Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 168

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 6: The World Tours and the Global Mission
Chapter 2: True Parents’ Settlement in the United States and Their Public Speeches
Section 6: The Watergate Statement, Paragraph 12
Chapter 3: Special Tour of Japan and Sending Out Missionaries
Section 1: Japan’s Responsibility, Background
Section 1: Japan’s Responsibility, Paragraph 12

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Section 1. Japan's responsibility


When Korea gained independence on August 15, 1945, True Father intended to do a full-scale unveiling of God's Will, based on the foundation of Christianity. If everything had unfolded as planned, True Father was going to advance to the world through the victorious nations of World War II: the United States, Great Britain and France. True Father believed that the unity of these three nations as Abel, Eve and Cain would have led seamlessly to the restoration of the world. However, due to the disbelief of religious leaders, his plans did not materialize and God had to begin a new providence by raising Japan to the position of the Eve nation in place of Great Britain. God blessed Japan as the Eve nation, which would feed and raise the world, beginning with Asia, just as a mother nurses her children.

1  Immediately after World War II, the Allied nations and Axis powers could have united to create the realm of the bride, in other words a Christian cultural realm. If they had attended True Father, who came as the Bridegroom, a 40-year history of sorrow would not have come about. It was a providential time in which it was possible to connect all families to the foundation of global victory within seven years, based on True Parents' model and standard. Yet it ended in failure because representatives of the realm of western Christianity, who represented the bride, were unable to attend and unite with me as the Returning Lord. Not only did they fail to unite with me, they opposed me and completely turned toward Satan's world.

I was driven out and left standing in the wilderness. I had to rebuild a foundation from the individual to the family, tribe, people and national levels. I have faced global persecution to this day. Through it all I continually paid indemnity in the face of worldwide opposition. For 40 years I forged through this global realm of persecution facing opposition on every level, including the family, people, nation, world and heaven and earth.

2  When you consider Great Britain, the United States and France at the end of World War II, you can see that Great Britain, the Eve nation, as an island nation, has affection for the continent. The United States is like Abel, born from Great Britain in the same way the Protestant realm was born from the Catholic realm. Among the Allied forces, France was in the position of Cain. Opposing those three was Satan's side, consisting of Japan, Germany and Italy. The Allied forces stood face to face against the Axis powers. The world was divided and seeds were planted.

When the time of full harvest came, all accounts had to be settled. Satan had to be brought into complete submission. However, Great Britain, the United States and France opposed me. Had they not, Japan and Germany would not have come to stand on God's side.

I chose the United States again because the Completed Testament Age requires the formation and growth stages. America was needed to provide that foundation upon which the Returning Lord could stand, because the restoration of the United States signifies the restoration of Judaism and Christianity, the Old Testament and New Testament. All of this had to be set in order again. That is why I chose America again. After World War II, America, Japan and Germany gained global authority. This could happen because I chose them to become the Abel nation, Eve nation and Cain nation respectively.

3  In order to unite the world there must be a Cain-type nation and an Abel-type nation, and an Adam-type nation and an Eve-type nation within the democratic realm. On a global level Korea is the Adam nation. If the Christian cultural sphere centered on America had accepted me, Great Britain would have been the Eve nation. I was going to unite Great Britain with the global Christian cultural sphere, but Christianity opposed me, so I was unable to do this. I had to return to Asia and this led to the emergence of Japan, an enemy nation of the Korean Peninsula. After entering the era of restoration, Japan is fulfilling her responsibility as the mother. She could gather economic authority in the Last Days because she stands in the position of the Eve nation. As Eve, Japan must recover everything that was lost.

4  In the past, Korea and Japan were enemies. In order to indemnify this, I had to bring the most beloved and most hated persons, and the most beloved and hated nations, to relate to one another in God's presence. Otherwise, I cannot restore heaven and earth. Japan stands in the position of an object partner to Korea, and Germany stands in the position of an object partner to the United States.

Thus, Korea is the Adam nation and Japan is the Eve nation. America is the archangel nation on God's side, and Germany is the archangel nation on Satan's side. When Korea is unified, these four nations can be restored. When these four nations are united, the world can be restored. In this way we can restore the spiritual world and the physical world. These four nations have to become sacrificial offerings in order to restore the universe and the world, and Korea must become a sacrificial offering in order to restore these four nations.

5  Jesus created a foundation for spiritual victory, but True Parents' victory encompassed both the spiritual world and the physical world as they advanced in the providence for worldwide unity. For the three years beginning with 1972, if we can build solidarity and win over Japan, Japan will become a nation that the world recognizes. As the Eve nation, Japan will develop. The Principle foresees that things develop after a three-year period. In order to prepare for this, I will organize a task force. We have to quickly nurture talented people.

