30. The Responsibility of Blessed Couples, Part 2

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents
Part 7: The Responsibility of Blessed Families for the Secure Settlement of Cheon Il Guk
Chapter 5: The Responsibility of Blessed Couples in the Era of Cheon II Guk, Part 2

The role of women

When it comes to educating and raising children, the mother has to be stronger than the father. That is why I told my daughters-in-law, "You have to follow the traditions and become stronger than your husbands.” The mother's role was crucial during Israel's course of paying indemnity while living in a difficult environment. It is the same with the Unification Church. Women have the responsibility to march at the front line, organize and handle everything, and help the men.

Representing the entire world, you should offer repentance by praying sincerely, "For the past forty years, we have continued to be indebted to You, causing only trouble, without being able to repay anything. Please look at us, your inadequate children, with compassion. We will do our best. We beseech that you trust and stay with us one more time!" I sincerely pray that you become blessed families, Unification Church members who live a life of practice and action. This is the last time God is trusting us again. This is our last chance. Hence, I hope you become blessed children who, at the end of your lives, go to the spiritual world and hear the following from Father, "Ah! You have come! Happy to see you at last.” (2012.11.05, Manhattan Center, New York)

As Father proclaimed the coming of the era of women, he emphasized the importance of women. You probably remember that Father spoke of how a child born of a woman inherits 99.999 percent from the mother and only 0.001 percent from the father. However, do you think women have been treated properly by their children and husbands? There are many women who will say that they have not been treated well. From now on, I want to raise women leaders who will fulfill the mother's mission, so that all women can live free of prejudice.

I said I will offer this nation to Heaven in 2020 when we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Father's birthday.

You must join the line of filial, loyal and virtuous women while I am still on earth. When I am no longer here, who will praise you for being filial, loyal, and virtuous women? There must be an owner. In addition, there cannot be a king without a people. Hence, women must become leaders in raising and giving birth to the people of Cheon Il Guk. This does not apply only to this nation. You must invest everything at the risk of your lives until all people around the world can be reborn. So awake or asleep, you must move as if 24 hours were not enough. Whether you are sitting or standing up, you must think of only registering Cheon Il Guk citizens. You must become warriors who can shorten the global providence by offering this nation to Heaven, not in words but in substance. (2013.01.09, Cheon Jeong Gung)

The people of Israel did not know the history of God's providence or that of indemnity. They just thought that they were a chosen people blessed by God and preserved that one point alone. Therefore, they could not avoid sending Jesus in such a miserable way. The people of Israel ended up becoming a wandering people for 2,000 years as a result. They became a people without a nation. Amidst such a history, however, it was the role of mothers to keep their lives and tradition going.

That's why I emphasize the creation of an environment. Our first generation, the parents, could not fulfill their responsibility. They came to know God's grace, the truth, and yet, they could not fulfill their responsibility to match the blessings they had received. Hence, the necessary environment could not be created. As a result, many second generation members have left. This is truly regrettable. As parents, you have nothing to say. If we do not fulfill our responsibility, second generation members must pay the indemnity. Nobody knows how great the indemnity conditions will become, but without fail they must be paid. We also have a responsibility to fulfill until all the people in the world have been embraced. You cannot avoid this. If you do not pay all the indemnity, your descendants will have to pay it. (2013.01.09, Cheon Jeong Gung)

You need to know how important the role of a mother is. From now on, you should carry out the mission of a mother, rather than daughter. We should give birth to and raise children. Father built a huge house and now we need to put things in order and make it presentable. That is our responsibility. Nowadays, medical facilities are so well equipped that there are even treatments that can cure cancer; however, we have been living in an unpredictable environment. Recently, natural disasters have been severe. This has been happening around the world. Nobody knows when and how things will turn out.

You are in blessed positions. When you go to the spirit world after having accomplished your responsibility, who would welcome you first in heaven? How great would it be if Father came to meet you and said, "Finally; you have come. Thank you for your great dedication and hard work in attending True Mother. I remember you.” Will you work with such a determination? If so, I have no further words. In fact, after Father's Seonghwa ceremony, I have not been able to sleep deeply. I think this is from my character. When I start something, I can't sleep without concluding it and putting things in order. But by seeing you today; I realized that I am not alone. I felt, "I have pillars who can receive my will and work with me. I have my younger sisters. I have my daughters!" Women have the capacity to embrace all people. A woman, especially a mother, is like a bowl with the capacity to embrace men, women, children and the whole. Nobody can change that. According to Father, children inherit 99.999% from their mothers. If the sperm does not meet the ovum, it can't fulfill its mission.

