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Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 9: Activities in the Media, Education and the Arts for the Culture of Heart
Chapter 5: Realizing a World of the Culture of Heart through Sports  
Section 1: The World Culture and Sports Festival, The 1988 Seoul Olympic Games
Section 1: The World Culture and Sports Festival, Paragraph 11

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Chapter 5.  Realizing a World of the Culture of Heart through Sports  

Section 1. The World Culture and Sports Festival

The 1988 Seoul Olympic Games

During the 16 days from September 17 to October 2, 1988, the 24th Summer Olympic Games were held in Seoul and other major Korean cities. Some 8,000 athletes from 159 nations, including both the communist and free worlds, participated in 237 medal competitions. True Parents recognized that these games had great providential significance, so they attended the opening ceremony. A group of ten missionaries was assigned to each country's team. They cheered for their team at events and provided team members with the soft drink McCol, made by Ilhwa Co.

1 1988 was 43 years after the end of World War II in 1945. Thus, 1988 marked the first half of the seven-year course after the 40-year course that followed the war. But, I had to conclude everything in this seven year course by 1989, which was only the fourth year. For that reason, from 1988 onward, world events had to fall into place to move the providence forward. It was through the Korean War that the Cold War arose, dividing the world into two blocs, democracy and communism. The split started from Korea, so that is where the world had to become one again. Thus, through the Seoul Olympic Games, the Soviet Union and the United States had to unite. At the Los Angeles Games in the United States, representing the democratic world, and at the Moscow Games in the Soviet Union, representing the communist world, the blocs were at odds, and they boycotted the games. They were to unite, centering on Korea. And thus I summoned missionaries of the Unification Church from 120 nations and worked to unite the two blocs.

2  Due to the contending powers of democracy and communism, Korea was split in two, and starting from the Korean War in 1950 the world was drawn into the fight between these two powers. But this conflict ridden, divided world began to reunite through the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. During the Games, the condition was laid for the Olympic athletic teams, who are the younger generation in Cain's position representing the physical world, and the Unification Church missionaries sent by True Parents who are the second generation in Abel's position, representing the world of the heart, to unite completely.

Unification Church missionaries representing 120 nations came to Korea and participated in this work at the request of True Parents, creating an internal unity. At the same time, Korea's president and these Cain position Olympic athletes of Satan's world united externally. In order for the missionaries to unite with the Olympic participants, the missionaries supplied them with food, our McCol beverage and other gifts. This was similar to the way Jacob served Esau. In this way, everyone completely united. I laid a worldwide foundation, and now the world is taking a new course and moving forward.

3  The 1988 Seoul Olympic Games brought unexpected results. How did Korea do? In terms of the number of medals won, the Soviet Union and East Germany, the nations that led the communist world, took 1st and 2nd place, whereas America and Korea, the nations that led the democratic world, placed 3rd and 4th. This was a vertical Cain and Abel relationship, and I contributed by changing it into a horizontal Cain and Abel relationship. At that time, a Soviet athlete sent me his bronze medal as an expression of gratitude.

4  At the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Korea won the 4th-highest number of medals. To offer a condition of indemnity, I stayed up all night watching the Games, with three television sets playing. At the outset of the Games, the Cold War was raging and the geopolitical situation seemed frozen. It seemed as if the democratic and religious worlds were frozen and even the Olympic Games were frozen. Nonetheless, during the Seoul Games, everything began to melt. It was I who was directly behind that, bringing the Cold War era to an end. Whether you believe it or not, I did it. Because everything was prepared behind the scenes, the Little Angels were able to perform at the Olympic Cultural Festival.

5  Among those who watched the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, I was probably the most enthusiastic. Internally representing Heaven and the religious realm, I set up three televisions and watched all of the competitions as a condition of devotion. Watching everything from beginning to end probably set a world record. The spirit world joined me in watching and cheering as well. Through my work with the Games, I brought the young people from 160 nations together physically and spiritually. I spent all that time during the Games watching the TVs with my back to the waves breaking on the shore, so I could not help but think about Korea.

The president of Korea and the Korean people now stand in the vertical position on the national level; they represent the world and are focused with a unified heart that beats in time with mine. The unification of Korea represents the unification of the world. Therefore, the uniting of the Korean people with True Parents signifies that the world is becoming one, internally and externally. The Korean government and its people are the nucleus of the world. This is the way for all to unite. Thus, this is a historic period of worldwide transformation.

