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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 10: Preparing the Ideal Environment Centering on the Providence of the Ocean and Latin America
Chapter 2: The Ocean Providence and Development of Marine Resources
Section 2: The United States, Hawaii
Section 2: The United States, Paragraph 29

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Hawaii is another area central to True Parents' ocean providence in America. After announcing the Era of the Pacific Rim Providence, True Parents visited Hawaii frequently and made many conditions of devotion there. True Parents explained that in the past America and Japan fought a war because Japan attacked Hawaii at Pearl Harbor. But now America and Japan must unite in Hawaii centering on True Parents. North America, South America, Asia and Africa can all be united on this foundation. 

In Hawaii, True Parents proclaimed they had completed the indemnification and liberation of the ocean, of the land, and of the cosmos. There, at King Garden, they held the Rally Proclaiming the Dawn of the Era of the New Civilization of the Pacific Rim. Further, they acquired coffee farms in Kona and built a training center and school near Mauna Kea to advance their plans for raising future leaders who can lead and have mastery over the realm of the ocean.

17   On the Big Island of Hawaii, in the district called Kona, there is a snow capped mountain 4,200 meters high. Hawaii is ideally suited for the leisure industry. The water is more than 3,000 meters deep, and you can fish for big fish like marlin all year round. The weather is warm, it is quiet, and there are many different kinds of fish. Because the water there is rich in nutrients, the fish of the Pacific Ocean have made it their home.

18   I purchased land in Hawaii in order to build a village; I might call it heaven's village. Thus far I have built homes and brought boats there. It is a wonderful and rare fishing destination, where on the water it hardly ever rains and you can fish all year round. In its valleys, we can experience the climate of all four seasons. On the other side of the mountain it rains and thunders all year long, but on this side, it hardly rains throughout the entire year. I now understand that this place was waiting for me to come.

19   Korea, Japan and the United States all have coastlines on the Pacific Ocean. Among these three nations, the United States is in the position of the archangel.

In Hawaii, 80 percent of the population is Asian and Native Hawaiian. We are responsible to unite these people. This is why after I declared the Era of the Pacific Rim Providence, I have stopped over in Hawaii whenever I have had the chance.

There is a mountain there, Mauna Kea, that is more than 4,200 meters high. It has a brother mountain, Mauna Loa, which is almost as high. Hawaii is like a lighthouse in the middle of the Pacific. Based on Hawaii, I am holding rallies to unite all humanity. I am holding them there because it is the place that can harmonize and unite the East and the West. North America and South America, and Asia and Africa are all connected by waters that meet in the Pacific Ocean.

The East and the West are like twins. We now live in the era when they must unite and give birth to liberation, and the place where this can happen is the Pacific Ocean. The United States, the archangel nation once fought Japan, the Eve nation, but now they must come together. These nations that once fought each other must now become brother and sister nations, giving birth to the liberation of the world. This can happen through the True Parents. Hawaii is an important island because it can become the first place where these twins unite, and when they do they will be able to build the kingdom of heaven on earth and the kingdom of heaven in heaven.

20   The indemnification and liberation of the ocean, of the land, and of the cosmos were completed centered on Hawaii. At the time of World War II, Japan and America fought because of what happened in the Pacific Ocean. At that time Japan attacked Hawaii, but now Japan has to protect Hawaii and offer it to heaven. Japan and the United States, which were formerly enemies, must become one and offer up this oceanic land to heaven. This is the providence centered on Hawaii that will enable us to declare the completion of the ocean providence.

North America and South America, Asia and Africa—these are like two sets of twin big islands amid the ocean. The Pacific is like a mother pregnant with two sets of twins, each a son and a daughter who will be brother and sister to one another. She must give them birth.

21   South America and North America must be united. Asia and Africa must be united. People built the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal, which severed the land connection between these pairs of continents. They were separated, and they must be reconnected. This is why South America and North America must be united, and Asia and Africa must be united. Two sets of twins that were divided into four separate entities must again be made as one in the womb of the Pacific Ocean. True Parents have to complete the mission of childbirth in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to unite South America and North America, and Asia and Africa.

We must achieve unity between Japan and America to form the realm of oceanic nations. Similarly, unity will form the realm of peninsular nations, and then the realm of continental nations. Once we are successful in establishing these realms, we will be in a position to work with the United Nations to lead and manage any part of the globe. If we can carry out the providence of restoration like this, based on geography, this will be its final conclusion.

22   When I went to Hawaii for the first time, I was amazed that there is such a place in the world. Thirty percent of the people there are Japanese and only 29 percent are Caucasian. I thought to myself that we should be Able to completely unite them by having people from families in the 30 percent demographic marry people from families in the 29 percent demographic. After that I would have all of them move to the American mainland. I thought, if I could do that, how easy it would be to fulfill the providence of restoration.