The Mother nation

In 1999, a year before the arrival of a new century, for the sake of the world, 12,000 Japanese women in groups of 80 were sent out as missionaries to 150 nations. A total of more than 20,000 Japanese women went out to the world as missionaries starting from 1994. When True Parents toured the mission countries during this time, they took time to encourage these missionaries. On this foundation, True Parents announced on January 1, 1998 that Japan was elevated from the position of Eve nation to that of mother nation.

6  From now, America will become the nation with the authority of the elder son, Japan will become the mother nation, and Korea will become the father nation. These three nations, Korea, Japan and America, are one nation. From today, April 17, 1998, we have to think of them as one nation. When these three nations unite they will have no problem influencing the entire world. When these three nations unite, everybody else will follow. Then a united world of peace will manifest on earth. That is the kingdom of God on earth.

7  America, the elder son nation, has to obey True Parents' commands with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience Just as much as the Eve nation chosen by True Parents does, in order to unite with the two parent nations, Japan and Korea. Japan, the mother nation, and America, the son nation, have to unite and follow True Parents. Everybody competes with each other. Korea and Japan are competitors, Japan and America are competitors, and America and Germany are competitors. People must live for the sake of others with love and break all the barriers so that these competing nations can unite. Then people will follow them. That is the principle for settling accounts in the providence.

8  There must be an Eve nation which is the mother nation, an Adam nation which is the father nation, and a nation with the authority of the elder son. If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have wielded the authority of the elder son. After that they would have had the authority of the parents, followed by royal authority. The authority of the elder son and the royal authority of the parents would have expanded from the individual level to the national level to the universal level.

In Adam's family, Cain had the authority of the elder son. Adam and Eve had the authority of the parents, and in the future would have attained royal authority. Then they would have become the progenitors of humankind. Adam and Eve were supposed to be progenitors centered on God. They lost everything and so all of this must be indemnified.

The authority of the elder son on the global level is vested in the United States, the authority of Eve on the global level is vested in Japan, and the authority of Adam on the global level is vested in Korea. These nations must live together. What America owns does not belong to America. It does not belong to the son. What belongs to Eve, the mother, does not belong to her. Things must first be owned by the father before the son or mother can own anything.

9  The concepts of the father nation, mother nation and elder son nation do not exist in the secular world. True Parents designated Korea, Japan and America as the father nation, mother nation and elder son nation respectively. Therefore, Eve must yearn for [Adam] as her father, her mother, and her older brother. Eve needs her older brother, and likewise needs her mother and father. Then Japan must raise and nurture the elder son nation. As the mother nation she must create an environment to unite with the father nation. Everything that was destroyed after Eve fell must be rebuilt and returned to its original state.

10  Koreans must not remain only in Korea. They must go to Japan or the United States and live there by exchanging places with the people there. People of the world must be registered in Korea, Japan and the United States. Once they are registered, they will forget their national viewpoint. When Africans are registered, they are no longer Africans. The historical environment, the gap between the rich and poor, and all conventional things will be changed. People must inherit the traditions of the father nation, mother nation and elder son nation which are the three nations of Korea, Japan and the United States. Everything will circulate through the father, mother and elder son.

11  Japan, the Eve nation, is the global embodiment of Tamar and Mary. By global embodiment I mean that as a nation, Japan stands in the position of Mary and Tamar. Tamar represents the position to liberate the people. Mary represents the position to liberate the nation. The mother stands in the position to liberate the cosmos. Because you Japanese people have this responsibility, you must deny all the things that belong to Satan, including the world that stands in the position of the elder son on Satan's side. Japan must embrace the religious circles on God's side.

In order to follow God you must completely sever from Satan's realm, turn around 180 degrees and go in the opposite direction. Otherwise you cannot fulfill your responsibility as the people of the Eve nation, the mother nation. This is the viewpoint of the Principle. This is the conclusion of the dispensation of salvation. You have to go beyond the realm of Tamar's mission on the level of the people and, beyond the realm of Mary's mission on the level of the nation, in order to fulfill your mission as the mother nation.Otherwise, Japan cannot take the position of the mother nation.

12  Japan is the mother nation. She must become the mother nation that always follows the will of the father nation. Once America stands in the realm of the elder son, America must become a nation that follows the will of the father and mother nations. As the mother nation, Japan must go the path of a sacrificial offering in order to bring happiness to the father and Heavenly Parent. Japan, as a sacrificial offering, has to establish a tradition of dedication, sacrificing and offering everything. Japan must become a central nation that lives in attendance to the father nation. The mother nation must live for the sake of the father nation, and the elder son nation must live for the sake of the mother nation. All the other nations in the world must act in concert with one another for the sake of the safety of the father nation.

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