6  After connecting the victorious democratic world to the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games, and to the vision for a new nation and new world, I held the Ceremony and Proclamation of the Unity and Transformation of the Providence on September 27, 1988, and then proclaimed the Foundation Day of the Nation of the Unified World on October 3. Because the world was dealing with big problems, I changed the course of history by holding this Ceremony and Proclamation for the Unity and Transformation of the Providence as well as the proclamation of the establishment of Foundation Day, centering on the Olympic Games. Now we can see that human history is finally flowing in a new direction.

The World Culture and Sports Festival

On September 27, 1988, during the Seoul Olympic Games, True Parents gathered members from 120 nations at the Hannam-dong house and proposed holding the World Culture and Sports Festival (WCSF) to promote a God-centered culture of deep heart. Accordingly, WCSF was formed with the aim of bringing down man-made barriers and helping to realize a harmonious and united world through large-scale international sports and cultural festivals. The first World Culture and Sports Festival was held in Seoul from August 19-30, 1992.

7  Embarking upon a new era following our great victory at the Seoul Olympic Games, I declared that the World Culture and Sports Festival would be held on a regular basis. This is the first time I have launched such a project. Through such endeavors, we are creating a new, central axis for the world. If all realms of the world connect to each other and revolve around that axis, Satan's influence will be eliminated and this will become a heavenly world. The WCSF will accelerate the process by which we are creating the one united world.

8  Now the era of church-level Blessing has passed, and the time is here to receive the Blessing representing your nation. To realize the Blessing at the national level, we must connect it to the new era of culture. Therefore, True Parents will bestow the marriage Blessing as the center of a new Olympic-style cultural festival. As usual with the Blessing, the purpose will be to invest in people who will maintain the heavenly standard as blessed couples. Therefore, leaders from 120 nations should carefully select virtuous men and women to represent the young people of their country. Through the academic conferences and games with these chosen young champions, we will open the door to the Blessing, the greatest realm of champions.

You should recruit qualified teams of athletes to participate in these games. If they excel here, the people of the world will open their path to success. Through this, these young people will rise on the foundation of a new world of hope and will stand together in the garden of ideals and the home of peace. After the long course of restoration, these champions, while yearning for the new ideal and singing songs of inspiration, will advance toward the kingdom of heaven.

9  Originally, our institution should have been called the World Culture Olympics Convention. But the International Olympic Committee said this would infringe upon their trademark, so we chose the title World Cultural and Sports Festival (WCSF). During the 1988 Olympic Games, we entered an age in which nations of the Cold War era united. The Soviet Union and America had taken turns boycotting previous Olympiads and were unable to unite with one another. During the 1988 Olympics, however, they crossed the apex of the Cold War and buried the hatchet for the first time.

Nonetheless, that unity was achieved only on the level of the physical body; a united realm of the spirit has not yet been formed. The Olympic Games are focused on pulling together the world's youth based on physical ability alone. This ignores the religious and spiritual dimensions of life. For this reason, we have to bring spirituality into the Olympic Games. In the WCSF, which is modeled after the Olympic Games, physical and spiritual aspects are both included.

10  At an early age, I received Heaven's call. Then I persevered through the course of the history of restoration, investing my life, taking the lead, and hastening to gather representative leaders from every field of human endeavor. Accordingly, the World Culture and Sports Festival is the first sports festival centered on God and based on the standard of absolute values. In contrast, traditions, cultures and values across the five oceans and six continents all focus on their idiosyncrasies and are utterly disunited. I have come to create a movement for a new, unified culture characterized by total harmony. This movement, centering on the Principle, which is the foundation for everything, is the movement of new life and true love. By creating harmony and unity between spirit and flesh, rooted in the original nature with God as the center, this movement will create new men and women, new families, a new nation and a new world.

11  The WCSF is a celebration in which, with God at the center, family members of a global village including the world's scholars, religious leaders, journalists, politicians, woman leaders, youth leaders, athletes and others meet together. Rooted in God, it is the harmonious integration of the wisdom and experience of the entire human race, in an event of cosmic historic importance focused on building the peaceful, ideal world. The original, ideal world is the world founded on God's true love, true life and true lineage. It will be established through the new Adam and Eve who perfect the four great realms of heart, the realms of true children, true siblings, a true couple and true parents.

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