When I think of this, I am left in awe thinking, "Did God really love women to such degree?" Women, who are such precious beings, however, haven't been treated well throughout history. Hence, we must find our positions through the truth and our results. You must have the following determination: "We, women, will embrace and witness to all people and bring them to be Cheon Il Guk citizens.” (2013.01.09, Cheon Jeong Gung)

I want to emphasize the role of the wives in our church. In the past, the people of Israel were able to survive during adversity because of the role played by the mothers in their families; that is, it was the mothers, wives, and daughters-in-law who carried on the tradition. Therefore, from now on, our church should encourage the wives and have them stand on the front line.

Success or failure in completing Cheon Il Guk hinges on how we practice and take action in relation to those goals we have set for 2020. The role of women in advancing toward those goals is important. This is not the time to remain a woman buried within the family but to be a woman who can have life-or-death resolution to stand in the forefront of providence for this providential goal. If we are unable to fulfill these goals, you will stand accused by your ancestors, who went to the eternal world before you.

Throughout history, we have seen all the model courses for both success and failure. There are lessons to be learned from history. Look at Israel today: women join the army and fight equally alongside men in order to protect their nation. It is time for women to lead the way in saving the nation and the world. You must all know that the responsibility of women is serious and important. (2013.04.20, Cheon Hwa Gung)

Being the son of an idol maker, Abraham was a person Heaven could not choose; yet when Heaven called him to leave Ur of the Chaldeans, he did so with a heart of absolute obedience. This was a condition that could put him in the position of father of faith. Then through Isaac and Jacob, Heaven was able to find a family it could embrace. It was Jacob who laid the providential foundation to establish a nation. Thanks to the cooperation of his mother, Jacob was able to obtain the first son's right of inheritance. However, there was a period of indemnity. After twenty-one years of hardship and suffering in his maternal uncle's home in Haran, Jacob returned with his family and brought Esau to voluntary surrender. Thanks to that, the foundation upon which Israel could become a nation was established. Though you have gone out to the world and are active through WFWP, your efforts are still weak from Heaven's perspective.

Now is the time to restore humanity to Heavenly Parent and realize one human family under God. You should end all indemnity during your lifetimes. Only then can there be hope for our second generation. Please do not sit back when things become difficult We must settle everything within our lifetimes. We must establish the kingdom of heaven on earth. You have received so much love and blessing from our Heavenly Parent. You are greatly indebted to him. Now you should fulfill your responsibilities as His mature children. (2014.06.22, Cheon Jeong Gung)

We need to advance not only toward the establishment of Cheon Il Guk, but also toward its firm settlement. The Chinese character “An” (安) in anchak (firm settlement) is composed of the character of a woman (女) within the character of a house or the top part of a Korean traditional hat for men (宀). Hence, the character "an" is one that means comfort, peacefulness or calm. In the world, when a large house is built, who is the owner of the house? Is it the man or the woman? In Korea, we call the husband bakat-yangban (literally, the outside nobleman) and we call the wife anbang-manim (literally, the woman of the main room). In a traditional Korean house, which is divide into a number of sections, the husband is only in charge of the men's quarters, which is one of the outer sections of the house. What this means is that in the context of providential history, the woman's role is important. (2015.12.06, Cheon Jeong Gung)

You must take the initiative on the front line in embracing all humanity in true love. While I was preparing for the Holy Wedding with True Father, I made the determination to end this tiresome providence of restoration through indemnity. However, it doesn't work with only a man. I also had to go with him all the way to the end. I had to fulfill my responsibility. You clearly understand indemnity conditions through the Divine Principle. I had to set up all the indemnity conditions by myself That is the difference between you and me.

