19. Educating Second Generation Leaders

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents
Part 5: Educating the Second Generation and Training Future Leaders
Chapter 2: Educating Second Generation Leaders

Universal Peace Academy (UPA)

Since True Father's Seonghwa, I have continued to emphasize two points in particular. The first is the revival of the Church. How nice would it have been if humanity had known of True Father as the real True Parent during his lifetime? Right now, we have many regrets. There is only one path to follow, that of giving rebirth through the Divine Principle teachings, since the Word is the cure humanity has been waiting for. We can hasten the pace of our work based on our actions.

In carrying out his worldwide providence, True Father placed a leader in each nation to take responsibility for it, but they failed to fulfill their responsibility. There is not one nation that we can boast about and show off to others. In particular, we failed to educate the successors, second generations and leaders. That resulted from our failing to witness to everyone. That is why the second point I emphasized was the training of leaders, including the management of the second generation. I said I will concentrate on that. To set an example, I established a training academy in Korea. It is not a military school like West Point; it is an educational institute for training leaders, where they will study for a master's degree.

Students who have graduated from a four-year college will be chosen to attend the academy, where for two years they will study the Divine Principle intensively, cultivate themselves and even receive practical training. They will also have to participate in official outreach activities for three years. They will then be able to decide of their own volition whether they will take on pastoral duties or work in some other organization. They are the elite troops. Anyone in the world can apply to attend the academy if they so wish. (2012.10.27, M Hotel, Las Vegas)

You must know the reason I created the Universal Peace Academy (UPA). The great Indian poet Tagore praised Korea. What did he see and feel to make him say what he said? He said, “And that lamp [of Korea] is waiting to be lit again, for the illumination of the East.” He knew of Heaven's providence. Korea can shine its light only through the coming of the true owner, the Messiah of the Second Advent. Other than that, what does Korea have to be proud of in its history? The fact that you have attended and worked with True Parents in this day and age is a tremendous blessing to your descendants and ancestors. You should not receive that blessing and just keep it for yourselves. You need to broaden your focus, so that your neighbors can also become peaceful and happy thanks to you.

Living in this age, it is our mission to bring all the world's people back to God, who has opened Cheon Il Guk for us, as its citizens. From now on, there cannot be any failures in your lives. Success is the only destination of our path. I hope that you will promise to become victors in front of Heaven and of all humankind. (2013.03.22, Cheon Jeong Gung)

I wholeheartedly welcome you, the 43 students of the Universal Peace Academy. For three years, beginning from today, you will be able to experience the truth, and so many other things. Through this experience, your lives will come to fulfill the mission of serving as beacons to all of humanity. The great Indian poet Tagore wrote a beautiful poem about Korea. He praised Korea, saying that it will become a lamp for all people, which will appear to illuminate the East, and thus the world. Such a history is being written today through you.

God and the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind blessed Korea as the homeland of God. But simply saying it is in this position is not enough. The current leaders and people in charge have a mission to carry out. I have said that Korea must become God's homeland by 2020. Do you think that will come about just by saying it? You need to endeavor to make that happen. You need to move. You, who were reborn through the Truth and the Word, need to become beacons to the world. The students who have enrolled in this academy today will have their names recorded on the first page of history.

How long Heaven and humankind have waited for this day! I hope you will understand this fact, study hard and live earnestly. Heaven will help you. You must not become indebted to God or to humankind. Your youth and passion will serve as a catalyst and as pillars in the construction of Cheon Il Guk. Our goal has now become clear. We must endeavor to complete this providence until we breathe our last, and achieve it at all costs. You have been established in the position of the first fruits of the work of constructing Cheon Il Guk. (2013.03.04, Sunhak Universal Peace Graduate University)

Top Gun training for young leaders

A Top Gun training program for second-generation leaders is essential in this time. All first-generation and second-generation educators must unite. We must become one and the tribes, peoples and nations must be united. We are living in and era of equality. No matter what position you may be holding now, your hearts should all be ready to unite.

True Father worked hard in the United States for 34 years. This was because human civilization throughout the world was influenced by Christianity. In addition, the United States of America was founded based on the devout Christian spirit of the Puritans and the Pilgrim fathers who emphasized the worship of God. That is why Heaven supported them and built them up into a new nation. Today, the United States leads the world despite its short, 200-year history.

When the Pilgrims traveled to America, their ship lacked the technology we possess today. Just traveling across the Atlantic Ocean was a dangerous undertaking. Hence, you can imagine their hearts, risking their lives in order to find religious freedom on a new continent. Even though food ran low onboard the ship, the Pilgrims kept some seeds aside thinking of the future after they landed. Upon landing, the first thing they did was build a church where they could serve God and a school through which they could educate their descendants. It was only after they finished constructing these that they built their own houses. Heaven regarded their effort as very precious.

