228. Let Us Build an Ideal World of Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universally Shared Values

Book 2: A Model for the Family Ideal and World Peace

Part 2: The Path to Exemplary Families and Global Harmony

Chapter 14: Let Us Build an Ideal World of Interdependence, Mutual Prosperity and Universally Shared Values

This speech was gjven by Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon at the Convocation of the Youth Federation for World Peace held on January 8, 1995, at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center (now the Universal Arts Center). 

Dear ladies and gentlemen, and representatives of the Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP) in Korea: I am very glad to have this general meeting of the YFWP Korean chapter's national representatives with so many honorable guests who long for world peace and Korea's reunification.

As the president of Women's Federation for World Peace, I deeply appreciate your efforts to establish the Korean chapter of YFWP on the national level with sincere heart and effort. I am sure that your hard work is the driving force for YFWP to establish local chapters throughout Korea and march forward in such a short period of time.

Dear representatives from all over Korea: As you know well, humanity and the world are at a turning point, about to enter the twenty-first century. Shall we end the age of division and struggle and construct a new world of peace, prosperity and unification, or shall we continue the miserable history of division, struggle and war? It surely is a serious problem.

So many problems can be found throughout the world, including struggles between nations, races, religions, position in society, and gender. The deterioration of ethics, family breakdown, drug problems, AIDS, starvation, and disease all obstruct the realization of the human ideal of a true world of peace and unity.

This is because human beings lost God's love at the beginning of the world. God wanted the first human ancestors, Adam and Eve, to become the ideal couple and ideal parents, centered on God's true love, and establish the ideal family through which all people would be able to realize the ideal people, nation and world.

Unfortunately, because our first ancestors, Adam and Eve, betrayed God and His ideal, human history has taken a tragic course. When people denied God and lost their absolute value centering on God, they fell to the bottom of hell in greed, struggle and confusion.

However, people's original nature has continually pushed them to seek a better world, and God has worked His providence to save fallen humankind through numerous seers, prophets and religions. Sadly, even so, humankind has been wandering about, having lost its way, with no central figure to lead it out of this suffering world of crime and sin. Today we must be able to jointly present a hopeful new vision of the twenty-first century to humankind.

Dear representatives of YFWP: You are in the leading position to give hope to this world. Historically speaking, youth have been the hopeful light in difficult times; young people are the pioneers and forerunners who will create a new history.

Now YFWP has the historic mission of leading and encouraging humankind's efforts to end our unhappy history and to create a new century abounding in peace and happiness. We should promote a new viewpoint of values and create a social system that can save humankind, recognizing that the dominant ideologies and systems have not been able to do so. Moreover, we should develop a campaign to construct the true family based on true love and ethical principles.

We are called to construct the world of true peace and unification for the coming twenty-first century. We will promote a peace campaign based on the ideology of the great human family, embracing all of humankind as brothers and sisters in one family under Godism and head-wing thought.

The autonomous rights of all peoples and nations must be protected against violation for any reason, and all people must be recognized as having equal membership in international society. However, the major powers have been trampling on the lesser powers here and there throughout the world. Such things necessarily must be corrected in order to construct the peaceful global community of the twenty-first century. Therefore, we will develop a campaign of peace and unification, opposing any kind of invasion or war. Moreover, we shall encourage the unification of nations and races, ending the present state of suffering and division.

Dear representatives: YFWP will foster world peace by accelerating the pioneering role of youth for world peace, with the support and cooperation of FWP, IRFWP, WFWP, etc. Furthermore, we will invest all of our strength toward the unification of the Korean Peninsula, our fatherland, which remains a nation divided after nearly five decades. In addition, we will develop the mission of youth in relationship to the United Nations through international exchange and cooperation among students working to realize world peace. We will create a variety of organizations for the preparation of a new cultural age in the coming twenty-first century.

In order for all humankind to be able to experience freedom and equality and enjoy a proper life, YFWP will campaign to bring people into oneness with God's true love and to construct the ideal world in which everyone can live together in peace and prosperity. We will promote a democratic society with equitable access to economic resources.

All too many people in many underdeveloped countries are still dying in misery. This is not just the situation of someone else, but it is our situation too. Therefore, we will not just look at the miserable tragedies of our brothers and sisters in this global village, but we will develop the ultimate worldwide campaign to give them practical help.

From now on, YFWP will stand on the front line in relief work to save our suffering brothers and sisters around the globe, through following the will of our founder.

Dear representatives: Today we should once again be aware of our need to receive the absolute help of God and heavenly fortune in our historic calling. You are voluntary participants in this campaign.

Many righteous people throughout history have worked to make a better world, and even though their names and work have not been recorded, the footprints of their work remain engraved in human history and God's heart.

You should become the forerunners for this new age. I want you, as representatives of YFWP, to stand in front and pioneer this way, joining with me as we sincerely and passionately strive to bring about a new world of peace and happiness.

In conclusion, I pray God's blessing and protection be with YFWP and with you.

Thank you.

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