21. Seonghwa Students, CARP, Youth and Students for Peace

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents
Part 5: Educating the Second Generation and Training Future Leaders
Chapter 4: Seonghwa Students, CARP, Youth and Students for Peace

Seonghwa Students

I am trying to bring blessed children from around the world to Korea. I am determined to greatly expand our environment centered on second and third generation members. In the near future, I am planning to show the world to exemplary middle and high school students who are striving to become future leaders. Summer vacations for Korean middle and high schools are usually short, so I am planning to hold two-week long workshops where students can be educated to have them realize the importance of Korea. I would like to help them realize how grateful they should be to Heaven for being born as second and third generation members and that they should dedicate their lives to Heaven in return. Then, as the days and years pass, only hope will remain. (2013.07.20, Cheon Jeong Gung)

I am proud of all of you, Seonghwa students. You are the dream of our Heavenly Parent and the lamps of hope that can illuminate the dreams of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. The Israelites knew of God's blessings. The hope of the Israelites was to meet their true Lord and become true olive trees. Heaven tried to realize that dream but people in those days were not aware of God's providence. All blessed children and Seonghwa students who attend True Parents are the true olive trees to the seven billion people in the world. However, how will you realize Heavenly Parent's dream on your own? You must let the many wild olive trees in the world know about True Parents. You must confidently reveal that you are True Parents' children in school and any other place that you may be. This is witnessing. As students, you should rank first in your school. You must recognize that there are people out there in the world who are looking at you. Therefore, you should study hard, grow well and become prominent figures. When you stand in a position where together you can achieve the ideal that True Parents are pursuing, what do you think people of the world will say about you? You will then become victors. I hope you will grow up well and enjoy good health throughout your lives. (2013.08.03, World Jamboree Camp, Goseong, Gangwondo, Korea)

Following True Parents' Holy Wedding in 1960, blessed families emerged. You all are second-generation members right? You all are the "pure water" born through True Parents. You also have responsibilities. You must enlighten the 7.4 billion people in the world who have not recognized the True Parents.

They must not die miserably without even knowing that True Parents were here or learning about Heaven's blessing and grace, even though they lived at the same time as True Parents. We must let them know quickly so that the can live with gratitude that they could live at this time in attendance to Heaven before their lives are over. To enter the kingdom of heaven when we die, we must first live in the kingdom of heaven on earth. It is important to join in with God's providence here on the earth.

That is why, for a long time I have thought about how to convey this hopeful news to those in many fields. The work to create the environment for witnessing is not easy. All of you are at least 17 years old. I was that age when I resolved to go forward in the position of a True Parent. I have followed that path unwaveringly for the past fifty years. You must work hard, and try to resemble me in your determination. (2017.01.06, Cheon Jeong Gung)

No matter how difficult or poor your circumstances are, you still have responsibilities. If I asked you to imagine the kingdom of heaven on earth, what kind of picture would you paint in your mind? You must first be able to express it through the deep joy within your heart and through your body. You can express it through dance, song or through art. This does not only convey your own emotions but is an exercise in which emotions can be shared. True Parents' dream is to make that kind of world.

True Parents are working to engage with all 7.3 billion people of the world. Is it possible for True Parents to do this by themselves? You must work to expand True Parents' dream. Therefore, as soon as possible, we must create the kingdom of heaven on earth, the realization of Heavenly Parent's dream, True Parents' dream—your dream. There are many obstacles until that can happen. However, while I am still here, while you are here, we can do it!

You are still in the growing stage and must study more and experience many things. That is why you should spread the dreams you are working toward even more widely. These dreams are not for yourself alone, but for the settlement of Cheon Il Guk, with which we have been blessed. This is the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Many well-known artists and musicians have emerged from the Christian cultural sphere. If you visit the Vatican, you can see works of art by Michelangelo. Artists of that caliber emerged. In our time, in Cheon Il Guk, you who were born as pure water can become people who create works even greater than that. I am giving you the opportunity to display fully the talents you were born with, so do not waste your energy with complaints, but participate in this workshop with happy and grateful hearts. I hope that through the talents you were born with, and in connection with my plans, you will paint a grand picture as you look far ahead to the future. I have great faith in all of you. (2017.01.06, Cheon Jeong Gung)

The Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (CARP)

Most of you here today are second-generation members with parents who have received the Blessing from True Parents. In that case, each of you is the "pure water" that our Heavenly Parent can feel joy towards for the first time in 6,000 years. You are in a position with no connection to the Fall. Yet when we look at the environment of this fallen world we still have a long way to go. You are all in the position of True Children who have received the Blessing from Heaven, bestowed for the first time in 6,000 years. All of you must become absolutely one with True Parents. You must become the filial children loyal subjects and warriors who will realize our Heavenly Parent's and True Parents' dream. In order to do so, each of you must reach the top in your field. In this large environment of the world, we must make a protective fence that embraces 7.3 billion people.

Today's world has been without hope, without peace. This world has many walls. Religions are the same. The walls in religions are very high. Originally, the religions that do not know God's providence should not be greedy but humble themselves. The world today has no owner. In short, this is not the world that our Heavenly Parent desires. You must lead the way in expanding the realization of our Heavenly Parent's and True Parents' hope, in bringing their wish to fruition. You must naturally gather the 7.3 billion people of the world to praise God, and guide them to live their lives according to their original minds, offering joy and glory to True Parents.