The United States was supposed to embrace the world, but was falling into decline. Hence, True Father went on a speaking tour of all 50 states in the early days of our church. In his speeches, he said he had come as a doctor because America had fallen sick. He said that America was on fire, as it suffered indescribable pain at losing many bright young people to drug abuse, and that he had therefore come as a firefighter. He focused his efforts on saving the United States. Why was True Father trying to save America? It was because he had come as the True Parents and had to embrace the world. In addition, the era to welcome the Messiah had been ushered in, but not one country was aware of this. We have to meet the Parents, whom we have awaited for 6,000 years, hear their teachings and unite with them. The United States was the nation that was prepared to play an intercessory role for the people of the world.

In 1975, True Father dispatched missionaries to the world from three nations including the United States and Europe, with the majority from Germany, and Japan. While dispatching missionaries, Father also chose members to be educated as leaders in the United States. He called them "Top Guns.” They were a special group, and received rigorous training. Those first Top Guns are in their 60s or 70s now. Some are even in their 80s. Unfortunately, the foundation of second-generation members who should carry on this tradition is weak. That is why I created the Top Gun training program. (2013.10.01, Cheon Jeong Gung)

I hope that everyone, all of you who have lived with me in this time, will become historic figures. Let us look at Joshua and Caleb. Were they the only ones that went out exploring? Twelve people had been assigned that task. What happened to the other ten? They were not remembered in history. Only Joshua and Caleb remained. I have called you all, proud members of the second generation, who have inherited 100 percent of True Parents' tradition, with the heart and hope that you will become central figures of this age.

All of you are living public lives. Is that right? For this reason, I cannot keep you here for too long, but you need to complete a 21-day workshop. Some of you might even have to stay for 40 days. The reason CheongPyeong is an ideal site is because it is the only place where you can empty yourselves and achieve unity with Heaven. I wanted to give you the opportunity to rearm yourselves with the Principle and listen to new lectures on True Parents' course. I am giving you the chance to become spiritually brighter.

As Father embraced God's Will, youthful passion was an aspect about which he was careful. That is why he set up the goal to perfect his dominion over himself before wishing for dominion over the universe. You have probably heard from Father himself regarding how he would pray for hours, disciplining his body after setting up this goal. This is something you, too, should experience. You need to realize this for yourselves.

After accepting God's Will at the young age of 16, Father's course as he pioneered the way was an indescribable one, filled with blood, sweat and tears, a course in which his life was always at risk. He could not comfortably rest for even a day or a moment and could not eat properly until he turned 40. He turned away from everything else and followed the one path to realize God's Will, no matter what the challenges.

The 1960 Holy Wedding marked the start of True Parents' providential course. It is impossible for you to imagine the indescribable course that True Parents had to follow before proclaiming Foundation day in 2013. Do you realize what it was like for True Father when he had no other choice but to trust us with everything and depart for the spiritual world? If you are alone, you might invest moderate efforts. However, you have children; you have descendants. I hope you can all experience what True Parents felt. You need to understand what a precious time this is. (2013.09.23, Cheon Jeong Gung)

I also like Joshua and Caleb. They were both descendants of noble families. They were loyal to Heaven for over 80 years. Caleb, from his perspective, lacked nothing. Yet, he united with Joshua. Instead of being proud of himself, he elevated Joshua first. This restored the Cain-Abel relationship and formed the foundation that enabled the Messiah to come to earth among the people of lsrael.

I have been thinking a lot about our leaders these days, and I feel that a culture by which leaders can love and take pride in each other has not yet been established. You must be able to love and take care of each more than any other social group, because you are True Parents' children. You must be completely different.

I want to create a new environment through you from now on. Do not seek only to achieve higher positions, but try to live for one another's sake, nurture each other and be proud of each other. If you can do that, everyone can grow. On the other hand, no development will come to an individual or a group that is self- or group-centered and things of itself as being well-off and the best. You must understand this. As you followed the Unification Church, some people have had to leave for particular reasons, but even those that had to leave the church all say they love True Parents. However, some people say that they left the church because of a particular member. This is a point we must correct.

Yet, if you leave for self-centered reasons and live for yourselves, you will shrink and become smaller. On the other hand, if you live for the sake of others, you grow and develop. You must ensure that no one suffers pain because of you. As people who save lives, you must not destroy any lives. I am talking about people now. You should embrace all your siblings, members-all people; ensure that no one leaves the Unification Church because of you. You must do everything you can to bring this people, this nation, in front of Heaven and restore the world.

