Cham Bumo Gyeong: Episode 125

Cham Bumo Gyeong
Book 5: Expansion of the Providential Foundation and the Annual Mottoes
Chapter 3: Proclamation of the Holy Days
Section 4: Day of All Things, Ceremony of Offering in Gratitude
Section 4: Day of All Things, Paragraph 12

Section 4. Day of All Things

Ceremony of Offering in Gratitude

In 1963, at the original Cheongpa-dong headquarters church, True Parents fixed the 6th day of the 6th lunar month (July 26) as the date of the Ceremony of Offering in Gratitude. It was the ceremony that, in the name of heavenly children, restores and offers all things in the world to God, after having been under Satan’s dominion. Later, True Parents retroactively set that day as the Day of All Things. This day is to be celebrated every year on the 1st day of the 5th lunar month, which was the day after the proclamation of the completion of the three-year course in 1963 (June 21).

1  Today we are welcoming the Day of Offering in Gratitude. From now on, after establishing all conditions, you should be able to say the following in front of Father, who is in sorrow because He has no country, people or territory, “Please be happy! From now on, God’s sons and daughters will arise as those who are able to form the people of the kingdom of heaven. Those sons and daughters are victorious and will create families. They will unite these families and establish the people and the nation. They will move the nation and prepare the way for the worldwide foundation.”

Looking at the Unification Church, we have made the first victorious foundation religiously, and through the Holy Wedding, we proclaim the beginning of the second stage. Until now, our truth and our Blessing have been the core values we have proclaimed in this country. I proclaimed this through the family of the Holy Wedding. The fact that I was able to proclaim this as a major national event while we passed through the first and second stages meant that we are entering a realm of grace in which we connect to the nation and build the kingdom of heaven on earth.

2  Human beings completely lost faith, heart and substance as they fell. In order to be most loyal to God, I searched for people who could utter the most incredible words. I searched for people who said, “I am the wife of Jehovah,” and for people who said, “I am the Lord.” I tested them to see whether or not they represented history, if they had faith and heart and had become such substance. After establishing faith, I proclaimed the resurrection of heart and the resurrection of substance. Then, after establishing horizontally what I had searched for vertically, I blessed them. I gave them the award on this standard. Also, after establishing this horizontal standard, I selected holy grounds and then offered before God the Ceremony of Offering in Gratitude. In doing so, the vertical standard unfolded horizontally, giving rise to an even and equal standard for all.

3  Today you are participating in the celebration of the Day of Offering in Gratitude. The course I went through to establish such a day was one of tears. This is a place of tears where even if you cry and cry again, unable to hold back your tears, and even if you weep bitterly, you cannot express your sorrow even symbolically. If I say that deep within my mind I secretly aspire for something that no one is aware of, I am not thinking of some external, material wealth. Rather, deep in my mind I am vexed by an unfulfilled aspiration of infinite value that cannot be exchanged for any amount of external wealth. We need to have a mind that understands the nobility of this aspiration and knows how to bear responsibility for completing it.

When we come to respect this with our heart to the core of our entire being, for the first time God will be able to share with us the sorrow He has felt for 6,000 years. This is the place where we solemnly inherit all of God’s sorrow. After completing the inheritance, you only need to have the faith that you will prepare the way for Father’s joy throughout the cosmos. You need to have faith that you will find and offer God’s original creation. Only then do you qualify to attend this celebration. Do not forget the complicated circumstances and sorrowful history of heaven.

4  Heavenly Father, this fund offered for public use is a conditional offering of all creation to You. For the sake of completing this offering, You established True Parents, the True Family and the True Holy Ground. After You made this holy ground as a foundation and established a condition based on our utmost sincerity, we now offer You this fund that Your many children have collected. This fund symbolizes this whole country and the whole cosmos, and although it is an extremely small conditional offering, we beg that it will liberate Your 6,000 years of sorrow. Knowing that You are the Father who does not see the material offering itself, and that You see only the heart underlying the material, we offer You this condition, which is mixed with blood and tears. The foundation of heart, which Unification Church believers have offered, shedding bloody tears at the holy ground, appealing to You, Father, is connected to this offering. Please claim all things as Yours, things that are on this land of Eden and on this Korean Peninsula, and please claim all the people as Your people, Father, as Your nation, and receive them as a victorious foundation whereupon You can command the whole world. Father, I sincerely yearn for this and make this request.

5  We have to offer this indemnity fund to God, who created all things in heaven and on earth. We have to consecrate and offer this fund. When Abraham was making the three kinds of offerings and did not cut the doves, the whole offering failed; this changed the ownership of heaven and earth.

You might do all kinds of things to raise money for the indemnity fund. Some of you might sell your own blood. Some of you will find ways to fundraise in order to come up with the money. If, despite these efforts, you cannot come up with the indemnity fund, you will come to regret it in the future. In time to come you will shed tears to look back on this history.

Nevertheless, since this is for the Will and based on the truth of the universe, heaven needs you to stand in this kind of realm of truth as brothers and sisters who are centered on the True Parents. God needs you to be brothers and sisters who form one great family, and He needs you to be the family that will return the ownership of heaven and earth to Him. That is the reason I instituted this day for the restoration of all things of creation.