I also had many critical moments. However, I was single-hearted in my devotion to liberate God. That is why I am confident in front of humanity as the True Parents. You, in particular, must become one with me. We must become one. In a world of goodness without any trace of the Fall, everyone would always know what God was thinking. Even if l don't say anything, you should be able to think, What is True Mother thinking of? I'll do this for her in that way. Wouldn't it be better for you to do something out of your own initiative than doing so under orders? (2013.12.02, Cheon Jeong Gung)

You all know that this is indeed the Last Days, don't you? In the Last Days, where can we find trust? The world has become a place where people do not trust one another. Parents cannot trust their children and vice versa Do you now stand in the position ofloyal patriots or filial sons and daughters to True Parents? It is only in a crisis that one can truly be said to be a filial child or a loyal patriot.

Who is truly a child of filial piety in this era? If you are a true filial child or a true loyal patriot, you will know what our Heavenly Father wishes. If you know what His wish is, you need to translate it into action. This happens once in all of history, this unprecedented and astonishing overturning of heaven and earth. As we usher in these times, we need to ask ourselves who the filial children and the loyal patriots really are. Heaven has already given you an opportunity, and explained what you need to do. You need to practice absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience.

You should never think about yourselves. You need to be humble. You should not think that you have been victorious alone. There is always more to be learned from the people around you. No one is a success in front of God and heaven. There are no sons or daughters who have been successful in the eyes of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. All of you are still in the process of growing. True Father said that Korea is God's homeland. If you work with me with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, I hope that we will be able to dedicate this country to God in the year we celebrate Father's 100th birthday.

In order to do so, you need to follow directions, regardless of how high or low your position is. Come down from the high position you are in and start working from the lowest position again. Can you do that? That requires absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. You are not doing it for yourself; you are doing it for God, for humankind, to accomplish God’s Will. You are doing it to complete True Father’s will. Father said that Korea is God’s homeland, but in truth that is yet to be realized. You lived in the same era as True Father, and you breathed the same air as he did. Thus, you should be the ones who bear the fruit as well. You cannot leave this work undone for your descendants to finish. (2012.12.25, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Don’t worry, neither you blessed members nor the True Children are perfect yet. They need a growth period. During that growth period, through absolute faith and absolute obedience, you have to be one with the Heavenly Parent and True Parents. True Parents are the True Parents of all humankind, not only the True Parents of the True Family. I am following the rule of the Principle. The way we must go is long and far. You should be in the mainstream centered on True Parents. If your beloved children are in a tributary, you should support them so that they can enter the mainstream. I am saying that you should not just keep on observing; I am asking you to not be mere onlookers. This is a situation in which we put our lives on the line. We know how life in heaven will be. If you go to the spirit world without being able to fulfill your responsibilities on earth, life in the heavenly world will not seem much like heaven. No parent could be comfortable in heaven knowing their children were in hell. A parent always keeps the same heart toward their children. (2015.02.21, Cheon Jeong Gung)

You know the providential history of Israel through the Bible and the Divine Principle. Indemnity does not just pass you by. You need to fulfill your responsibility. Even though you say you were blessed by True Parents, if you cannot fulfill your responsibility, you will be caught by Satan’s accusation. You have to know how your life will be seen from the spirit world. No matter how much True Parents pull you up, those around you will accuse you. You won’t be able to be comfortable in that place. This life on earth is but a moment, but the original homeland we go to is forever. You blessed families have lived close to the True Parents up until now. Yet I’m warning you that it depends on how hard you try to protect that great position. This will determine whether you become a noble family or be ashamed of having received the Blessing. We do not have much time left. (2015.02.21, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Throughout your lives what would you like to be proud of in front of heaven? Frankly I think that there are not many people who have lived their whole lives with hearts saying, “Thank you. I will develop more,” even when they were in the midst of difficult environments. The animal called a “sheep” is an animal that lives 100 percent for others and is the most gentle of the animals God created. Much of the blood of sheep has been offered as sacrifices. That is because sheep are clean and gentle and do not assert themselves. They follow their owner saying, “Thank you.” But cows or other animals are not like that. Seeing that, we must learn from it. Learning even through the logic of nature, my family must become sound. (2015.03.07, Cheon Jeong Gung)

What is the essence of a blessed family? You were born into blessed families through the True Parents, who were finally able to lead the providential history of restoration through indemnity to victory after 6,000 years of human history. Without your connection to True Parents, your existence loses its value. You would be no different from those in outside society. The Blessing is Heaven’s grace and love that has come to humankind after a long wait of 6,000 years. Heavenly Parent could not stop working until you were born.