We must fulfill our responsibilities for the settlement of Cheon Il Guk, which is right at the center of national restoration and the restoration of the world. This is not something that someone will do for us. Heavenly Parent and all the world must see you and all the blessed families united as citizens of God's homeland. You are the pure water that has emerged after 6,000 years, thanks to True Parents' efforts. Through all of you, this murky water, this dirty world, must become clear. For this to happen, you must all be thorough. Absolute faith, absolute love, absolute obedience! Those who become one with True Parents and march forward cannot be defeated on that path. CARP students! National restoration and global restoration will be accomplished by your hands! We must mobilize members from CARP from around the world here to Korea, God's homeland, and unite to move forward toward national restoration and global restoration! (2016.09.25, CheongPyeong Training Center)

What kind of dream do you have? You should have the same dream as our Heavenly Parent and True Parents. I hear that most of you here are second-generation and third-generation members. It is not wrong to say that when our Unification Church started out, it was started by young college students and CARP members like yourselves. When there is no foundation, the central persons have to struggle and start out from the bottom. Though we were strongly persecuted by Christians during the 1960s, college students and intellectuals starving for the truth were excited by the Word. Though it is true that they were persecuted even more for that, from those difficult circumstances we have already reached CARP's 50th anniversary.

True Parents have fulfilled all of their responsibility and are victorious. They opened the new era of Cheon II Guk. Cheon II Guk is Heavenly Parent's dream and True Parents' hope. It is the hope of humankind—7.3 billion people. Therefore, those who are aware of this hope, especially the blessed children and first generation members who have heard these teachings need to change. You need to be able to embrace all the people of this world. The dream of the world's people is to meet True Parents. With a new lineage through True Parents, you must fulfill your responsibilities as blessed families here on the earth before you go to your eternal life. That is the purpose of our life here on earth. (2016.03.12, CheongShim International Youth Center)

We must become a nation that attends God. We must become a nation that can receive God's blessings. That means that this nation and all its citizens must attend True Parents. However, there are still people who do not know who True Parents are. No one dislikes light on a dark night. You must become that light. As the light, you must create the environment. You should not just hang around in your surroundings. First of all, at the school you attend you must think "I am just one person but I will change this school,” and then dedicate yourself sincerely and set conditions.

You must embrace the entire campus. It would be nice if all university students across the nation became CARP members. That is why you must stand in the position to shine a light not only on this nation, not just on Asia, but throughout the world. (2017.03.12, CheongPyeong Training Center)

Youth and Students for Peace

I guess you are a little bit more than 20 years old. That is a very good age. You are living in an environment that is different from the 1960s. The environment that your parents grew up in was not an easy one. However, today you live in an environment where everything is prepared. You must think about eternal world peace when you are at school or with friends and attend True Parents. You must act and develop according to True Parents' ideal. Please don't forget this reality that you are here with me in this present day.

What does the kingdom of heaven on earth that you long for look like? Recently, there has been a lot of interest in robots and in the question of their intelligence surpassing human intelligence. All created beings must live and then pass away according to the principle created by God, who is the Origin. You must acquire expert knowledge in all areas. All issues such as climate change, food supply problems and religious conflict are happening worldwide because people do not know the True Parents. They say that they are attending Heaven at the center but they are not aware of the true ideal. The problem is that they think that they are right.

We are the only ones that know the Will of Heavenly Parent and of True Parents. You must convey this to your friends in the world. You must guide them to become citizens of Cheon Il Guk. That is the wish of Heavenly Parent and True Parents. We must create and bring before God a world where nobody is fallen, returning to the ideal of the kingdom of heaven on earth that Heavenly Parent had originally planned.

You are very lucky people. You must know that the fact that you are living in the same era as True Mother and that you are able to converse with her like this will become a source of pride in front of your descendants. I am thinking that I have to care for you, protect you and guide you more, based on how you can carry out your responsibility. I want to see you succeed. I hope you can become people that can guide the young people of the world to come to Heavenly Parent. (2016.03.12, CheongShim International Youth Center)

You were born as part of our second generation, thanks to True Parents. You are different from other people of the world. Hence, I am telling you that you must grow up well. The 3,500 young people who have assembled here today must follow True Parents and become the personification of their path, the truth they have given and their love and love. To accomplish this, you must not put yourselves in the position of wanting only to receive. Just as True Parents have done, you must practice true love. You must have a heart that gives, gives and still wants to give and share. You must create such an environment. This responsibility lies ahead of you. This is how we can achieve a world of harmony.

I said you are pure water, didn't I? Clear water, however, must not be stagnant. It must continue to flow and give birth to many new lives wherever it flows. True Parents have a dream. Just like God's dream, their dream is not having any muddy water in sight. Everything must become as clear as water. In other words, all people around the world must attend True Parents.

The absence of an owner and the resulting discord among the many who desire to take over the empty position of owner are the cause of various types of problems the world faces today. This is why rich, power countries are preparing for war in order to gain even more riches. They are producing weapons. On our way to a peaceful united world, weapons are unnecessary. There is a Bible verse that says that spears and swords will be melted to make make farming tools, to make plows and plowshares. Yet nations are wasting money on unnecessary things like wars.

The Earth is now in great pain. Desertification is afflicting not only China, but also the United States. With the ice cap melting at the North Pole, the sea level is rising. This will destroy the ecosystem. Human disorderliness has resulted in many kinds of destruction to the natural ecosystems, contaminating even the oceans. As a result, the coral reefs, which are essential to the sea, are also dying. When we think of all these points, can we just stand still?

Please have dreams: "I will master a field in which True Parents desire me to work. I will become a great scholar. I will become a famous person.” Please have dreams of that type. I sincerely hope you become Seonghwa students who achieve True Parents' dream. (2015.08.29, CheongPyeong Training Center)