310. Foundation Day, the Start of a New History

Book 3: Cheon Il Guk and Our Mission
Part 1: The Road to a World of Peace
Chapters 15 & 16: Foundation Day, the Start of a New History
 + Training Future Leaders and the Sunhak Peace Prize

Chapter 15: Foundation Day, the Start of a New History

This speech was given at a celebratory banquet for the World Summit 2013, on February 23, 2013, at Cheon Jeong Gung in Korea.

Distinguished guests who have participated in the Foundation Day event and in this luncheon, I welcome you from the bottom of my heart. I am sure there are those who know already, but Foundation Day marks the beginning and the day of origin of a new history. It is a day that must and should come about in human history. However, it was not an easy thing to usher in this day.

Starting by uniting mind and body

I would like to explain about God's Creation of heaven and earth. God's creation of heaven and earth was an expression of His true love. In the Bible, it is written that God created in six days and rested on the seventh day. However, these time periods were not literal days. Foundation Day was set on the 13th day of the first lunar month. God's providence was carried out through twelve stages rather than six, and God designated the 13th day as the day His dream would be fulfilled. He began with gas, solids and liquids, then created microscopic organisms like small amoeba, and worked up to higher animals. At the very end, He created Adam and Eve and said that it was good and beautiful. He then waited for the 13th day. That was the day God's dream was to be fulfilled.

But what happened? Throughout human history and until this day, Heaven has been seeking a world of peace. Working through countless religions and good people, God made efforts to create such a world, but we still live in difficult circumstances. Why did this come about? It was because Adam and Eve failed to fulfill God's dream. They should have grown up according to God's Word but fell due to the archangel's temptation. That is why in the Bible it is written that they were driven out of Eden. Consequently, human history has continued through many difficult years ridden with war and strife.

Human beings were at fault. Therefore, God's dispensation for salvation through Christianity has been waiting for the Messiah. We are very much aware of this history. It was human beings who made the mistakes that caused the Fall, and thus a human being should come and complete the providence of restoration through indemnity. Only then can God's Will be fulfilled. It was not easy to carry out the providence of restoration through indemnity. First of all, we had to victoriously overcome Satan's accusations. That was the case during the Old Testament Age. We could see how difficult this was just by looking at the 2,000-year history of Christianity.

Future women leaders working for world peace

Just a short time ago, many of you gave testimonies about Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the True Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. We are so grateful for these testimonies. He became the light of hope for humankind. To reach this day, 60 years of his life were spent on the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity, drenched with his blood, sweat and tears. It was a sacrifice. Yet, he completed this providence. That is why we are able to usher in Foundation Day, this day that marks the start of a new history. Dr. Moon offered all manner of devotions, practicing his beliefs, and has personally educated others for the past twelve years in order to usher in this day.

I am sure the leaders and blessed families of the Unification community will know about this. This day did not come about easily. It is the day when our Heavenly Parent's wish, and the wish of humankind, is fulfilled. It is a day marking the start of a new history. You are receiving many blessings by welcoming this day. What happens after this day is important. I began the process of creating an environment. We shall launch Cheon II Guk at this point in time. Cheon II Guk is the place where we attend our Heavenly Parent and become His children. God is our Parent. He is the King of kings and has embraced us as citizens of Cheon II Guk. However, the seven billion people in this world still do not know about this. You are all truly blessed people. How was it possible for you to take part in this providential event?

From this moment on, I shall begin the process of creating an environment. Dr. Sun Myung Moon would often say this: There is no perfection in ignorance. He educated people regardless of their position and in all fields and in all respects. He helped them understand. This is the only way to bring unity from the individual to the family, tribe, nation, and world. That is why I want to begin by focusing on education. I will focus on raising future leaders and on educating leaders in all levels of society. This is the way to world peace. This is the action we take to create one world under God.

You are all leaders and in charge of your respective nations. I believe you all have lived such lives. If we can combine our strengths, I am sure we can create a world of true love overflowing with freedom, peace, unity and happiness, a world where everything moves in concert on its own. We must first begin by starting a movement to unite our minds and bodies. I ask all the distinguished guests who have come here today to become active workers who combine their strengths and take the lead in guiding their nations toward this future and in creating one world by overcoming the challenges in our reality.

Thank you.

Chapter 16: Training Future Leaders and the Sunhak Peace Prize

This speech was given at the 2nd Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation Scholarship Award Ceremony, on February 9, 2014, at Cheon Jeong Gung, Korea. 

Everyone here today is an important guest. I would like to express my gratitude to all the distinguished guests from home and abroad and to our beloved members who have contributed to the development of the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation in different respects. There is something I thought about while I was watching the opening ceremony for the Sochi Olympic Winter Games. All the countries in the world want to focus on the growth and development of their countries. And all of them have sought goodness. Why has human history had so many ups and downs? While watching, I wondered what would have happened if all those people at the opening ceremony were to meet and attend True Parents from now, even though they are late to do so.

Families are the building blocks of the Kingdom of Heaven

We must attend God, our Creator, throughout our lives. Yet, when we look back at history, this has not been easy. Thus, the long providence of restoration became inevitable. For our Almighty God, the beginning and the end must be the same. Why, then, has it taken such a long time? That is because human beings have their responsibility. Even though human history has been long, nobody could go to Heaven because the fundamental problem of the Fall has not been resolved.

However, all of you who have come here today have come to know True Parents. You have learned that the starting point of the Kingdom of Heaven is families established through the Blessing given by True Parents and centered on Heavenly Parent. Christian churches teach us that after you die, you will go to Paradise if you believe in Jesus. We, however, believe the Kingdom of Heaven to be a place to which parents and children go together as families, after living in the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. True Parents are the ones who resolved this problem and showed us the way. Without knowing True Parents, it is not possible to accomplish the dream of one united world.

The Sunhak Peace Prize will be more important than the Nobel Peace Prize

Our dreams are moving closer and closer to reality. We all are following the highway that leads to one united world because we are attending True Parents in our daily lives. What do you think will happen to this nation and the world in ten years? A few decades ago, there was not a single nation in the world that recognized the Republic of Korea. But now things have changed. Korea is indebted to Heaven for its rapid growth and development. It is very important for every single one of you to put your beliefs into practice. Will you do that? You are the ones who can become the owners of history through ownership and a parental heart.

I will work to develop the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation so its work will reach further and wider. It will become an organization that can bring benefits to all humanity. However, do you think I can achieve this all by myself? I believe that we should all join hands and move forward together. Here in this country, in this society, there are future leaders who are needed by the surrounding countries. Please invest to the best of your ability and offer your support so that we can bring greater development.

The Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation will continue its work to establish the Sunhak Peace Prize, a prize that could greatly surpass the Nobel Prize. The prize will recognize people and groups who work for the Will of Heaven and for the peace of humanity rather than for their own glory or honor. I would like to conclude my message with the hope that you will earn a precious position in history by working hard to contribute to the projects under the great vision of the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation.

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