329. Cheon Il Guk Special Forces

Book 3: Cheon Il Guk and Our Mission
Part 3: Our Mission for the Secure Settlement of Cheon Il Guk

Chapters 12 & 13: Cheon Il Guk Special Forces + The Mission of Korea and God’s Providence from the Viewpoint of the History of Human Civilization

Chapter 12: Cheon Il Guk Special Forces 

This message was given at the Assembly and Call to Action of Youth and Students for Peace to Support the Victory of Vision 2020, on February 23, 2017, at the CheongShim International Youth Center, Korea. 

You are the Cheon Il Guk special forces who must work hard to create the environment to expand Cheon Il Guk throughout the world as you attend True Parents. Brave warriors! I hope that you will go out with that confidence.

The Kingdom of Heaven on earth should be built with our hands

Originally, God the Creator made all things in the universe, and then he created Adam and Eve, who were to become humankind's first ancestors. God gave Adam and Eve responsibilities. During the growth period, they should have achieved absolute oneness in heart, oneness in body and oneness in harmony with God and lived their lives without ever leaving God. However, during the growth period, Adam and Eve greedily focused on themselves. Through that, their great mistake occurred, which we call the human Fall, as a result of which they had no alternative but to leave God's side.

The omniscient and omnipotent God had no alternative but to conduct the providence according to the principles he had set up, in line with His purpose for having created. Therefore, God had no alternative but to search from within fallen humankind for a people who could fulfill humankind's responsibility through the providence of restoration by paying indemnity. This was the 4,000-year course of restoration through indemnity, which we know of from the Bible, to raise the Israelites to create a national foundation, beginning from the individual, the tribe and people, in order to send Jesus Christ, whom God called "my son.” Jesus had no relationship with Satan.

However, Jesus could not lead the providence on his own. The people around Jesus—Mary, Zachariah's family, the Jewish leaders and the people of Israel—did not fulfill their responsibilities. If Jesus at that time had been able to fulfill his responsibility, he would have met the only begotten daughter of God and they would have become the True Parents. At that time, the external foundation Heaven had prepared was a vast and powerful empire, the Roman Empire, of which it was said, "all roads lead to Rome.” Jesus and a united people of Israel would have been able to absorb Rome. If that had happened, through the Roman Empire God would have been able to achieve his dream of one human family under God. However, the people made another mistake, and this did not come about.

Before he died on the cross, Jesus said he would return and hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Christianity developed through the work of the Holy Spirit, however, Christians did not understand the nature of their own religion. The 2,000 years of Christian history constituted the providence to find Jesus' partner, the only begotten daughter of God, when he returned to hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Christians are unaware of this.

Yet, Heaven's providence had to continue to progress. Heaven could not send the only begotten daughter of God through the people of Israel, who had not been able to fulfill their responsibility. Heaven had to select a people who would lead the providence with the highest standard. That people are those who are today the Korean people. Then, the only begotten daughter of God, who was to be born after 2,000 years, must also come from a Christian background.

Today, the dream of our Heavenly Parent, and at the same time, the dream of fallen humankind, is to receive True Parents. Human beings have caused all the problems that are occurring around the world today. It is the same in the background of religions; there is a limitation to what can be accomplished by human beings alone. The problems of religious conflict, ideological conflict and territorial conflict today all arose from not knowing our Parent. Originally, God, the Creator was our Lord and our Parent. The world and the people who do not attend God, our Creator or attend the True Parents who are working to realize God's dream, will meet their end. God's principles of creation are eternal. All created beings that have not fallen will continue to exist forever. It is only fallen human beings that have caused many problems.

Cheon Il Guk special forces, warriors, you must be prepared. As members of the special forces, if True Parents give you an order, you must follow with absolute obedience. With our own hands, we will build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, in which all people will attend God as their Parent. In relation to this, and in all areas, you must become the best.

Cheon II Guk Special Forces, you must know you are heroes

In order to expand our global foundation, in 2016 I proposed the establishment Of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, an organization comprised of those who have been selected as representatives by the citizens of their nations. We held founding assemblies in all 13 regions, including the assembly for the North America chapter of IAPP, which was held at the U.S. Senate’s Kennedy Caucus Room in Washington, DC. At the United Nations, one person per nation, a politician or a diplomat participates, and they say they will solve problems. This method has not fully resolved anything. Only once since the UN was established has it played a role in helping True Parents, the returning Lord. That was during the Korean War, when 16 nations agreed to participate in the fighting. Since then, the UN has made effort in many ways but has not been able to find solutions.