If you can accomplish that, how proud an accomplishment would that be? However, one person alone cannot accomplish this. It can be achieved only if you join hands and accomplish twice, 3 times, 4 times, 10 times or 100 times more that you have. You should never forget how important the time we are living in is, and who enabled you to live such a life. True Parents enabled you to have such a life. In 1975, True Father chose missionaries from the United States, Germany and Japan and dispatched them to nations around the world. True Father, centered on the United States, created then what we can call today an elite group. He gave it a special name, educated the members of the group and gave them responsibilities. Have you ever heard of the term "Top Gun?" Will you become the Top Guns of the new providential era? (2013.09.23, Cheon Jeong Gung)

What are your dreams? Of course there is the providential dream centered on True Parents. We all know that. But, for you, if you dream of receiving something from True Mother, what is it? You might dream of meeting me. In order to achieve that, you need to make results that other members will recognize. Each of you can accomplish your dreams if you expand your environment and influence.

True Parents have arrived, fulfilling the hope for which the seven billion people of this world have, without knowing it, waited for during the past 6,000 years. Nowadays, many problems of race, religion and politics are arising around the world. No country can solve these problems, no matter how much money or power it has. In this current reality we are far from having a world of harmony. However, what will it be like if the seven billion people of the world come to know True Parents through you?

I have explained to you that you will be united through this 21-day training, despited big gaps in your ages and work experiences. Where people embrace True Parents' ideology, they can communicate with each other and unite. If such a time comes, the world will unite automatically. That is the kingdom of heaven on earth. If we create the kingdom of heaven on earth while True Parents are alive, won't the kingdom of heaven in the spirit world be that much richer? That is why you must resolve not to change the determinations you have made during this workshop. You must march strongly and proudly until you have created the kingdom of heaven on earth, a united world.

Wouldn't it be nice if that happened? All the different races and religions are unaware of it, but in truth they have all been yearning for True Parents. Throughout its 6,000 years of history, human beings have been like orphans; they have been in the wilderness. Now that people have found their lost parents, they cannot help but be happy. You need to be aware that in the Old Testament era, during Moses' time, Joshua and Caleb, who finally entered Canaan, were of the second generation.

There are members from the first, second and third generations, but you must all unite. You can become one because True Parents are here. You can naturally become one when you have a heart to take care of others that allows you to share each other's hard work and sincere devotion, and when you practice putting true love into action. In that light, you young people are the Top Guns. (2015.08.02, Cheon Jeong Gung)

In 1975, Father sent missionaries out all over the world, and he later trained a group of leaders called "Top Guns" to raise up America again. There was a popular movie at the time called Top Gun. It was a movie about people who succeeded in fulfilling their responsibilities and missions even under extremely difficult circumstances. True Father liked this movie quite a lot. So he would give workshops, saying, "You are also the youth of America. You must advance with this kind of mindset. Father gave the name, Top Guns, to those who went through the workshop at that time. Those people are now in their 60s and 70s.

We have to make sure what Father started bears fruit. To carry out Father's will after his ascension, I thought we should find and raise talented individuals who can go forward as elite troops. Thus we started the Top Gun workshop in Korea. These are proud elite troops, who will be remembered by history forever. You are going to become leaders.

True Parents' history and the history of the blessed families must remain forever. The hope of all the world's people is to meet True Parents. Meeting True Parents and receiving the marriage Blessing has changed your lineage so that it is the same as that of Adam and Eve before the Fall. Adam and Eve had a responsibility toward God. They should have fulfilled their responsibility through absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. All blessed families must absolutely unite in front of True Parents. However, blessed families also have another responsibility. They should fulfill their responsibility as tribal messiahs. It shouldn't end with you. You need to leave your lineage, those who will remain after you.

There is one more thing. You need to die well. The culture of Seonghwa was created by True Parents. Seonghwa does not refer to the death that comes when the life of one's physical body is at its end. Your life on earth must become that which qualifies you to live forever in the next world, our original homeland. You have the responsibility to practice living for the sake of others with true love, tell the seven billion people of the world about True Parents and guide them to the position where they can be embraced as their filial sons, filial daughters, and loyal citizens. When you do this, you can become filial sons, you can become filial daughters and you can become loyal citizens.

It is only through the Seonghwa that you can go to the spirit world. You need to live a life of loyalty on earth in order to be in a good situation in the spirit world. The spirit world is where you breathe true love. Those who do not practice true love for the sake of others will have difficulty breathing in the spirit world. It is not easy to live. However, the problem is that people want to pay indemnity and move on quickly, but there is no such path. You must understand how precious it is to live in this time when you can attend the True Parents on the earth. It is important to live well and die well. To do this you need to become one with True Parents with absolute trust, faith, and love. (2015.08.02, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Cranes Club for young professionals

True Parents brought the marriage Blessing to the world. You do not know the hardships True Parents had to go through in the history of the providence of restoration through indemnity in order to give birth to blessed families. True Parents paid indemnity for everything in order to finally give birth to blessed families. You were born into such blessed families as their second generation. You need to understand that your lineage is different from the younger generation in the fallen world. If the fallen world is like muddied waters, you were born as clear water. We can call you pure water. This is an amazing thing, and one for which you can be grateful. All of you today stand in an extraordinary position, which cannot be expressed adequately with any form of adulation or praise. Among those gathered here today, some of you have in your own way been attending True Parents, while others have decided to study, make a living, and be successful because of the inconveniences you felt while seeing your natural parents, who gave birth to you, work only for the church. What you should remember is that all the members of the second generation were born as pure water. This is the first time in history. Just because you face difficulties in your circumstances does not mean you should return to the muddied waters.

