korea. This is why I came here. I am establishing a new tradition for the sake of the Peace UN and the peace kingdom, a tradition that does not exist in this world. The 2003 Yeosu Fishing World Cup has such significance. It can trigger a great heavenly explosion that will have more impact than the Yeosu-Suncheon incident.

16   Africa has so much water, so many fish and so many animals. Everywhere you go there are rivers. If you can catch even one big fish, it can sustain you for an entire week. Also, people can make a living as hunting guides, taking people on safaris. This is why I created the Sightseeing and Hunting Federation for World Peace and the Sightseeing and Fishing Federation for World Peace.

All you need is water and land. You can farm on the land. Yet white people did not effectively teach the local people in Africa what they knew about agriculture. They generally exploited them and did not teach them anything, and such people were driven away in the end. But it is different with our missionaries. Everyone welcomes them, because our missionaries live for the sake of the people. They can do that because I trained them how to farm. This is why I created a farm and fishing facility in Texas.

Section 6. Shipbuilding

The One Hope and Cheon Jeong Ho

True Parents became interested in boat manufacturing while contemplating the development of the oceans. True Parents launched their first boat, Cheon Seung Ho (Heaven's Victory) on June 26, 1963, and went on to build an unsinkable vessel, the Good Go boat. This boat is a highly-regarded fishing boat, officially recognized for its exceptional performance. True Parents developed a new boat-building technique using plaster molds, which reduced construction time. In Mokpo, Korea, they established Master Marine and had it use this boat-building technique. On February 17, 2011, True Parents presided over the launching ceremony for a new boat, the Cheon Jeong Ho, in Yeosu. This boat was the first to be built using fiberglass and the plaster-mold technology. True Parents have great expectations that this new shipbuilding technique will contribute substantially to the development of the marine industry in Korea.

1   The Good Go boat, the One Hope, symbolizes our highest hope for the ocean. Other boats are 30 to 50 feet in length and are big and luxurious. People feel very proud of them. Our Good Go boats are small but fast. They swoosh by quickly; people do not pay them much attention because they are small. They just comment, "Those boats are dangerous. Those people are going to get themselves killed." But that's not going to happen. People do not realize that our boats are unsinkable.

2   People around the world have discovered that they cannot develop the fishing industry without me. I have created a new type of net and boat. Our One Hope fleet is quite famous. Our Good Go boats are nine years designing and building this boat. It does not sink. Land dwellers fear the ocean more than a roaring lion because they feel as if the waves are coming to get them. They focus on the bottom of the boat as important, thinking you will wind up drowning if your boat has a hole in the floor. The boat I designed overcomes that liability because it is unsinkable. Common sense teaches us that we should swim away from a boat when it is about to sink, but this boat stays afloat, so if you hold on to it, you will survive.

3   I have an international reputation second to none in matters to do with the ocean. When we constructed the Good Go boats for the US Navy, seven military personnel came and conducted a week-long inquiry. They discovered that these boats had a global reputation. They needed to obtain our approval to build such boats. This demonstrates that we have reached a position of supremacy that is recognized even by the United States. Our shipbuilding company in Korea is winning contracts in Europe to build boats 320 plus meters long. We have reached the top of the world.

4   The South Korean government once prohibited the manufacture of speedboats and other vessels that use fiberglass because of its relationship with certain nations, especially North Korea. Now is the time to lift this ban for the sake of North-South unification. Therefore, now we can build speedboats. We are entering an age in which we can produce and market high-speed boats such as the Good-Go. This is the first time this type of boat has been built in Korea. The international market for these boats is quite promising. If we make these boats in Korea, our reach will extend through North Korea to China, Russia and even Japan. We can build this boat at low cost, so I think we can enter the Japanese market. I believe we can be the sole producer of boats of this size in Asia.

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