However, what will happen when all people are enlightened about the True Parents, and they receive the Blessing through the IAPP, through legislators elected by the citizens of each nation? We can become one unified world. Many things are being done for this throughout the world. UPF, WFWP and YSP must unite and work together.

Revitalize young people

Youth and Students for Peace will not work only in Asia, but in all the nations around the world in which we have established IAPP. This work will support our goals for national and global restoration by 2020. We will guide these nations on the path of the Blessing, so that they can assuredly become nations that will achieve Heaven's Will. You who have come here today must not be idle in pursuing that responsibility. That is why you should be aware that you are warriors among the proud Cheon Il Guk Special Forces who attend True Parents! I hope you will unite for the sake of the global providence and fully invest yourselves for national and global restoration. During the time of the Shilla Kingdom, a group of elite youth called hwarang were established to revive and protect the nation. We need to vitalize our university and CARP movement to revive Korea and make national restoration possible. That is why especially the central nations of the providence, Korea, Japan and the United States must further develop CARP and raise many members to become part of the special forces who will participate in national and global restoration.

If the 6,000 years of the providence of restoration through indemnity was like a dark winter, the time now in which we are working for national and global restoration is the springtime of the providence. I pray that you and those leading you can sow many healthy seeds during the spring so that God can harvest the people of talent and ability He desires to see.

Chapter 13: The Mission of Korea and God’s Providence from the Viewpoint of the History of Human Civilization

This speech was given at the Hope Korea National Rally for Harmony and Unity, on April 30, 2017, at KINTEX, Goyang, Korea. 

Distinguished guests, Ambassadors for Peace, beloved blessed families, ladies and gentlemen, let us think about how we can solve all the dark and gloomy problems that are occurring on earth today. The topic I would like to speak about to you today is "The Mission of Korea and God's Providence as the History of Human Civilization.”

Jesus' return and the responsibility of Christianity

Originally, God the Creator made all things and then made Adam and Eve, who would become the ancestors of humankind, and He said that it was good. God gave Adam and Eve, who would become the ancestors of humankind, responsibility. That responsibility was to pass through the growth stages and come to live a life united with God in His absolute position. However, during the growth stage, they developed a selfish attitude and focused on looking out for themselves. They became greedy and thought they could be the same as God. Their mistake was acting before the time was right. Through this, the history of humankind ended up becoming a fallen history.

However, the omniscient and omnipotent God could not just stand back and observe fallen humankind. According to the principles underlying the Creation, He is a being in whom the beginning and the end are the same. God cannot use the word "failure.” That is why God had no choice but to begin the lonely and difficult history of the providence of restoration through indemnity to reach humankind. God chose the Israelites from among fallen humankind and placed them in a position of relative goodness, preparing them to receive the Messiah. Starting from the individual and moving to a family, tribe, people and nation, it was 4,000 biblical years before the world was ready to receive the Messiah.

Then, what happened when God sent his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, who could have been the first ancestor whom humankind had been longing for and could have realized God's dream of the purpose of creation? The people of Israel, the Jewish leaders, even Mary who gave birth to Jesus and Zachariah's family could not fulfill their responsibilities. It was their responsibility to protect Jesus, who came as the only begotten son of God.

In order for Jesus to become the True Parent, he had to meet the only begotten daughter of God. Mary should have fulfilled her responsibility to create the foundation for Jesus to meet her. Mary should not have given birth to and raised other children while Jesus was still living alone. We must set right these mistakes of the past. Jesus, who had lost his foundation, had no choice but to go the way of the cross. Therefore, he said he would return and conduct the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Jesus thus promised absolutely to realize the position of the True Parents that he had been unable to realize during his lifetime.

In order to do that, on the foundation of Christianity, believers had to fulfill the responsibility of giving birth to the only begotten daughter of God. When God works through an individual or nation, He does not use for a second time people who could not fulfill their responsibility. That is because the people who did not fulfill their obligations have indemnity they must pass through. Through history, we can see what kind of life the people of Israel have lived.

Heaven chose a good people to give birth to the only begotten daughter of God. That people are those who are today the people of the Republic of South Korea. In light of that, we must not repeat the mistake of the people of lsrael who were unable to fulfill their obligations. That is because our descendants would be left with indemnity.

