Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 236

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 4: The Era Of The Pacific Rim Civilization And The Korean Peninsula
Section 1: Advent of a New Era, Paragraph 11-21

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11  Asian civilization is a masculine civilization and Western civilization is a feminine one. Asia is the birthplace of religions. Therefore, Western civilization is coming to Asia. Why is Western civilization the object-partner civilization and Asian civilization the subject-partner civilization? It is because the mainstream religions originated in Asia. Adam, whom God created first, is the subject partner, and Eve, who was created later as Adam's helper, is the object partner. Therefore, Asian civilization is focused on the realm of Adam and is the primary, representative civilization. The Messiah, Jesus, came to Asia. Therefore, through Christian civilization, we must unite the territory of Asia, which represents Jesus' new body, for the sake of recovering Jesus' lost body, and connect it with the realm of spiritual victory. For this reason, the era of the Pacific civilization will come.

12  Based on God's providence, civilization has progressed gradually on a path around the world, crossing over from the American continent to create the era of the Pacific civilization. In other words, it began with the Mediterranean civilization, continued through Britain to the Atlantic civilization, then moved through America to the Pacific civilization, and arrived at Japan, which is in the same position as Britain once was. It is not because the Japanese are smarter that they have been able to modernize their country and engage in development over the last 120 years. Japan has developed as much as it has because God's providence needs to blossom in Asia. Because God needed to develop an island nation in the same position as Britain, Japan inherited Western advances and played a central role. This is why Japanese culture is like British culture. In both countries, for example, people drive on the left side of the road. Japan has taken on many aspects of British civilization. Japan has established a basis for absorbing all the modern aspects of civilization that started in Europe and eventually came to the United States. It was God's Will that Japan act as the agent to connect Asia to the civilization represented primarily by the United States. God caused civilization to develop in order to realize the ideal world. Therefore, European civilization and Asian civilization must join hands.

13  What path will God tread when humankind confronts its miserable destiny, falling into hell in the midst of confusion, despair and distress? It will be a path of unification. That unification can be achieved through the formation of a cultural sphere on God's side. When we look from this perspective, we understand that a united European realm and a united North and South American realm will arise within Christian civilization. We must harmonize Europe and the Americas now after assimilating Christian civilization by means of the truth. The Christian cultural sphere of the West is the only thing that can unite all of these, and it is crossing over to East Asia. So if God has been trying to harmonize everything in this world based on the Christian thought system, where in East Asia would this likely occur? The Japanese worship many gods. China and Russia were taken by communism. The only country where this could happen is Korea, a land that has embraced Christianity. In other words, as we are at the doorstep of the era of the Pacific civilization, the only Asian nation possessing a Christian cultural background and ready to accept the Christian thought system is Korea. It cannot be Japan, China or Russia. Only Korea qualifies.

14  Taken together, the continents of Asia and Africa are like one person. Likewise, North and South America together are like one person. The Asian continent is in the subject partner position. From here, the continents broke apart. North America and South America broke away from Asia. They must be united. The link between Japan and the United States is through the Pacific Ocean that lies between them, with Hawaii in the center. I asked True Mother to win over the United States. On the day Japan and the United States become one, centering on the Pacific Ocean through True Mother, America, which has slipped over into the West, will once again become one with Asia. Jesus lost his body in Asia, and the oneness of True Mother and True Father will bring Western civilization into oneness with Asia through the era of the Pacific civilization. The body that was lost will be reconstituted. Once the age of mother-son cooperation passes, the era of the Pacific Rim will come, based on the model of the era of father-son cooperation.

15  As we welcome an age in which Eastern and Western civilizations can exchange elements, we must create a cultural sphere in Asia that can embrace Western civilization and ensure healthy exchange between Western and Eastern civilizations. Between Eastern and Western civilizations, one of them is male and the other female. We can also say that one is a spiritual culture and the other a material culture. The people from both cultures must harmonize the rhythms of their daily lives internally and externally, because a global, new, united cultural realm is coming. Western civilization, representing material progress, and Asian civilization, representing spirituality, must come together. I will be the one to provide the foundation for them to unite. In fact, the Unification Church in all of its activities and businesses has always striven to realize this overarching purpose of creating a world civilization.

16  Korea is the only place where the Asian religious cultural spheres have integrated. If Jesus had not died on the cross, the Indian and Chinese cultures would have been united, with Israel as the center. Today, however, Buddhism, representing Indian civilization, has connected to Korea. Also Confucianism, representing Chinese culture, landed there. Christianity, representing Western civilization, went to Rome, where it flourished under Roman imperial power and then grew into a worldwide religion, and reached Korea. Thus, Korea was able to receive God's blessings even beyond what the Israelites had received. Buddhism from India, Confucianism from China, and Christianity all took root in Korea. The cultural unity that should have been established during Jesus' time in fact has come about in Korea. A united Western society centered on the Vatican ultimately fell short. The Vatican was unable to create unity within the Western world and between the West and Asia. Therefore, the Unification Church, an institution with a mission parallel to that of the Vatican, must create a united cultural sphere that connects the West and Asia. A new worldwide cultural sphere must appear on the Korean Peninsula.

