17. Sunhak Peace Prize and International Parliamentarians for Peace

Book 1: Global Unity Through True Parents
Part 4: The Process of Realizing World Peace
Chapter 3: Sunhak Peace Prize and International Parliamentarians for Peace

The true meaning of the establishment of the Sunhak Peace Prize

The Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation (Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarship Institute) will establish the Sunhak Peace Prize, which will become more well-respected than the Nobel Peace Prize. People or organizations that have contributed greatly to the Will of Heaven and to peace in the world will come to stand in a historical position. In relation to the successful activity that the Wonmo Pyeongae Foundation is anticipating, I hope that you will become partners and participants, and that your names will be remembered. (2014.02.09, Cheon Jeong Gung)

Recently I saw a program that was dealing with the problem of pollution in the South Pacific. If we see the earth in a satellite picture, in the vast Pacific Ocean, a small island can be seen. The animals and plants that have inhabited the Hawaiian Islands since their formation should be preserved. However, the local population has greatly devastated the islands. Scientists have predicted the time will come when we will not be able to eat seafood. They are referring to the fact that without any plan or restraint we have fished randomly and destroyed coral reefs. We must let all people know about the Sunhak Peace Prize. It is different from the existing prizes. It is even different from the Nobel Peace Prize. Putting the heart of our Heavenly Parent who loves all people in the forefront, we must publicize it, not only in Korea, but also in Japan, the United States and throughout the whole world. (2015.09.17, Cheon Jeong Gung)

So far, human populations have greatly damaged the environment. Bringing it back to its original state, restoring it back to the original state of Heavenly Parent's creation, will take time, but it is something we must do. For the second and third generations of the future and for our descendants, we must now accomplish this. For this reason, I recently said I would establish an Academy of Sciences that has the best scientific technology and knowledge. Accordingly, we will research, discover and teach methods that can substantially resolve these problems one by one, methods that can bring about good results. This is a pressing matter. From that perspective, I have a lot of work to do. It is also why I established the Sunhak Peace Prize. More than one person alone, if several people come together, their strength can be combined and more power is generated. Therefore, we must go forward having one goal and creating unity. (2016.08.22, Cheon Jeong Gung)

The need for environmental protection

True Father loved nature. In particular he loved the ocean. The reason for that was that he wanted to solve the food problem for the people of the future. He worked very hard for that. In the future, you must continue to research and educate people.

A crisis is coming to our Earth. While hiking on several high mountains in the Alps, I also explored some ice caves. But the ice caves had begun to melt, and it shocked me. It seems likely that things like this are not happening only in the Alps. With ice at the North Pole melting and breaking off, the water level of the oceans is rising. Gradually the areas where people eat and live are being threatened. The Earth is being destroyed through the bad habits of human populations, but this must be prevented. We must save the Earth.

Our Heavenly Parent created heaven and earth with the dream of loving humankind. We must not let the Earth be destroyed while humankind has still not fully felt the embrace of God's heart. People who first come to know these things must educate others and prevent that destruction. We must begin a movement that attends God, the true owner. That is the only way for human beings to live and for the ecosystem of the Earth to survive.

Together with his grandchildren True Father watched many videos about the coral reefs, and he thought about what had to be done to save the oceans. Because of people's shortsightedness and prioritizing their own needs above those of the world as a whole, the coral reefs are being destroyed. If the coral reefs are destroyed, the fish of the ocean cannot survive. As a result, people will not be able to eat and live. (2015.05.11, Hilton Hotel, Vienna, Austria)

We must once again establish the environment that Heavenly Parent desired to see at the outset. Today, people are causing many environmental problems all over the world. The Earth is diseased. That is why I will work to protect a health planet Earth and create a natural environment that will provide healthy nutrients for the peoples of the future.

In order to survive, we must consume the necessary nutrients. We must eat to live. The food we eat should be derived from crops that have been cultivated in the cleanest and healthiest manner. As it stands today, people around the world in the food-production industry generally make it their priority to find ways to increase their profits, rather than being motivated to maintain the health of their fellow human beings. For example, they inject cows with hormones so that they will grow larger and produce more beef, but the hormones have an effect on the people who consume the beef. Producers seem not to be concerned about this. They think solely of their own interests.

