Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 210

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 1: Initiatives for North-South Unification and the Visit to North Korea
Section 3: Dialogue with Kim Il-sung, paragraph 12-25

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12  I went to visit Kim Il-sung. Now, just imagine how many times he must have cursed me. I am guilty of the same, having cursed Kim Il-sung, saying, "Give it all up. The Juche ideology is nothing!" When the Mafia instructs their minions on how to commit crimes, they do not pretend to be imparting everlasting truth. But Kim Il-sung taught the Juche ideology with the claim that it is eternal truth. The subject-partner (juche) thought that Reverend Moon of the Unification Church espouses is fundamentally different from the Juche (subject) ideology of Kim Il-sung. 

Nonetheless, when I went to North Korea to meet him, I had to have a heart of love for him greater than that of his own mother. Nothing would have worked if I had gone there with a concept that he is an enemy. No equilibrium would have been created. That is why I had to take the position of a younger brother and treat Kim Il-sung as an older brother whom I had not seen for 40 years. Only then was it possible for our conversation to be cheerful, without any feeling of enmity, allowing me to give him some advice. 

If an older brother errs and the younger brother simply says, "Don't worry, it's okay," that little brother is failing his responsibility to help his older brother become righteous. That is why I told everyone in the Mansudae Assembly Hall, "The Juche ideal will not work. World peace cannot be realized without Godism."

He is the red king in his kingdom, carrying guns and swords, but he has fallen off the very last cliff. I, on the other hand, started at the bottom of that cliff and climbed up to the top. Kim Il-sung asserts his Juche thought in his limited territory in the northern part of the Korean Peninsula, but Godism has gone worldwide and is publicly acknowledged everywhere.

13  I expounded head-wing thought to the chairman of North Korea's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Fatherland. Head-wing thought, I asserted, is Godism. I told him that we need to think about the fundamental question of the universe, namely, what is the purpose of human life? The true purpose of philosophy is to find God through the human intellect. Without God, both religion and philosophy end up in utter confusion. Whether going through religion or philosophy, human beings ultimately need to find God. In other words, the ultimate purpose of life is to live centering on God. When we look at history, human beings have been searching for God, the Origin, but they have failed to find Him. 

In Unification Thought, we do not just talk about unification, we actually bring unification. It does not start on a worldwide scale. The essence of unification transpires between God and each individual. God seeks an ideal of unity identical to that which human beings seek. Then, upon what do we focus in order to realize this ideal? We focus on the purpose for which God created us. 

The theory of evolution is problematic here. God's theory of creation is far beyond the theory of evolution. The fundamental human reality is that man and woman exist. This is an indisputable fact. In the animal kingdom, there is male and female. Plants propagate by means of stamen and pistil. In the mineral world and the molecular world, there are positive and negative ions. In the atomic world, we find protons and electrons. We can understand that all these things come into existence with the premise that they are to be united.

14  I asked the Communist Party leaders who gathered at the Mansudae Assembly Hall, "Is the Juche ideology of any use? People rarely live beyond the age of 80. Did Juche prove to be the most just system after 40 years of history? You cannot solve anything in this tiny land using Juche ideology and brute force." I proclaimed to them, imposingly, that Godism is correct, thus putting my life on the line. Even if I were in North Korea alone, I would not be suppressed by fear, nor hesitate. What would become of God's authority and His honor if I were to be timid or fearful?

That is why I had to be dignified and bold. It seemed that the winner or loser would be decided by a final showdown, and that the bolder person would win. Kim Il-sung was, as expected, truly a man among men. His secretarial staff warned him three times, "Reverend Moon is a dangerous man. You should not meet him." Each time, Kim Il-sung replied, "That is why I have to meet him."

15  We must think that South Korea is Abel and North Korea is Cain, and that the South must live for the sake of the North, investing and forgetting just as God does. Now that South Korea is twice as populous as North Korea, two South Korean families can support one North Korean family. The Korean people must unite as brethren. Only then can a unified nation emerge. A plan for unification can emerge only on such a principle. If I had been in charge, there would have been no problems. If the North had done what I said, the inter-Korean summit talks would have happened already. 

Kim Il-sung gave me his promise, saying, "Let's make a pact of brotherhood. I can be your older brother and you can be my younger brother. Reverend Moon is the younger brother, and Kim Il-sung is the older brother. Will you agree?" I replied in the affirmative. The distance from the guest house meeting room to the building's exit was about 100 meters. When we were about to leave the meeting room, I said to him, "Elder brother, give me your hand." No one has ever been allowed to hold his hand. I told him not to complain whatever I do to his hand, even if I squeeze or rub it.

16  Please watch the video of my meeting with Kim Il-sung. Try to look at my face and his, and see who looks more manly, who seems to be the subject partner. I was never dragged around or forcibly escorted by Kim Il-sung. His hands were a bit shaky, and he could not move his limbs freely. Since he was over 80, seven years older than me, he was like my older brother, but still I was the one to take the lead. As this was happening before their eyes, I could only imagine how terrified his bodyguards were. They would be executed should any harm befall Kim Il-sung. Punishment would be immediate, right on the spot. So how could the people around Kim Il-sung not be beside themselves? But still I took the lead; it was not he who led me.