Originally, God created the universe, the creation and finally humankind. God dreamed of realizing big dreams through man. Adam and Eve, who could have become the first good ancestors, failed to fulfill their responsibilities. They should have united completely with God based on absolute obedience. Adam and Eve were not able to follow this path, and could not avoid the Fall when they began having self-centered thoughts. It is just as crucial for all of you today to avoid thinking in a self-centered way. Only when you can completely focus on and reach oneness in body, oneness in thought, and oneness in harmony with True Parents, can your path be opened to greater blessings. (2016.10.22, CheongPyeong Training Center)

As blessed couples you must reflect on how responsible a life you are living. You must know how much hardship Heaven and True Parents went through until now to create even one blessed family. To go further, until spirit world was unified and hundreds of millions of blessed families had appeared, you should know the course of blood and tears that True Parents walked and you should reflect on it. While reciting the Family Pledge every day, what are you thinking as you live your lives? Each day for even one minute, one second, you must have a time when you look back at yourself, repent that you should not be that way, and take time for self-reflection. Like God or True Parents, have you tried living a struggling life with a desperate heart moment by moment when thinking with of the people who are dying in heartbreaking situations? If you are living in this blessed age, and there are people who are dying without knowing the Word, when you go to the spirit world how will you relate to those tribes? Because True Parents paid the indemnity and established the entire foundation, you must invest all your power to convey the Word. (2002.08.19, Fukuoka, Japan)

You have to awaken from your slumber. You have to move. You should set a direction, make a plan, and reach your goals. As long as you still have life, you should always keep trying to tell one more person about True Parents. The reason we are alive is to tell people about the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. You should not forget this. Without this reason, you have no life. When I think about that, a day seems like 1,000 years for me.

Now, we must not waste a single moment. You don’t know how important time is. The fact that you are alive, the time and life that you have, who is this for? Depending on how and for whom you use it, you can end up becoming a hero who is remembered in history or a filial child or a divine son or daughter. Heaven has given you so much unconditionally. You have to become empty vessels to receive what Heaven is giving you. Instead of just sitting here and listening to me speak, you should now take action.

You usually eat three times a day but you should know that depending on how much effort you make to find new lives, without regard to eating, determines the historic, eternal life that is given to you. You have to create an environment so that your descendants will say how great you were living in this age, so that you do not bring shame to your own ancestors. If you can do that, your second generation will naturally grow up within God’s Will. In that sense, you have to change and be a different person from today. You should remember that meeting a lot of people and saving peoples’ lives is more important that making a lot of money. (2013.04.15, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Following the Will, you have worked very hard. In any case, we cannot live eternally. The spirit world is our homeland. Our life on earth consists of having to prepare all the conditions to be able to go to our homeland. You must become filial sons and filial daughters to True Parents. You must become one with your brothers and sisters through true love. Parents worry most about about a struggling child. More than their distinguished child, parents are concerned about their child who is struggling. If you give such a child a chance with a heart of caring for him and establish him, your foundation becomes bigger, and your assets become greater. Manpower is an asset, too. We have relationships of closely connected true families with True Parents at the center. As we live, we must be proud of and boast about this relationship, now possible for the first time in 6,000 years. (10.01.2013, Cheon Jeong Peace Palace)

At this time, we are in dire need of communication. One thing I always emphasize is making unity. If there are obstacles on the path to a united world, you must tell the truth through communication. The path we must take is already decided. The goal is clear. All you have to do is to follow and be a part of the providential history centering on True Parents. Yet when people start to look at the external world they all say, “My country is best; the world must unite centering on my country.” The world is becoming harder to unite. However, as long as God lives, the fallen world will not have its way.

We need to light lamps in all the dark places in the world and let people there know that the True Parents who can solve all their problems have come. Letting people know this is precisely what communication is. If those who follow the Will communicate well and unite, one world, heaven on earth and heaven in heaven, which Heavenly Parent and True Parents have hoped for, will come. We can make this happen with our own hands.

In this time as we open Cheon Il Guk, those in the first and second generations should have beautiful communication. The seven billion people in the world are all in the realm of the first generation. We need to learn skills and make preparations until we can assimilate every one and embrace them. But if you are to have a great impact with such a small number, you must unite. I don’t know how many abilities each of you has individually, but there is a limit. Is there even one human being who takes after the omniscient and omnipotent Heavenly Parent?