That is why, especially on the restored lands of Africa, we can protect the health of all people through scientific and optimal methods of planting crops or raising cattle on their vast lands. in order to establish one great human family under True Parents—a healthy human family—we must develop nations prepared to accomplish this both internally and externally. South America also has plenty of land. We have been raising cattle on our land in South America. We should not only raise cattle on South America's vast open spaces, but plant medicinal herbs, wholesome vegetables, or fruit trees for the sake of our health. We can then advance toward protecting the health of all people on earth. (2016.07.20, Cheon Jeong Gung)

We must create the environment in which we can save the Earth and protect the health of humankind. I am organizing the science conference in order to pursue this goal. Through education, we can show people what kind of good results they can achieve if they do things scientifically.

An example is the Kona coffee farm in Hawaii. At one time, bugs were causing a lot of damage in the coffee fields. To make coffee, the whole bean is roasted, so using pesticides on the plants is bad for the health of the people who drink it. I asked the staff at the farm to find a way to get rid of the insects without using pesticides. I have heard that there is a way to send them a signal that will make them want to run away.

We must work hard to restore the world of God's creation to its original state. I am going to show that we can find a way to solve these things by scientific methods. I will show that there is a hopeful future in which all human beings can live healthy lives. I want to show that through science we can achieve one human family under our Heavenly Parent, which is what both God and humankind desire. (2016.07.20, Cheon Jeong Gung)

True Father was concerned with a plan for the world of the future, so he began to develop South America. There is a river that flows through four nations—Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. It flows out to the Atlantic. Actually the regions along this river haven't been developed. They are untouched forests. Father thought about the future and about how to make your lives happy, and asked you to visit there and take part in many kinds of providential work.

People who do not look ahead into the future are destroying much of the environment. When that was happening, Father bought a lot of land in the region and thought about how to generate oxygen, which is one element people need most in order to live. He thought about the global environment, and he worked to protect hundreds of endangered species. Farm Leda was established with the help of Japanese missionaries. While developing the farm, Father emphasized conservation along with the protection of endangered species.

The research team began raising pacu and releasing them into the river. The president of Paraguay was very happy to hear about this, and he came to take part. Father worked hard and invested himself in solving the problem of how to feed all of humankind in the future, amid circumstances where dozens of endangered species of fish are disappearing from the face of the earth. Through this example you can feel True Parents' heart. True Parents are the ones who can take care of things like this. (2013.05.12, Changwon Family Church)

International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP)

These days the world's population is way over 7.3 billion. When seen from Heavenly Parent's or True Parents' viewpoint it is a pressing situation. The reason for the founding of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) is that no one person can offer solutions for the varied problems that are arising in our world today. This cannot be taken on by human strength along. We must have a movement that attends God. (12.16.2016, CheongShim International Youth Center)

The International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace should take the role of the Abel UN. Now in the UN, the people who are active have mostly been appointed by the heads of their nations. They are not people chosen by the will of the people. Neither do they have the qualification to represent their nation. But the work we want to do is to gather people who have been chosen by the people In that case parliamentarians will have to work for their people. In the world, there are many large nations and small nations, but if there are people thinking about these kinds of problems, they will think about how the kingdom of heaven on earth, one united world, can come about. (2016.07.17, Cheon Jeong Gung)

The external foundation we established for our movement is gathering in one direction. What we are doing now is holding inaugural meetings of IAPP. It is surprising that as the world becomes chaotic, the more chaotic it becomes, the more our original minds strive to move toward the side of goodness. Because of this, the righteous people of the world are participating in the movement we are creating. Blessed couples must speak proudly about True Parents and make them known to the world. The True Parents have the solution to all the problems of the world.

Fighting between brothers cannot be stopped. All are centered on themselves. Each thinks he is outstanding. Until now, the powerful nations dreamed of conquering the world and thought only about profit for their nation. The United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and the United States have all been the same in this regard. Heaven cannot support nations like that. (2016.08.20, Cheon Jeong Gung)

With the February 2016 Inaugural Assembly of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace in Korea, the regional inaugurations were all completed. At the US Congress, which is in a similar position to the Roman Senate in Jesus' time, I talked about True Parents. I asked them to become one with True Parents and move forward with us. True Parents are clearly revealing the truth to humanity, which is in a state of confusion, so you must think of them with appreciation and gratitude, and attend them. All blessed families are becoming one and restoring their nations based on the Family Federation. Depending on how you determine yourselves and move forward the blessings of heaven and your reward will be different. It depends on what you do. We cannot let the environment established by the Universal Peace Federation for the restoration of the world to just dissipate. By continuing to educate the people of the world, we must bring each nation to receive Heaven's providence. As more countries become restored nations, God's providence unfolds more quickly. (2017.01.03, Cheon Jeong Gung)