6  Without resolving the bitter, tangled sorrow that remains within God, the scar from the huge nail driven in by those who had Jesus killed, we cannot restore heaven and earth. In order to complete restoration, we had to pass through the age of offering all things, then children, then parents. Yet, after Adam and Eve betrayed God, there was not even one occasion when anyone tried to make a sacrificial offering from the position of parents.

Now, however, since Parents’ Day was established in your presence, Children’s Day and the Day of All Things must also appear through True Parents. In this manner, we need to complete the liberation of God’s heart, of parents’ heart, of children’s heart, and the heart of all things. When we establish the condition that even though Adam fell, we did not fall, only then will we be able to extricate ourselves from the realm of lamentation. Therefore, when establishing these days, we had to go in reverse order: first, Parents’ Day, next, Children’s Day, and then the Day of All Things.

7  How did the Day of All Things come about? When Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden, they sowed the seed of sin that their sons, Cain and Abel, harvested. The parents who sowed the seed of sin had to be restored. Then, based on the foundation of restoring the parents, which is of great historical importance, we had to restore the standard of children who can complete the way of loyalty and filial piety. Now that this standard is established, the Day of All Things can appear for the first time. All created things, spread across the world, are in an extremely miserable situation. God created all things with great hope, and He invested His utmost sincerity in creating them. But due to the Human Fall, all created things had to pass through the course of atonement in place of humankind, and in sorrow they had to become offerings. Because human beings could not be killed as offerings, God allowed the things of creation to be used as offerings and sacrifices.

8  In the course of restoration, all created things, children and parents have been restored. The things of creation were offered as sacrifices. After that, the Son became a sacrificial offering. Humankind then reached the point at which the Parents could come. Therefore, Parents carried that cross spiritually. Until now, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have received persecution. This has been the case with Christianity. Restoration through sacrifices went the reverse order, and in our age we too have to accomplish these in the reverse order. Accordingly, the establishment of Parents’ Day means that we went beyond the growth stage of the cross. Also, Children’s Day and the Day of All Things were established in the same context. Having completed all this, we established God’s Day.

Our attitude

Originally, all things belong to God. Therefore, we have to offer all our assets to God. Blessed families, especially, need to offer all their possessions to God first, and then inherit them back. True Parents taught us that all created things need to meet true owners, receive their authority and value, and be taken care of with true love. True Parents especially emphasized that all our daily necessities are a microcosm of all creation, and therefore, we should not treat them carelessly but with care as worthy treasures.

9  Through the Day of All Things, we now need to secure our connection to our third parent. To do that, we have to love all created things. With a merciful heart, by means of developing our love for all things of creation—birds, animals and everything else—our love for our parents and all people will also develop. This is a course that only the Unification Church can complete to liberate God, the True Parents of humankind, humankind in three generations, and the creation, from the lamentation of the fallen world. The very first days that open that path are Parents’ Day, Children’s Day and the Day of All Things. All things of creation are our third parent. Therefore, just as you love your body, you have to become a person who can love the created world. The things of creation are designed to follow the lords who love them.

10  Why do we celebrate the Day of All Things? It is in order to bind together all your belongings and offer them to God. To do that, of course you have to dedicate your private property to God, and you have to do the same with the nation’s public property. This is your responsibility. Also, you have to dedicate this world to God. You have the responsibility to dedicate the planet Earth to God. When dedicating it, you have to offer it in the name of True Parents. When you create a realm in which the rights of ownership can be connected to anywhere in heaven and on earth, the purpose of celebrating the Day of All Things will be fulfilled.

11  In order to re-create human beings, we have to begin with the world as it was before Adam and Eve were created. Thus, we have to have that world as it was before Adam and Eve existed. However, because human beings fell, that original creation does not exist. Because of that, in the Unification Church, in three to three and a half years, which is half of the seven-year course, you must certainly complete the restoration of the material conditions of heaven necessary to re-create yourself.

That is not something that God does. The number 6 is the period of the indemnity course, and when we consider the number 7 as the realm of rest, it is indispensable that we go through a course of three to three and a half years. In this way, you must pour out your flesh and blood. Giving your blood alone is not enough for a material conditional offering. After investing your flesh and blood, you have to stand in the position in which you can consecrate to God the material of Satan’s world. That material is not for the sake of your self-interest; it is cosmic and public. It has to become public, belonging to heaven. It has to belong to God.

12  In the early days of our church, I would go hunting. I would leave at dawn and hunt until after sunset, when it became pitch dark. Sometimes I did not come down from the mountain but slept there overnight. I climbed the highest mountains in Korea. Once I went to catch wild boars, and although I did not see a single track of a boar for 14 days, I continued. Others complained, questioning why I would do that. But I was not doing it just to catch a wild boar. I ranged through the mountains, following the mountains high and low and the valleys deep and wide.

After finishing with that, I went to the ocean. I have sailed the oceans for some decades. In 1963, I built a boat named Cheon Seung-Ho. After I came to America, I started building and using boats, and I have continued this throughout my life. I would go out at 5:00 a.m. and return at midnight. Rain or shine, I would go out nearly every day. This was not for the purpose of catching fish. Rather, I was offering my utmost devotion. There is a hidden treasure in the ocean that God has created. God created the ocean as a substantial entity in which the spirit is alive. I have crossed and done research on the five oceans.