Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 208

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 8: North-South Unification and World Peace
Chapter 1: Initiatives for North-South Unification and the Visit to North Korea
Section 2: The Citizen’s Federation, Paragraph 06-13

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6  We are in a confrontation with the North today. Therefore, North Korea always infiltrates South Korea by sending spies. Where are they infiltrating? They are infiltrating on the local level. That is the starting point; then they will organize into groups in each neighborhood. The neighborhoods will be organized around one center at the top. They are moving in that direction. Once they have secured a certain number of people, they will form an underground organization, starting with a head, and then create a unified system. Communism's strategy is to develop a centralized, unified system. 

Our greatest concern is over where these enemies will infiltrate. They will infiltrate the neighborhoods, the grassroots-level community. For this reason, we have to organize on the grassroots level. I am doing this through a three-part system: the Unification Church, the International Federation for Victory Over Communism, and the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea. The Unification Church is the head and the Citizens' Federation is the foot. In the age of restoration, however, restoration begins at the bottom, not at the top. The people of the Republic of Korea have to revolve around one axis. In that sense, I tell the other two to unite with the Citizens' Federation. The grassroots-level community has to unite around the Citizens' Federation.

Preparation for unification

The gap between North and South Korea widened as their economies diverged, and the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games exposed this to the world. As North Korea's ambition to unify the peninsula under communism intensified, True Parents said that a pan-national Victory Over Communism and unification campaign was urgent. They also stressed the importance of implementing a thorough VOC education campaign in preparation for the North's proposal for a general election including both Koreas. To accomplish this, the members had to make elaborate plans to organize down to the smallest administrative unit. Simultaneously they had to carry out full-scale education in Godism, teaching the fundamental worldview of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values, that is, head-wing thought.

7  The United States, the Soviet Union and Japan do not wish to see North and South Korea at war. At all costs, they hope to maintain peace. China is planning to reverse direction and link to the free world from 1988. An outbreak of war between the two Koreas would deal a crippling blow to China's plan to build a relationship with the free world. Given the current world situation, Kim Il-sung of North Korea will certainly demand that a general election of North and South Korea be held as soon as possible, perhaps within 40 days. The government of South Korea will have no excuse not to accept. 

North Korea has formed a shadow government with organizations assigned to each locality in South Korea. They have duplicated every organization handling the administrative departments of South Korea, including cities and counties, down to the smallest local administrative units. They are waiting for an opportune time. They believe that they can achieve a victory in an all-out propaganda war. On the other hand, South Korea is completely unprepared to deal with North Korea. When we look at God's providence, Satan always continues to attack until the very end, never retreating until the last ounce of his energy is spent. Because South Korea on its own would be defenseless against a full-scale offensive from North Korea, I have spent 40 years since Korea's liberation working to prevent such an attack.

8  On account of the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympic Games, North Korea has been cornered and is in a truly difficult position. Therefore, they are dangerous. Knowing the personality of Kim Il-sung, he is thinking, "Why do I have to rely on China or the Soviet Union? Can't I just make a surprise attack on South Korea and knock them out with a single punch?" However, if they are not able to attack like that, they will surely ask for a general election between North and South Korea. If they make such a demand, the Soviet Union, the United States, and Japan will support it. The South will inevitably be forced to agree. Therefore, it is important to create an environment supportive of North-South unification. 

Also, just as I have created the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea, we have to create a world-level Federation for the Unification of North, South, East and West. The problem between East and West is a cultural gap. They have different cultural backgrounds. On the other hand, the problem between North and South is the gulf between rich and poor. As all the world's nations have these problems, we certainly have to create the Federation for the Unification of North, South, East and West.

9  The systems of free democracy and communism are fundamentally different. In a free democratic country the people elect the leader, whereas in a communist nation a dictatorship rules, claiming the authority of the proletariat, the laborers and farmers. Communism tries to eliminate any and all dissidents. This assures that the person appointed by the Communist Party will surely be elected. They use this method in order to sustain their dictatorial regime forever. 