You should remain within the realm of True Parents' love. If you depart from True Parents, you are no different from Adam and Eve who fell into the fallen world. You have lived and breathed in the same era as the True Parents. What does this mean? It means you are placed in the position of the ancestors. You are the center. You have to become people who are not ashamed of or afflicted with pangs of conscience over this. Whatever you are doing in your part of the world, you still have the responsibility to bring new life, to meet many people and raise them. I'm saying that you have to witness to people. The True Parents are the True Parents of all seven billion people of this world. We are living in a time when it becomes important that you can be remembered in history as being filial children and loyal patriots in front of True Parents by offering devotions and making effort as people born to those who were the first to receive the Blessing from True Parents.

Our physical life on earth is short. Even if one lives a long, healthy life, one usually does not live for more than 100 years. I am now more than 70 years old. You must have hopes and dreams. The longer I stay with you the more blessings will come to you. You can become the leaders in firmly establishing Cheon Il Guk. Whatever you do, you must be different from the rest of the world. You need to be the new ancestors of a noble family. To become that you have to make effort. You must attend True Parents until they are able to embrace all seven billion people in the world as king of kings. You must make efforts to become proud parents to your descendants. (2014.12.20, South Point Hotel, Las Vegas)

I told the second generation members, "You were born as pure water, as the children of parents blessed by True Parents in the fallen world.” The fallen world is muddy, turbid water. Pure water, however, goes stale if it is stagnant and does not move. Therefore, if you know True Parents and you have been blessed by them, you need to introduce True Parents to your neighbors and your country, and furthermore, to the seven billion people of the world. That is the responsibility that comes with the Blessing you have received from True Parents. If all peoples of all nations in the world formed blessed families and attended the Heavenly Parent and True Parents with one heart and one will how could there be conflicts between neighboring countries? How could they possibly fight one another for their own interests? You need to bear in mind that the only way for this country and the world to survive is by attending True Parents. Things may be difficult for you if you try to work alone, but if you work together with your brothers and sisters and progress toward your one common goal, you will bear great fruits. (2014.12.21, South Point Hotel, Las Vegas)

The crane is the national bird of Cheon Il Guk. Everyone should model themselves after the crane. In the East, cranes are long-lived birds who are also much loved. Cranes are not greedy. Sparrows try to eat more, even when they are filled to the brim with food. Perhaps that is why sparrows are so small. Cranes, in contrast, fill only 70 percent of their stomach with food. That is why they can fly so high. Another thing is that they are long-lived. They in fact live to a great age. You should resemble them. Greed is like poison in all aspects.

We also need to live for the sake of others. Many religions in the world also say that as a part of their ideal of love. However, there are not many religious leaders who tell you in detail what you need to practice and what kind of a life you need to lead. For the first time in 6,000 years, True Parents perfected, completed and concluded the work for the providence of restoration through indemnity, and you, who were born of parents blessed by those True Parents, are the pure water. Wherever you go, muddy water should be transformed into pure water. Every place you visit should be turned into clear water.

You come from different roots. If you lead a life of practicing True Parents' words, the environment surrounding you will become cleaner and broader. Ultimately, your tribe will unite, your people will unite, and your country will unite. Then the world will unite as one. History will tell us how precious it is that you and your parents are living in the same age as True Parents. That is why you have much to learn. (2015.05.10, Hilton Hotel, Vienna, Austria)

White-necked cranes fly over the Himalayas for the winter. The Himalayan Mountains are over 8,000 meters high. It is difficult even to climb to the 4,000-meter mark. However, the white-necked cranes fly over mountains that are more than 8,000 meters high to spend the winter further south.

You have been newly born after 6,000 years of fallen human history. Because you were born in a position completely unrelated to Satan, you need to be different. You should not be stained by the secular world; instead, you should become pure water that purifies the world. To do so, you need to know your roots. You need to become True Parents' filial sons and daughters and loyal subjects. To walk that path, you need to study hard, invest your effort and employ your expertise in helping to create our unique culture. (2015.05.10, Hilton Hotel, Vienna, Austria)