Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 232

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 3: The UN Renewal Movement, the Abel UN and the Parents' UN
Section 6: True Mother's Guidance during the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown Tour, Paragraph 04-15

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4  You young people are a great source of hope for Cambodia. Of course, it is important for you to study hard at your universities, but more than that you need to understand the importance of purity. You have to start a purity campaign for your peers, and lead them to the marriage Blessing. You need to live a model life and practice a life of living for the sake of others in your school. Father teaches church members every day, but he always conducts Hoon Dok Hae too. That is because the Word is important. How tragic it is when people in this world go to the spirit world without knowing True Parents! The history of witnessing in Cambodia is short, but if you take the lead with each member saving 10 people or 100 people, you can quickly extend your roots and sprout branches. If you do this, it won't be long before this country is restored. Thailand and Cambodia use similar alphabets. There are church members who came here today from Thailand; you are one family, brothers and sisters under God. Now if these two countries join hands and cooperate, you will certainly harvest substantial results with which God can be happy.

5  Some of you Mongolian women are engaged in remarkable activities, and there are many women here who surpass men in various fields. Accordingly, women need to take the lead and work so that there is no one in this country who does not know True Parents. The time has come when you as women can determine victory or defeat. Especially if Mongolian women make strenuous efforts, this nation will be restored to God within a short time. It is said that "the husband is heaven and the wife is earth," so the men too should make strenuous efforts. If men and women cooperate in restoring this nation, that will shorten the time frame even more. I hope all of you will work hard.

6  To accomplish any goal you set in this world, you need to work 10 times or 100 times harder than others. You should set the personal goal of making these teachings known to everyone around you. Invest your efforts to achieve that. You have to do your best, especially to have all your blood relatives receive the Blessing. Think that the extent of your efforts will determine how quickly this nation will develop. There is no blessing greater for Kyrgyzstan than that of rising up by implementing these teachings. Kyrgyzstan has been living without a name until now, because it was suppressed by the Soviet empire. If this country is to avoid such a fate in the future, you need to inform all citizens about True Parents. We cannot say that our event on June 18, 2006, was adequate, but we did succeed in sowing a seed. There is nothing more hopeful than that. We do not have much time. You need to accomplish excellent results in front of True Parents as soon as possible.

7  Never forget the fact that each of you who lives in Kazakhstan is a revolutionary, and you are receiving enormous blessing such that you can stand in the same position as the Lord of Creation. True Father has said that this fallen world is like a field of wild olive trees. Blessed families have been engrafted with cuttings from the true olive tree. Accordingly, do not allow all those wild olive trees in the world to remain the way they are. You have to make cuts in the wild olive trees and engraft branches from the true olive tree onto them. Invest your sincere devotion for the sake of fulfilling your mission and responsibility as blessed families. Work openly so that others will be able to participate in the ranks of the Blessing. We cannot even begin to imagine how much effort God had to invest before He could welcome Cheon Il Guk. True Father endured prison six times without committing any crime. Even while going through all of that, for your sake, True Parents led the providence right until the end. From that perspective, blessed families have incurred a great debt in front of God and True Parents. Our original minds do not want us to return only 90 percent of what we receive, keeping ten percent for ourselves. It is just the opposite. Our original minds want us to return more than 100 percent, even 120 percent. Until now, True Parents have paid all the indemnity and laid this foundation for success, but now is the time for blessed families to step forward. You should work in such a way that every last person knows the Will. You have to inform people of the world about True Parents. True Parents have appeared in the current era. You need to help people understand the importance of this time, the age in which we live together with the True Parents.

The Middle East, Europe and Africa

8  The situation in the Middle East is very complex. In previous world tours, we often were stopped from going to dangerous areas. Nonetheless, because True Parents are in the position of having to save the whole world, we cannot stay away even from dangerous places. We see that the reason conflict and antagonism continue in this region is that the people have not received God's Will. With God as the center, you have to reach beyond relationships of mutual understanding, and join hands with those who misunderstand you. In God's eyes, there can be no divisions between white and black, and there can be no walls between religions, peoples, or cultures. I emphasized these points at our rally in Jordan on June 30, 2006. People in the Middle East have to face the current reality, instead of clinging to the past. The Middle East will welcome eternal peace only when its people live their lives attending True Parents and accurately understand God's Will for this time. We are one family, brothers and sisters under God, and you should not forget that God is our eternal True Parent. God established this nation of Jordan. All the brothers and sisters of Jordan need to understand the Will of God, who established Jordan, and work for the sake of realizing that Will.