The question is, how will we create a unified system? The answer is, we need a unifying worldview that can surpass and assimilate the systems of democracy and communism. We have to create a unified system based on that theoretical foundation. A unified Korea will serve as a model for such a unified global system. The Federation for the Unification of North, South, East and West is a global replication of the Citizens' Federation for the Unification of North and South Korea national model. Korea will become the model for the world. Following its example, the world can create a unified global system.

10  To unify North and South Korea, we need to focus our activities on the administrative units of the village and district. First, we have to strengthen and educate on the hamlet and block level throughout the district's villages. Second, we have to educate wards and blocks throughout the city districts. Third, we have to utilize town halls and schools. We need to find suitable places to run educational programs on the local level. Fourth, we have to form a supporters' association. All problems can be resolved once we have a supporters' association. Its members can decide about donating money every month for the sake of liberating North Korea. The heads of wards, blocks and districts can meet together and build a preparatory fund. The supporters' association will gather contributions and donations.

11  During the past 20 years, since the International Federation for Victory Over Communism was formed in 1968, the Unification Church has formally educated more than 900,000 people through four day workshops. We are proud of this network of valuable human resources that nobody in the world can rival. In addition to the audience of the IFVOC, the total number of people the Unification Church has educated exceeds two million. These people may not become full-time members of the Unification Church, but they constitute a large stronghold in every nook and cranny of the country that is linked to our church. 

They are like the pulsating blood vessels connected to the heart, ready to spread their energy. Neither the government nor any of the political parties know about this. There are countless hidden people who will rush to meet me on short notice, or in one day, if I hold a big rally in a convention hall or a stadium. Thanks to our efforts in creating local organizations during those years, we came to possess a rich pool of human resources backing us. We then held a program where we took Korean leaders to the United States for workshops in order to expand and strengthen the nucleus of this stronghold of people, as a bridge that connects the global superstructure with the local substructure. 

Korean politicians nowadays talk endlessly about having autonomous local governance in the regions of Korea, but there is no organization or political party that can surpass our foundation, which is being built not only in Korea, but also in America and Japan. We now must take action and build a substantial beachhead, where the tide rising in South Korea flows to North Korea. I am the only one who can do that.

12  The Unification Principle and headwing thought are terrifying to the Devil's world, while they are amazing assets in the world of God. We have to teach head-wing thought, God's worldview, and Godism to all North Korean citizens. This is definitely the fastest solution to the problem of reunification. The Unification Principle is also essential in mediating the never-ending, deep-rooted war between Judaism and Islam in the Middle East. Forty core Muslim leaders of Syria, Egypt and Yemen have completed a 40-day workshop. Siblings cannot bring this kind of thing about; only parents can. When it is a parent that is telling them they are real brothers, they can unite. God is that Parent. If you teach about God, all will unite.

13  I have spent a lifetime fighting communism. Several times, communists threatened my life and I barely managed to pull myself out of a perilous situation. However, I was neither against any particular communist leader nor against socialism. The communist ideology based on God-denying materialism is not true. Having totally experienced God and being convinced of His existence, I firmly believe that if our world and humankind do not seek for God and return to Him, ultimately all people will meet their doom. 

In that sense, I cannot say that the free world or capitalistic world today is walking in the right direction. Rather, I think that within the capitalistic world is a tidal surge of atheism and materialism that is shaping and threatening the future of humankind as much as communism ever did. If God, the root of the universe, does not exist, there is no standard of absolute value in the world. In that case, no one can establish a standard of human morality and ethics, and such a society has no fundamental philosophy that makes human beings lords of all created things. Atheistic, all-powerful materialism brings divine punishment in the form of today's knotty problems, for example, the tragedies of ethnic conflict, religious war and bloodshed, drug addiction and violence, free sex and AIDS. 

I took great pains in searching for the fundamental cure to these problems and found the solution in a revelation from God. I think that to attain world peace, the most urgent priority is that all human beings come to know God, who is the one great Governor of heaven and earth and their Parent, and become His children. I am standing in the center because I declared headwing thought, which is Godism.

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