Peace Starts With Me Gala • With the True Family Values Awards • Oct 19, 2019 • Marriott Marquis Chicago

Join us in October to celebrate the Peace Starts With Me Gala featuring the 2019 True Family Values Awards. At the brand new Marriott Marquis Chicago, 1pm, Saturday October 19, 2019. Every Peace Starts With Me event is different and this is the one YOU CANNOT miss.



Keynote Speakers

Marriott Marquis Chicago

2121 S Prairie Ave,

Chicago, IL 60616


About the True Family Values Awards


The foundation of the True Family Values Ministry is the teachings of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, who dedicated their lives to restoring the relationship of individuals and families with God. They are renowned for conducting massive international, interracial and intercultural marriage ceremonies throughout the world, and are affectionately called by millions of people “True Parents.” Their teachings provide deep insights into the fulfillment of the Three Great Blessings that God bestowed upon Adam and Eve.

The True Family Values Ministry is credited with saving marriages, catalyzing unions that otherwise would not have happened and contributing to many providential developments in pursuit of world peace. It played a major role in the formation of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC) in 2000 and was the inspiration behind Father and Mother Moon’s marathon 50-state speaking tour in 2001. Thousands of clergy educated through the True Family Values curriculum joined trips to the Holy Land to pray for peace and fellowship with clergy of other faiths. Faith leaders in the movement joined Father and Mother Moon and their family to minister the Word and Blessing to the people of 180 nations.


22 Years of Healing the Family

“My life was completely changed through my involvement in the True Family Values Ministry, explains When I was first introduced, my marriage of twenty-five years had come to an end. My wife had left me and my children and remarried. After learning about this, Father Moon predicted that my marriage would return to its original state. One week later, my wife came back home! It was through the synergy and spiritual harmony with the True Family Values Ministry and its leadership that my marriage was restored. As this story traveled around the world, other marriages were healed as well. My involvement with the ministry has not only been a blessing for Chicago, it’s been a blessing for the nation and the world!”

Pastor T.L. Barrett Jr., founder and senior pastor of Life Center Church of God in Christ in Chicago

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