17  Because of the Fall of Adam and Eve, humanity has gone through several hundred million years of indemnity, historic effort and long-suffering. Humankind has paid flesh and blood indemnity. Today, I am revealing a detailed theoretical interpretation of history. I have sewn what was torn, patched what was threadbare, and recreated the original form prior to the Fall. With God as the center, we must restore Adam, Eve and the archangel.

This will all come to fruition in Korea. Through Korea and Japan, we need to restore through indemnity what went wrong in Italy and Britain, a peninsular nation and an island nation, respectively. The Vatican ruled the world from Italy, a peninsular civilization. To indemnify this, we start over focused on the United States. Since Jesus died in Asia, we need to find his body in Asia and together with the liberation of the nation's we must trumpet throughout Asia the good tidings of the kingdom of heaven on earth. When we try to do this, it is the realm of religion that poses a problem. The majority of religions are from Asia. The cultural spheres of Islam, Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity are all there. Most religions have their origin in Asia. This is why the Returning Lord must hasten the unification of religions for the sake of uniting Asia.

18  The leader of the Pacific civilization is neither the United States nor Japan. If we realize the Pacific civilization by winning the United Nations, then the physical world and spiritual world, which were divided due to Jesus' untimely death, finally will become one, with God at the center. This is why Japan and the United States must become one centering on Korea, which has taken the place of Rome. That is, the island nation and the continental nation must become one, with the peninsular nation at the center. The island nation and the continental nation will be found and matched in the East. Then Korea, Japan and America can become a trinity returning to the Pacific or Asian region, where Jesus' body was lost. In this way, the unification of the spiritual world and the physical world, which were divided and are at war with each other, will form a standard for the unification of the world. Therefore, the ocean sphere will be restored, the land will be restored, the ideal of creation will be restored, and the Fourth Adam will appear.

In order to build a foundation for this, North and South America must become one centering on Hawaii, and also Asia and Africa must become one. These pairs represent two sets of twins. On the foundation of having formed twins, everything that has been divided into East and West and into heaven and earth will come together, focused on the ocean. As Adam and Eve were born from the womb, which is like the ocean, they must emerge from a new ocean, with Hawaii as the center.

19  Since we already proclaimed the era of the Pacific Rim civilization, what we must do now is to proclaim the era of the kingship of the peaceful cosmic rim civilization. That is, we need to proclaim the era of the kingdom of the peaceful cosmic rim civilization, as well as Cheon Il Guk. An orbital path that connects to the vast universe will appear. Therefore, we proclaim the era of the empire of the peaceful Cheon Il Guk rim civilization. Many countries have been admitted to the United Nations, but they are now to become one nation. It is the era when our country will be called the peaceful Cheon Il Guk rim civilization. We must claim our country.

From now on, we are living in the era of the kingdom of the peaceful cosmic rim civilization. Cheon Il Guk means that two people become one. East and West will become one; North and South will become one. This is the era where our country, the peaceful Cheon Il Guk civilization, will reign. Through this, God will be liberated, heaven and earth will be liberated, the entire cosmos will be liberated, and the era of the kingdom of peace will become a reality. In True Parents' names, we now proclaim the era of the kingdom of the cosmic peaceful civilization and the era of my country, the peaceful Cheon Il Guk civilization. We need to embrace heaven and earth and the oceans of the world in our hearts and then dedicate all of them to heaven. We resolve to exist as one, offering our country, our world and our heaven and earth.

20  The proclamation I made in Hawaii was that of the era of the kingdom of the peaceful cosmic rim civilization, and the title of that speech was "The Historical Perspective on the Pacific Rim Era as Seen from God's Will." The subtitle was "The Direction for the United Nations and the Free World Centering on the United States." Because the Pacific Ocean and the continents are not united, I held a rally for the era of the Pacific Rim civilization. This does not mean I have forsaken the land. On the contrary, now that I have established a providential foundation on the Pacific Ocean, we need to take that seed and plant it in the land. This was accomplished at the large rally we held on April 3, 2007. The assembly was called "The Proclamation for the Opening of the New Civilization of Cosmic Peace." Cultures are first formed near oceans. They then develop through a peninsula to arrive on the mainland. This is the process they go through. As a peninsular nation, we must embrace the Pacific Ocean. We must also embrace the mainland. This is our position.

21  Since we currently dwell in the era of the Pacific cultural sphere, we must help the countries that are located on the Pacific Ocean. In order to gather these countries together, I held the World Cup Fishing Tournament on Jeju Island. The purpose of this event was to connect these countries. I wanted to create an organization that the United Nations could administer. I very much hoped the United Nations would create a branch that focuses on the leisure industry and similar concerns. There are many obstacles to this kind of effort. If we want to work with the executive members of the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations as they exist today, we must educate them. In order for South Korea to embrace the North, we must educate the North Koreans. We need to let them know about God and the spirit world. We must help them understand with certainty about changing the blood lineage. When they understand this, all problems will be solved. For this purpose, 52 countries, including the developing nations in the Pacific cultural sphere, have joined the Federation of Island Nations for World Peace. After integrating these countries into a state-like federation, we must connect them to the UN.

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