9  You have to be proud of True Parents and testify to them. You have to become people who resemble True Parents and work for the sake of realizing their will. True Parents' teachings are the guidebooks and textbooks to help you live such lives. The important task for you as blessed families is to fulfill the mission of tribal messiahs. One day, you too will go to the spirit world. If you fail to fulfill your responsibility on earth, your tribe members who are alive today will accuse you of not letting them know about True Parents. The only way to avoid being accused in this manner is to inform everyone in your tribe, without exception, about True Parents. In particular, you members of the Malta church need to establish a foundation to receive assistance from the spirit world. You need to establish a reciprocal standard so that good spirits can come down and work in this country. From now on, you have to implement changes in your daily lives. This means that now is the time you have to invest your effort with utmost sincerity. We are happy people. This is because we are living with and attending True Parents, something that no one else in this world is doing. Never forget that God is with us.

10  On July 2, 2006, we victoriously concluded the Universal Peace Federation gathering for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown here in Warsaw, Poland. I think with just the people who attended that gathering, there is enough manpower to bring Poland to God. In order to do that, you need to accelerate your efforts and work quickly with the help of those people to restore Poland. It is up to you to shorten the time period. You have to receive God's Will for the sake of Poland, so that it becomes a nation that receives God's blessing. Everyone who attended this program was inspired. I hope that you will share even greater happiness with them in the future and raise them well.

11  Romania's history is as honorable as that of Rome. Until now, you have lived as wild olive trees, but in the future, God will hold greater interest in your country after you become perfected, true olive trees. It is okay to engage in intense competition if we compete with a good motivation. People from many different nations are gathered here today. What is important is which nation will be the first to fulfill God's Will. Many members and ambassadors for peace worked very hard for the success of the Universal Peace Federation gathering for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown that was held here in Romania on July 3, 2006. This is the beginning. Those who are active and full of life will prosper, but those who are idle will decline. When we consider all European nations, this nation's development can be improved in various respects. Romania will rise to the position of a developed nation in God's sight if it stands at the forefront, focusing on His Will.

12  True Parents' teachings are the medicine that will make Slovakia a healthy nation. There is no medicine better than these teachings. I understand that many of society's problems, starting with family problems and youth problems, are arising in this nation. We successfully concluded the rally on July 4, 2006, but our work does not end there. It is just beginning. When you are empowered with these teachings and put them into practice, Slovakia will prosper and wax strong.

13  We are conducting the Universal Peace Federation gathering for the Return to the Original Fatherland and Hometown. You do not know how joyful all humanity is that we are holding Blessing ceremonies in every country. Because of Russia's church-state relations, some countries in Eastern Europe could not receive the grace of the Blessing. Whether we see this from God's viewpoint or from the human viewpoint, it is contrary to God's Will. Nonetheless, we must give everyone life by means of the Blessing. That we can attend True Parents in the age of Cheon Il Guk and participate in this type of event is like a miracle. The fact that Slovakia participated in this historic event is truly a miracle. When I think about the countries that could not participate, I realize that you are very fortunate people. You need to reflect on how you can return that degree of joy to God. Happiness that you enjoy alone is not true happiness. The more you share your happiness, the more bountifully it will return to you. Put true love into practice while feeling the happiness that comes from giving more than you receive.

14  God created us so that we would practice true love in this world. Are you living that kind of life? Are you living like that for the sake of your family, tribe and nation? From now on, you have to be determined to live like that, studying our teachings enthusiastically and practicing true love. I am grateful that people from many other nations participated in this rally in Bosnia. We have sown the seed in this nation. However, you, as Bosnians, have the responsibility to nurture this seed well, in a healthy manner. Therefore, you need to work to build close relationships with your neighboring countries and bring about greater development.

15  We say that a fruit is ripe when it bursts with flavor. Economic growth is important for Albania to become a rich and powerful nation, but for this it needs to become a strong nation spiritually. If Albania is empowered with the Word, within a few years it will become a prosperous and vital nation. When True Parents first started this movement in the 1950s in Korea, there were less than 100 members. Since Albania has 300 members, within ten years you will be able to make this nation strong and prosperous. The future of Albania is in your hands.

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