It is the same for blessed families of the Unification Church. Do any of you think that you are right, that you are honest, and that you are perfect in every way? Every one of you is inadequate. No group, institution or church can work effectively in isolation. You can develop greatly by communicating, harmonizing and uniting with others, but if you are alone and isolated in some corner, you will not even be able to have a conversation. (2015.07.09, Cheon Jeong Gung)

The fallen world is in the position of not having parents. Because Satan is in the position of the owner, this world has nothing to do with God. But you have met True Parents and are attending them. When you attending True Parents, without any qualification, without having anything, without having given anything, by forming a relationship with True Parents, you have become happy people.

At the beginning it could be said that you were young and did not know things and could not realize them, but now you should no longer just receive. You must also reciprocate. As you have felt while raising your children, more than a whining child, a parent’s concern goes first to mature sons and daughters who know their parents’ hearts, and return love and happiness to their parents. God is our Father. If True Parents are our parents, in order for you to stand in the position of mature children, you should become sons and daughters who come forward and before your parents invest everything, you should say you will take on the Will and say you will invest in it.

You have that kind of heavy responsibility; therefore you must not forget that or think only about yourselves. A society of people like that cannot develop. Anything and everything becomes greater only if it is invested in continually. If that happens, it means you will hold a larger nation and world. We are living and feeling that. You must not forget that you have responsibility. (2006.08.10, Santiago, Chile)

You have received a lot of guidance from True Father. You have heard everything you needed to do to go forth as blessed families. Now all that remains is to see whether you fulfill your responsibility. There is no doubt that if you fulfill your responsibility, your tribe and your descendants will be able to live in a free and happy world. Depending on how you create the environment around you, you can advance the restoration of the nation and world.

Now it is time to transform your beliefs into action. A new era has been ushered in. The indemnity your descendants will have to pay will be less depending on how much of True Father’s words you fulfill in your surroundings or in your family. If you fail in your responsibility, your descendants will naturally have to pay indemnity.

True Parents cannot interfere with your life. Since they showed you the example, you should live in that way. You try to live according to True Father’s words but there are a group of pitiable people who distort this and live centered on themselves. I hope you can become wise people. I am now preparing everything you need on your path so that you can take the highway to where the tradition is completely established. If you follow this path and fulfill your given responsibility, we can certainly create a free, peaceful, and unified world—a united world where we attend our Heavenly Parent. (2013.08.15, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Fifty-seven years ago, right after our Holy Wedding, True Father and I sat before our first wedding meal; I vividly remember the royal table being the color of blooming Susuki Grass. Heavenly Parent’s profound heart and emotions could be seen in Father’s eyes and he was about to burst into tears the size of snowflakes.

As we walked the path of True Parents, Father and I have been served countless meals; yet, each time we have sat down to a meal, our purpose has remained the same: fulfill the duties of the filial heart before Heavenly Parent, save all humanity, and realize a world of peace. This is why whether eating boiled barley for three years during desperate times, or touring two nations at breakneck pace in one day, or even having to endure an entire day with a single gulp of water, Father and I have never worried. To us, everything has been gratitude, everything has been joy.

Today, on the occasion of True Parents’ birthday, we are so happy and privileged to host this festival where you can share a meal we specially prepared for you. You are true children born into Heaven’s lineage through the profound tears and heart of True Parents. True Father who is in heaven and I will always, always love you all. More than anything else, we shall never forget the heartfelt tears and sweat you have shed as you fight in the midst of great loneliness to realize Heaven’s Will.

Father and I regret not being able to serve each and every one of you, our beloved children, a full table of warm dishes and steaming rice. Please accept our heartfelt token of love. Beloved blessed families, Father and I earnestly hope that you can become the proud sons and daughters who stand with True Parents until the last moment and work energetically to realize VISION 2020 and national restoration. Please remember that Father in heaven is continuously cheering and supporting us. I pray that until the day you ascend, you may all fulfill the duty of the filial heart before Heavenly Parent, become shining rays of hope around the world and be filled with love and happiness always. (2017.02.02, Letter to Members from True Mother, CheongShim Peace World Center)