I am preparing to build a base of operations in Hawaii that includes boats. I am making these preparations with the intent to live in Hawaii, because the time of the Pacific civilization is approaching.

23   The ocean off Kona in Hawaii is one of the deepest places in that part of the Pacific Ocean. I am making this place a training ground. There is where I am going to train people. I will train them to catch the fish that live in those deep waters. Catching fish in shallow water is too easy to provide good training, so I will raise fish in shallow waters and release them into deeper waters. In the future, I will create fish farms and raise both small and large fish.

24   There is an international space observatory on Mauna Kea, in Hawaii. Here on this island, which has two mountains over 4,000 meters high, I am doing something new. I will create a training center and a school here. Our challenge is to bring students from 16 maritime nations here, train them, and then connect them to positions where they can exercise governance over the realm of the ocean. Then I will invite them to the American mainland and educate them there. We need to help them move forward in step with America, and with Japan as well.

The realm of the ocean has long been violated. Look at the Pacific theater of the Second World War, when people from strong nations were continually seizing control over parts of the ocean. We must indemnify that historical time. Therefore, we should raise capable leadership from the ocean areas. The descendants of island nations must guide the people of the continents. No matter how vast a continent is, it is but an island in the ocean. Asia and Africa, and South America and North America, are like two sets of twins. People educated and trained at this new school on Mauna Kea in the middle of the Pacific must lead the people of the land.

25   I am thinking that we should serve God on the Asian continent and attend Him on the ocean. This is why I stress the importance of the ocean providence. We held a rally in Hawaii. It was called the Rally Proclaiming the Dawn of the Era of the New Civilization of the Pacific Rim. We held this rally at King Garden in Hawaii.

26   In Kona, Hawaii, there is a zone for growing coffee. It is a special coffee found nowhere else in the world. It is a specialty item. Coffee drinkers of the world who love Kona coffee will be shocked when they learn that much of this coffee is now in the hands of the Unification Church. They will wonder, "Now that they own the farms that grow the Kona coffee we love, what are they going to do with the profit from selling it? Will they use it for business purposes or for something else?" I intend to create an education fund. I plan to establish a residential middle school and high school where students study and also learn how to farm. We will teach them everything about scientific agricultural methods. I also plan to teach them about fish farming.

27   People can obtain water from tens of thousands of springs and countless streams and rivers. However, there is only one place on earth where all these currents ultimately converge. That place is Hawaii. In Kona, Hawaii, there is a mountain called Mauna Kea. Kona coffee is grown on the land at the base of this mountain. That area is adjacent to two mountains that stand more than 4,000 meters high.

The water from Heavens Lake on Mt. Baekdu in Korea eventually finds its way to Kona, Hawaii, and rains down on Mauna Kea. Also, water from ice at the North Pole flows in undersea currents to Hawaii, where it forms a stationary pool at the bottom of the ocean. That water remains in the state it was in tens of thousands of years ago. Drinking water from Hawaii's mineral springs is like drinking water as it was when God created it long ago. I am now making preparations to bottle that water and make it available to the world.

28   At the bottom of the ocean near Kona, Hawaii, we can find extremely clean, pure water that was once ice at the North Pole. It melted thousands of years ago and sits on the ocean floor like a still pool. We need to draw that water up from the bottom of the ocean around Kona and make it available to the world. It is living water from thousands of years ago, and you will not find water of better quality than this. And you cannot ask for better water for farming fish.

Further, by developing the mineral water that sits on the ocean floor, we can bring tremendous benefits to humanity. Cobalt, and precious metals like platinum, are deposited in the deepest parts of the Pacific. Because they are heavy, they flowed to this place and accumulated at one location. The Pacific Ocean was formed in this way. Now that God's providence has arrived at the era of the realm of liberation, we will be able to find treasures such as gold and silver that are hidden in the deepest places of the sea.

29   Hawaii is like the royal seat of God's kingdom of the ocean. It is like the capital of all the continents. There you can fish all year round. You can feel free all 12 months of the year. Flowers bloom and butterflies flutter all the time. Since it is never cold, people farm vegetables all year round, and I see radish flowers blooming in the fields even in the winter months. The land provides vegetables and fruits to eat at all times. I imagine that someday these islands will be connected by bridges. The Big Island of Hawaii will be the site of the king's residence. I am acquiring the land that will make this possible. On the Big Island I built boats and sent two to each of the eight islands of Hawaii. The expert fishermen there are waiting for me to arrive. I am making preparations so people who do not have money to stay at a hotel can sleep on their boats. I also established a foundation for the ocean palace.

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