Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 186

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 7: True Parents’ Course of Suffering and Victory
Chapter 2: The Ehwa University and Yonsei University Incident and Suffering in Seodaemun
Section 1: The Restoration of a People, Gathering young Christians
Section 1: The Restoration of a People, Paragraph 07

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Section 1. The Restoration of a People

Gathering young Christians

With the founding of HSA-UWC in 1954, the mainstream of God's providence in Korea was transferred from older Christians, the first generation, to younger Christians, the second generation. The Unification Principle began to circulate among university students. Among the universities, Ehwa Womans University and Yonsei University, both with Christian church endowments, were the leading schools that educated the best of the young generation of Christianity. The so-called Ehwa University—Yonsei University Expulsion Incident occurred due to Christian persecution and opposition to the Unification Church, with collaboration from the Korean government. It began in March 1955 and continued into July, becoming a major social issue.

1  Christianity is the bride religion. To prepare the Bride for the Bridegroom to come, early Christianity suffered great persecution from the Roman Empire. When Christianity reached the era of the worldwide Christian cultural sphere, the Bridegroom was to come and unite the world. That time was just after World War II. 

After World War II, the world was supposed to unite centering on Christianity. The world was supposed to become one. There were to have been no more wars among nations. During World War II, the Allied powers of Great Britain, America and France fought and defeated the Axis powers of Japan, Germany and Italy. On the foundation of that victory, the Eve, Cain and Abel nations should have attended the Lord on his return. If those nations had attended him at that time, centering on Christianity, the world would have been unified. For this, these Christian nations were supposed to have received me. If they had, I would have taken care of the entire world with God's full authority. Starting with China, Russia, Japan and the United States, I would have brought all nations together. 

However, because Christianity failed to accept and attend me, the incidents at Ehwa Womans University and Yonsei University occurred. Yonsei and Ehwa Universities represented the best men's and women's schools for educating the young generation. If God's plan for these two universities had been accomplished, they could have become the center of all the organizations in this nation.

2  In Korea, my purpose in working at Yonsei University and Ehwa Womans University was to connect the first and second generations based on the second generation. From a vertical perspective, the first generation, Christians, and the second generation, the students of the two schools, have a parent-child relationship. Horizontally, the two schools have a relationship as partners. We can consider the horizontal relationship between Yonsei University and Ehwa Womans University like the position of Adam and Eve, man and woman, and the second generation as in the position of the children. If the second generation had united with me, the Parent, then not only the children of the second generation but also Christians in the position of the first generation could have united with me. 

According to the Principle of Restoration, if the first generation and the second generation become completely one, Cain is brought to surrender. This is because the second generation would stand on God's side and not on Satan's side. Had the second generation come into the realm of God's protection, then since the second generation, the realm of Abel, was united with me, on that day the first generation would have naturally become one with me as well. The first generation of Israelites died in the wilderness, but now both generations would be on God's side and in the realm of His protection. Hence, both the first and second generations could have entered the land of Canaan together. This is the Principle. In this way I tried to connect the first and second generations of Christianity centering on my work at these two Korean universities, but the Ehwa Womans University and Yonsei University incident occurred.

3  I had to unite the leaders of the Spirit-led Christian that had gone underground during Japanese rule. Then after the liberation of Korea, I had to gather the Christian ministers who had yielded to Japanese pressure and worshiped at the Shinto shrines. My responsibility was to bring these two types of Christian leaders together in order to build a foundation for the nation. However, the effort broke down because their beliefs were so different from each other. When I brought them together, the leaders who had been active underground fiercely refused to work with the ministers who had compromised by yielding to the Japanese.

Those ministers who had cooperated with the Japanese imperialists and now cooperated with the Korean government stood in the position of opposing me. This became a problem. The providential Will for the first generation of Christianity had been to unite all the Christian leaders. But because they were in complete opposition to God's Will, I had to lead a movement to gather the second generation. While doing this, the Ehwa Womans University and Yonsei University incident transpired.

4  Since the first generation of Christianity opposed me, the work I have been doing during my lifetime has been to gather together the second generation. This providence began with a focus on Ehwa Womans University and Yonsei University. At the time, Korean President Syngman Rhee's wife was connected to Ehwa Womans University through the university's vice president, Maria Park. The two were completely united with the government, based on the Christian missionary foundation. These powerful women made the same mistake as Eve when she influenced Adam.

To rectify the mistake of the first generation, I had to bring the second generation together and bring them into complete unity with me. Among the students in the position of the second generation were sons and daughters of all kinds of parents, including parents who were spiritually open, parents who had worshiped at the Japanese shrines, parents without any faith, and so on. They were all there together. Had I brought these students of the second generation into oneness with me, I could have corrected what the first generation had done to me. I could then have brought the nation and the churches together, and from there we would have moved onto the world stage.

5  When the Lord came to Korea, the teaching that Christianity presented was too limited. It was not adequate to restore the world. So he had to develop something new that could lead humanity to make a leap to a higher dimension. For me, the issue was not only the independence of the nation; I was concerned to save the entire world. But Christianity did not have a teaching comprehensive enough to achieve this. 

For three and a half years immediately after Korea was liberated from Japan, I went to all the prepared Christian leaders to bring them to understand this teaching, but every one of them opposed me and I was driven away and left alone. Had Christianity united with me, I could have led the people of the nation, and Korea would not have been subjected to the American military administration.

Even after that, if the Ehwa Womans University incident had not occurred, then the government policy of religious freedom would have allowed me to go to a position above the Cain-Abel relationship with the support of the government of Syngman Rhee and the president of Ehwa University. However, because of the Ehwa University and Yonsei University incident, this was not realized. Had they accepted me, then based on the Cain-Abel relationship between the United States and President Syngman Rhee, we could have made an incredible leap to a new dimension that the world had never known. Then the entire world would have been united by the time I reached the age of 40.

6  It was my destiny to start on the foundation of Christianity, but because Christianity rejected me I had to establish a church that was on an equal level with Christianity. This is the Unification Church. Those who established the foundation of this church through hardships were those second generation students who were chased out by the first generation Christians. These students of the second generation had to go out and suffer and indemnify everything in history. Because Christianity could not fulfill its responsibility centering on the standard of saving the world, the Christians all became the enemies of this new church. Hence, even though the Christians were to break down the walls of the individual, family, tribe and people, the Unification Church had to offer the sacrificial price to build the spiritual and physical foundation on a par with what had been lost.

7  Yonsei University and Ehwa Womans University were in the positions of a pure young man and pure young woman, like Adam and Eve who had not fallen. If they had become one with me in a father-child relationship, it would have been like forming a family-level four-position foundation. From that foundation could have emerged individuals, families, tribes and the Korean people aligned with me. Next, if the Korean people had become one with the government of Syngman Rhee, since the nation was centered on Christianity, True Parents could have stood on the national level. Then, centering on Korea, the ideal of True Parents could have embarked on a solid foundation. 

The missionaries and America were the backdrop of Christianity in this nation. The commander in charge of the US military administration was the representative of the American nation, and the ones in charge of the churches were the American missionaries. But because of the opposition of these missionaries, everything went wrong. It was the same as Judaism's opposition at the time of Jesus. As a result, I was expelled and driven out as a contemptible heretic. I was driven out into the wilderness. Therefore, the foundation that heaven had prepared for 4,000 years was lost. 

In order to rebuild it and climb back up, I had to carry out the collective responsibilities that American Christianity and America could not accomplish, and that Korean Christianity and the Republic of Korea could not fulfill. In the Republic of Korea, Christianity and the government stood on the national level. In the global era, I must take charge of Christianity and the nation on the global level.

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