17  Kim Il-sung knew me very well. Eight months before I left for North Korea, he had already collected all the information available about me. Though a man of cunning, he was honest and straightforward, too. He told me frankly the information he had obtained about me, so I said directly to him, "I thought you were clever. Why are you being so honest?" In the very end, we addressed each other as brothers. 

Until that time, whenever Kim Il-sung had an official photograph taken, he would fold his hands behind his back and stand in front of a picture of Mt. Baekdu. He claimed that this depicted him as being number one. According to his subordinates, mine was the first photo of him holding someone by the hand. I was the first person in the history of North Korea whose hand President Kim held in a photo. People who saw it asked, "How could they become one like that?" This became a topic of conversation in the Communist Party and in all of North Korea.

18  During the 80 years of his life, Kim Il-sung had never met anyone as bold as me. When we met, he told me that he had never had a shred of enmity toward me. He told me that meeting me was like meeting a long-lost brother or his closest childhood friend. Communism denies God, so he could not figure out why he felt this way, and further confessed that he did not know why his mind worked in that way in relation to me. There was no way for him, even at that moment, to explain why he missed me and wanted to meet me.

19  When I was in North Korea in 1991, I brought Kim Il-sung, who is in the position of the lord at the second advent for Satan's world, to a conditional submission. Now I can go anywhere I want. Kim Il-sung told me, "If you say you will come, I will build you a house in your hometown that's even bigger than mine," but that was not completely sincere. When I asked him, "Are you really serious?" he answered, "Yes, of course." But I am not a man to be used by Kim Il-sung, and I know how history will unfold.

20  Kim Il-sung is the lord at the second coming in Satan's world. That is why he has taken the parental position. North Koreans call him, "father," and indeed he is in the position of a parent. I put him in the position of a brother to me. That is why I naturally subjugated him. I was able to restore the right of parents because I restored the right of the elder son by bringing him to natural surrender. Subjugating Kim Il-sung upon the foundation of having restored the right of the elder son means that the right of parents can be restored.

Now that the right of parents is restored, next is the restoration of kingship, which will happen once North and South Korea are unified. We are moving toward that stage. Then, centering on that kingship, a royal family will emerge on earth. Adam and Eve did not establish their kingship and the right of the royal family, so we have to march toward that goal. (235-239, 1992/09/20)

21  When I visited North Korea, I told Kim Il-sung, "You became my elder brother and I became your younger brother, but now I want you to listen to the words of your younger brother." I challenged him, "Your elder-brother ideas cannot take care of this world, but the thought of your younger brother can take care of the world." My foundations in the Soviet Union and China were more influential than those of North Korea and America. Kim Il-sung said that he would love me even if South Korea hated me.

22  When I met Kim Il-sung in North Korea, I discovered a surprising fact. The son of Kim Il-sung's cousin, Kim Dal-hyun, told me that before I came he had shown my picture to North Korean spiritualists and fortune tellers, and they told him, "This person will never betray North Korea. He will help North Korea." He told me that Kim Il-sung welcomed me warmly because of the words of these famous spiritualists. Kim Il-sung knew about this through positive reports from his subordinates, and he was affirming, "Our top officials should respect Reverend Moon."

23  Kim Il-sung's subordinates thought, "Reverend Moon is truly a special person." Because of this, they could not deny the existence of God. I met Kim Il-sung in Hungnam, the place where I had been forced to work in a labor camp. It is true, just as Kim Dal-hyun had told me, they could not deny the existence of God. Kim Dal-hyun originally did not want Kim Il-sung to meet me at Hungnam, but the meeting took place there just as I wanted, and this was why he could not deny the existence of God. He advised that the meeting not take place there, but we did meet right in the middle of Hungnam. It was all a process of restoration through indemnity. All the hardships I had endured in North Korea, all those aspects of heaven's providence, were being restored through indemnity.

24  When I was in North Korea, Kim Il-sung asked me, "From your perspective of the Cain and Abel relationship, if the Abel-type nation, South Korea, fails to fulfill her responsibility and the Cain-type nation, North Korea, fulfills hers, should the North not receive the blessings due to the South?" How was I supposed to answer that question? It was truly surprising. "If you say you are coming, I will do anything for you," he added, "I know that I have to do so if I want to live." So what was I to do? I personally wrote a promissory pledge for him in my notebook and received his signature.

25  A man named Mr. Han from China went to North Korea together with us. The South Korean embassy in China asked him a lot of questions upon his return, and it was reported that the embassy was greatly surprised at Mr. Han's answers. They asked, "We heard that Reverend Moon accomplished great things in North Korea, some historical firsts. Is it true that he spoke so openly and boldly?" He replied that I had educated the Communist Party leaders there. He also informed them that the North Korean people have always harbored a strong negative bias toward Reverend Moon, but that no one in the North opposes him now. To reverse all the negative opinions, North Korea compiled educational materials about me and conducted four days of education for their people.

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