After Jesus died on the cross, it took some 300 years for Christianity to finally be accepted. The Christian culture, which began centered on the Italian peninsula, passed through Europe and arrived at the island nation of Britain, through which the age of the Atlantic Civilization developed. Through that, Britain expanded its influence throughout the world across the seas. "The sun never sets on the British Empire" was a way of describing the power of the British Empire.

However, those people of the Christian faith, who did not know Jesus' true nature, could not put aside their selfishness even though they spoke of love. As a result, they had no choice but to retreat. The true nature of Jesus is true love. True love is love that gives and gives, forgets it has given and gives again. Though the European nations that established the realm of the Atlantic Civilization should have focused on giving something to the colonies they occupied, the more prominent result of their efforts was one of taking from them. As a result, an environment developed in which the Atlantic Civilization could no longer be powerful. It is also true, though, that European nations became the center of the world's culture through the Industrial Revolution and the people of those nations were able to live prosperous lives. Yet, those were not fundamentally lives lived for the sake of others.

The mission of Christianity was to listen to Heaven's promise that Jesus conveyed as he died on the cross when he said he would return and hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, and to prepare for that. For those who represented Korean Christianity, the obligation to fulfill that responsibility was theirs. However, Christianity has lost track of the truth. They do not understand Jesus' true nature or how Heaven's providence is progressing. Now, the ones whom humankind had long wished for—the only begotten daughter of God and the only begotten son of God, the True Parents—have been born on earth.

Under these circumstances, what must you do? There can be no perfection in ignorance. True Parents have been teaching you for more than 50 years since their Holy Wedding and have been teaching all the people of the world. In 1960, the world had only around three billion people, less than half of the 7.4 billion of the present time. When you go forward united with True Parents, you have hope for the future. In 2016, I proposed the creation of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace. Within only ten months we had established IAPP on all six continents. At the IAPP Inaugural Assembly in the U.S. Senate’s Kennedy Caucus Room, some 300 legislators came, including about 80 U.S. legislators. I told them that the way to world peace is to unite with True Parents. These are amazing, revolutionary words, words that Jesus should have said 2,000 years ago at the Roman Senate. True Parents have created this external foundation.

Even though their nations are facing difficulties and the world is in confusion, 700 legislators came to the World Summit in February 2017. I told them the way to peace is for each of them to return to his or her own nation, and I asked them to fulfill their responsibilities as tribal messiahs there. I told them to become messiahs. The establishment of IAPP chapters is continuing toward 120 nations. A few days ago, IAPP was inaugurated in India, a nation with 1.3 billion people. Neither Christianity nor all of Buddhism has been able to gain influence in India due to the strong foundation of Hinduism. However, more than 120 legislators came and held a victorious inauguration for IAPP.

They do not know how urgent the circumstances are, but we can recognize that there are many people looking for the true owner, the True Parents. The wish of fallen humankind is to go through the process of rebirth through the True Parents and become children of God, our Heavenly Parent. How difficult a course of waiting Heavenly Parent must have gone through! Those of you here today must now rise up and teach the citizens of this nation about the advent of True Parents. Your dream is to see North Korea and South Korea unite and to live in a peaceful world. The achievement of that dream cannot come through the power of politics, religion or any particular ideology. Only True Parents can open that path.

One hundred years ago, the poet Tagore wrote a beautiful poem about Korea when we were under Japanese colonial rule. It was prophetic: "In the golden age of Asia, Korea was one of its lamp-bearers and that lamp is waiting to be lighted once again for the illumination of the East.” “Light” means the true word, the truth. This light is the truth about True Parents.

Korea has received the blessing of being God's homeland. Thus, all of us must fulfill our responsibilities. We must do it. We must show it through our actions. Then this people, this nation, can stand upright in the world as a nation where the Heavenly Parent and True Parents can dwell. Together with the other nations of Asia, we must open the age of the Pacific Civilization and spread it out to the world. If the age of the Atlantic Civilization 2,000 years ago was a providence that collected and took things away, the age of the Pacific Civilization will realize the world humankind wants to see and Heavenly Parent wishes for, a world of one human family under God. Living for the sake of others, centered on True Parents, will bring about such a world.

Let us advance and continue to advance until the day when, with a filial heart, we can give joy and praise to Heavenly Parent.

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